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Lt Commander Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III

So why were the "cops" and everybody and their mother at this place?  Was there going to be rioting in the streets?  Wll, not this time.  It's coming and make no mistake.  However, not so in this case.

The Showdown That Never Happened - of the blogs written so far, as ar as I have seen - there may be more - The Dame Truth has the best of the best.  You with me?  No, of course not.

Rise Up For America has a little up about this but I couldn't find a link for the actual post.

Citizen's Tsunami is up next: Profiling at it’s best...They make up the rules, Then turn it into “LAW” - they have avideo up but I'm not all that interested in the Oath Keepers.  That group has been seriously infiltrated by the enemy - Libertarian Marxists and the other Marxist group, LaRouche.  Go check out the video.  I understand completely what went on there.

The JAG Hunter - I can't stand the JAG Corp whatsoever.  Hang them all.  Leftists thugs.  “Mom…why are we standing out here in a parking lot in the rain?” - good stuff.

Canada Free Press by Jim O'Neill: Lt. Col. Lakin, and Commander Fitz - really great stuff.

Here is mine, well, JB Williams article, from before the incident above: Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III Arrested - as he was trying to arrest those that are the criminals, the criminals arrested the Lt Commander.

So, evidently, DHS and their frets of Right Wing Violence sent everyone and their neighbor to arrest the RWE - Right Wing Extremists.  They didn't find any.  All they found were themselves caught in the middle of criminals in the Tennessee realm of Stupid, called politicians.  SOme have said that those that did appear were ready upon the call to fire but, alas, that didn't happen, thank God.

The Dame Truth has the entire skinny here...

[...] With many thanks to all who participated, both in Monroe County and behind the scenes, and especially Sgt. Tim Harrington, Carl Swensson for taping events, Chaplain Darrin Huff, JB Williams and of course, Lt. Cmdr. Walter Fitzpatrick for being a Doer, not a Talker, I urge you all to visit these sites, pass them on and tell everyone who will listen that we need to keep our eyes open, obey the laws of our nation and confront those who do not. [...]

And confront those that do not.  I like that one.  Nothing has happened yet and no one really knows what he was arrested for except for trying to do his job.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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