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Lets See What the Leftinistra Say About Liberty and Adam Kokesh

Adam Kokesh - Fraud - Fake - Code Pink Asshat
Adam Kokesh - A Fraud with the IVAW Running As A Republican In New Mexico
Two Asshats - Rand Paul And Adam Kokesh
I Have A GREAT Idea - Let's Get A Code Pink Whore Into DC

I spent a lot of time with Vets for Freedom and I watched many times as this Adam Kokesh schmuck try to sway his way into our realm we had going to start up a rucus.  I fought tooth and nail not to beat the crap out of this schmuck and now he wants to be a Republican.  I wonder how much Code Pink is paying for this moron.

I watched the IAVA copy the Vets for Freedom web site.  Copy cat Leftinistra.  That's all they have.

From the twitter feed via this fruit loop ...

FreeManINKY FreemaninKy

@Snooper1 Yep. Defenders of the Constitution are usually despised by King George Big Government sympathizers.

And so are the leftists.  So are the asshats that hate capitalism.  So what?  You think hiding behind this "Liberty" thing is going to fool anyone?

@Snooper1 too bad you despise the Constitution defender Rand Paul. I guess you're supporting the guy who's backed by AIG lobbyists in Ky.

Saying that I despise anything is the normal traits of the asshat Leftinistra and you using this terminology that I hate anything is very fashionable of the Leftinistra which I do not buy into.  Sorry that you do but, as a Leftinistra, that's pretty much the ay you are.  And, I support no one in Kentucky but I sure as hell will fight for the defeat of a moron that is in bed with the likes of the fraud Adam Kokesh.

@Snooper1 Awesome. So you are for the guy who is for Bailouts or The Dem for HCR? The funny thing is you think more offense is prosecurity.

Typical Leftinistra tomfoolery there, skippy.  Security is founded upon defeating your enemies in a most vociferous manner.  Evisceration is the key element of victory.  Too bad the Leftinistra think it is OK fine to talk to the Jihadis and your fellow Leftinistra.  Awesome.  Adam Kokesh is the Leftinistra and you voting for and/or supporting him details the fact of your ignorance of such a "man" if he is one.  And, no, I support no bail outs of anyone.  Too bad Adam does when he isn't talking to you and your kind

@Snooper1 You must not know the Constitutionality of their argument. We are fighting unconstitutional/undeclared wars.

Like I have said many times, the President can wage war all he wants to.  Is that a bad thing?  It can be.  Look at the Congress and how they were all stoked up over the loss of Al Gore and one can see that President Bush, according to the United States Constitution WAGED war and he had to explain it every 90 days and he did.  If he had waited for Congress to declare war and not WAGE war, we would be speaking Jihadi right about now.

@Snooper1 Guess you are against these arguments:

Absolutely because they are of the Leftinistra stripe and who in the world wants to listen to Leftinistra clap trap except those that think Adam Kokesh is really a nice guy.

@Snooper1 Rand is not for closing Gitmo. He's for putting them on trial instead of just constant imprisoning. Find them guilty or not.

Putting them on trial is all fine and dandy but the Geneva Convention expressly calls for what is going on with the inmates at Club Gitmo.  Leave them alone and perhaps one day they will all die.

@Snooper1 Rand is not for funding Israel's enemies or Israel. We give way more money to Israel's enemies than Israel. Debt for no reason.

Typical Leftinistra anti-Semite tomfoolery.  Typical of the Ron Paul traps of deceit, madness and mayhem.  Perhaps Ron Paul would be better off if he actually read the ENTIRE constitution instead of reading the types of things that are convenient for him.

@Snooper1 The people who oppose Rand would oppose George Bush of 2000:

How's this one for your size: "Everyone that supports Adam Kokesh will support Code Pink and all the other anti-American stripe of screw America and screw thew Troops."  Tickle your fancy?

@Snooper1 The funny thing. One of the biggest supporters and the guy who told me about Michael Behenna is Adam Kokesh. Seems you agree.

I don't agree with anything Adam Kokesh does or says.  The man is a fraud and so are you when you support the Code Pink whack job.  Comparing 1LT Michael Behenna to Adam Kokesh is "Rather" horrid to say the least.  That's disgusting.  Get the corn cob out of your ass and stop making yourself look so stupid.

@Snooper1 So you did oppose Bush in 2000 when he was campaigning against nation building?!?! Wow. You really don't know the Constitution.

