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Jindal - The Day We've Been Fearing Is Upon Us

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Reader Comments (2)

I've got a bird for this freak.

I've been completely disgusted with almost every report, from every side of the political spectrum with complete inaccuracies.

What appears to have initially occured is a series of blunders first starting with a bad well design from what I am hearing was a favorite "golden engineer" with lots of higher ups favoring them. The saner petroleum engineers were not listened to.
Second, this well is reportedly well over the AFE to drill it. The "Company Man" on the rig was under the gun from his bosses.
Third, there is a single friggin thing that the Zero (who I abhor) administration can do except concede on Jindal's plan.
Fourth, after the Valdez spill and "private" company was formed and is known as MSRC. This entity is owned by member companies which includes every major oil company, an whole host of independents and some international tanker owners. It was supposed to be able to handle supertanker spills and offshore pipeline ruptures along with wellhead spills. Their plans, all approved by the USCG and others, have not worked.
Also, the U.S. Gulf Coast is home to a very high concentration of emergency responders for spills since all entities handling these have to have these plans in their licenses/permits. These contractors (about 100 of them have been called out) are on the job and handle major spills across the world. Most of these no one has ever heard about such as the major spill at a pipeline crossing of a river in the Andes Mountains in that late 1990's.

For those in favor of nuking the well, you are obviously ignorant of such oil formations. This would only serve to frac the formation and blow of the remaining controls (BOP Stack) to allow the largest flowing well in the history of the world (after the nuking) to flow freely without any hinderance and make interception relief wells wholly unreliable.

May 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKermit

To me, oil isn't the Great Fear. The Great Fear to me are the marxist-sociopaths that run the world.

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