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Harry Reid and His Asshat Greed Crap

How many millions has Harry Reid made in his "land deal scams"?  And he dares say that the Louisiana oil spill was greed when his own pal Obama gave the rig well wishes and well grommets for purity last year?  Is he an effete futz or what?

HARRY REID (D-NV): "Their greed led to 11 horrific and unnecessary deaths. It has harmed an enormous tourism industry, threatened business at countless fisheries and disrupted life for many along the Gulf Coast. As the pollution grows worse, those consequences will only compound."

Is anyone in DC really listening to this moron?

Offshore drilling agency refuses to send witness to Senate oil spill hearing - and I guess that's where the idiot Reid spoke up.  What a loser he is.  This jerk tried to lose the war in Iraq 45 times.  45 times.  Moron.

The federal agency that regulates offshore oil drilling declined to send a witness to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee’s hearing Monday on the federal response to the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said.

The committee had requested the appearance of a top official from the Interior Department’s Minerals Management Service. Lieberman’s panel is probing the adequacy of BP’s federally approved oil drilling and spill response plans.

“I regret that the MMS leadership has chosen not to appear before our committee today because they really need to be asked the same questions I am going to ask Homeland Security, the Coast Guard and BP,” Lieberman said Monday afternoon as the hearing commenced. [...]

And that's because the flake got fired for doing what Obama and Clan told him to do.

U.S. Drilling Regulator Quits Amid Criticism Over Rig Disaster - OOPS!

The top-ranking U.S. official in charge of ensuring the safety of offshore oil rigs resigned four weeks after the Gulf of Mexico disaster that killed 11 workers, sank a $365 million vessel and triggered leaks that have gushed millions of gallons of crude into the sea.

Chris Oynes, associate director of the offshore energy and minerals management program for the Interior Department’s Minerals Management Service, has left his job, Bill Lee, an agency spokesman, said yesterday in an interview.

Oynes, who was appointed chief of the division that oversees deep-sea oil exploration in 2007, left amid scrutiny of safety inspections and mounting criticism of what President Barack Obama described as the agency’s “cozy relationship” with the energy industry. Oynes served Republican and Democratic administrations during more than three decades in federal jobs. [...]

Well, that's all fine and dandy but who blew the rig up?  What is with all of these distractions?

Obama to Name Panel to Probe Disaster - right.  Like how about the names of the crew that blew the rig up and let us know why the Obama SWAT Teams were assigned and for what reasons.

President Barack Obama will name a special commission to investigate the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, an administration official said Monday.

The move follows criticism of the government agency responsible for regulating offshore drilling safety, which Mr. Obama joined last Friday when he denounced the "cozy relationship" between oil companies and federal regulators. [...]

You know, if this disaster had happened under the Bush-Cheney deal how many attributes to the "cozy relationships" of The Bushie and Cheney's Haliburton crap would be floating around right now?  What about Obama's "cozy relationships" with the "oilers"?

Obama.  Asshat.  Fraud.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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