What in the hell is Nation Building and who thought that term up?  I tried to find it in the Constitution but it isn't in there so I guess it came from your lads at the Leftinistra hack job party.  Get a grip punk.  Show me in the USC where Nation Building is and then we can talk about the Constitutionality of it all.

@Snooper1 Actually the POTUS can not declare war. Once Congress gives the declaration it's in the hands of the POTUS. No war was declared.

Yes, he can.  I guess the next time you read the USC you will find it.  We already talked about that in another tweet of yours.  Once Congress declares war, the war is NEVER out of the hands of the President.  Ever.  Where in the hell did you get that one?

@Snooper1 So, because Rumsfeld in his past as well as Cheney worked with Saddam means they are Pro Saddam right? Same logic with AK and CP.

More Leftinistra talking dulls.  Please step away from the crack pipes.  We sided with Iraq back then because we were at war with Iran since 1979 and we are at war with Iran now.  Don't you read the news?  If you are an American, even though we disagree, are we forever enemies?  Idiot.

@Snooper1 You dog cusses Kokesh, a soldier who actually served and opposes the way the W. admin perverted the constitution. Nice.

OK.  What in the hell does "you dog cusses Kokesh" mean?  Speak English.  And, every Administration, Congressionally speaking, as screwed the Constitution eve since Wilson so get some history books and start reading them and stop listening to the asshat Ron Paul, this Rand character and the idiot and Code Pink wanna-be-boy Adam Kokesh.

@Snooper1 Too bad Kokesh is right. As a soldier you are supposed to defend the Constitution and oppose unlawful orders. Fail on your part.

Yes.  Kokesh is right.  He is a Code Pinker and he repeats everything they have to say.  Period.  All military members vow an Oath and Adam Kokesh revoked that vow upon many occasions.  He marched with Code Pink in uniform...against the UCMJ as he was being kicked out of the military.  He was and is a whiner and that's exactly what he did.  He whined a lot and violated the UCMJ.  Period.  In the Oath we swear to defend and protect the Constitution.  Go get the Oath and read it.  There are ways to engage the officers and alleged unlawful orders which Adam did not do.  Ever.  Period.  And, he served for less than a year.

@Snooper1 So, you think Oath Keepers are wrong for opposing Unconstitutional orders. You want people to deny the Constitution. Got it.

Oath Keepers.  I removed my name from their rosters as soon as they decided to screw the Oath Keepers up and supported a known Code Pinko hack as in Adam Kokesh.  The Oath Keepers need to get their grass out of the rim.

@Snooper1 Hmm. Seems you support Michael Behenna but, then turn around and hate on guys who are just like him, Kokesh. Hypocrisy.

Comparing Adam Kokesh to 1LT Michael Behenna is beyond recompense.  Judas H Priest.  What a damned Leftinistra quack you are.  Idiot.  Let me know when 1LT Michael Behenna becomes a Code Pink whore.  OK?

@Snooper1 Ah, you're pro Aggression, anti-National Defense, Anti-Constitution. Speaking hawkish but, hasn't served. Praying for Holy war.

So now I am a chicken hawk.  Typical Leftinistra bullshit.  Very good.  How much time did you serve, asshat?  And don't lie about it either.  I'll know.  I served for 28 years, punk.  You?  Adam Kokesh?  We are in a Holy War at this very moment asshat.  Go ahead and roll over and play that we aren't.  As the sword of allah swipes your head off I'll just laugh.

@Snooper1 I guess you'd say Eisenhower was part of Code Pink. As was Jefferson and Thomas Paine? Please, read a book and turn off Hannity.

More Leftinistra bullshit.  Comparing a Code Pinko whore such as Adam Kokesh to the greatest heroes of our time is sorely retarded.  And, I do not listen to Hannity.  Perhaps you should.


This "Liberty" deal is packed full of Ron Paul Leftinistra hack jobs and they remind me so much of the Westboro Leftinistra Cult of Dumb.  And, this asshat from Kentucky is in the same boat.  He supports Rand Paul and Adam Kokesh.  Two Code Pink asshats and this quack thinks I am unconstitutional.  I find that typical of the Leftinistra to say such things because they temselves don't kow what the USC says about anything.

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Reader Comments (2)

Snooper - due to the troll issue and new developments, there will be no show tonight. We can talk tomorrow about it.

April 20, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPastor Ed Boston

And by the way, who would compare Kokesh and Lt Behenna. That is like comparing Carter to Reagan - makes no sense!

April 20, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPastor Ed Boston
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