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Is President Obama Using Executive Powers To Organize Angry Anti-Capitalist Protests On The Streets Of America?

The title is from an article at Big Government and my answer is, “YES”! he is.

From the cheap seats, it sure does look like the President of the United States is using the powers of the Executive to coordinate with Andy Stern to organize a series of protests entitled “Showdown In America.” […]

And that’s the way of the Leftinistra, the Armies of the marxist-sociopaths, the Democrat Party.

So, what about the Chief Narcissist of the New Rezident of the New White Marxist House?  What of his mental instability?  What of his inelligibility to be in the position that he managed to squirrel into?  What has he done?  What has he accomplished?  Why is he in constant campaign mode and why is he such an uneducated educated cretin?  As his minions set out to attack all that oppose him, why does he get so bent out of shape when his antics betray his utter disgust of the capitalistic society in which he lives?  Why does Obama so cherish the marxist-sociopathic mannerisms he is married to and why doesn’t he transfer his lamed ass to a socialist State that sooths his tethered soul?

His narcissism and his mental instability is what drives him in this regard and it will send him to the looney bin but that won’t happen until people in this country have had enough of him and his cretinous minions.

We do live in a Christian Nation and all Obama does is discredit that bit of American Fact and does what he can to attack Christians and Israel.  Why Israel?  Because America was based upon the Judeo-Christian belief system and there is no getting away from that.  Poll after poll show that America thinks it is a Christian Nation by at least 85%.  So, why does Obama think differently?  His narcissism and mental instability drives it.

Is Barack Obama Mentally Ill? by Mitchell Langbert - The Madness of King Barack by Timothy Birdnow/Dana Mathewson - the main article is here at The East Valley Tribune written by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown, Obama going off the deep end.  There have been many more articles with the East Valley Tribune article therein and several folks, like myself will build upon that article.  As a matter of fact, I already have been building on that article long before Floyd and Mary Beth penned their article.

Snooper Report on Obama’s narcissism - Snooper Report on Obama’s mental illness - Snooper Report on King Obama - Snooper Report on Übermessias Obama - Übermessias Obama; I like that term.  He so fits the ass…the unadulterated ass.  Snooper Report on the Impbama.

Yes, I have also written well on the cretin called Barack Hussein Obama.  The worse thing that has happened to America since Woodrow Wilson and his cohort and anal spy FDR.

Mitchell writes: “President Obama seems to have a bit more of this psychopathic quality than most politicians, although in different ways.  There is an alternative diagnosis.  Soon after I wrote my blog Gagdad Bob, a blogger and professional psychiatrist, suggested that Obama suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, which  is probably true of the majority of politicians.  More recently, Live Leak quotes Roger Simon who claims that Obama is mentally ill and his illness is getting worse.”

Dana writes: “A recent case in point was Obama’s bizarre and meandering 17-minute, 2,500-word answer to the simple question about how he could justify raising taxes for ObamaCare during a recession when citizens are already overtaxed. Obama’s wildly inappropriate answer left the audience stunned and led commentator Charles Krauthammer to mockingly say, “I don’t know why you are so surprised. It’s only nine times the length of the Gettysburg address, and after all Lincoln was answering an easier question, the higher purpose of the union and the soldiers who fell in battle.” This lapse of delusion occurred in front of a friendly audience. Overall, Barack Obama seems to be slipping into a slightly more delusional state these days.”

Floyd and Mary Beth write: “On Monday, following his embarrassing answer on Saturday, Obama stopped by the Washington Nationals home opener to loft an effeminate toss toward home plate constituting the ceremonial first pitch. After this display, Obama was mucking it up in the press booth talking about his love of the Chicago White Sox. The announcers asked Obama which players he supported growing up a White Sox fan. After hemming and hawing for about 30 seconds, Obama responded that he grew up in Hawaii and was actually an A’s fan. Again, he avoided mentioning any players by name. Obama seems to believe that he can say whatever he wants, and not reap the consequences or be forced to defend his empty assertions. Obama behaves in a manner so disconnected from reality that he is shocked when someone has the audacity to question him. Obama acts like his word is infallible.”

All that matters here is that Barack Hussein Obama is out of his league, cares not about the United States Constitution which belies the fact of his AWOL birth certificate and his “clowing around” about it; cares not about “the little people” and lies like a stuck pig everyday of his horrid life.  I could go on and on but the on and on would take every bit of print on this bog forever.  If we, as a Nation, were to accomplish the United States Constitution, Barack Hussein Obama would have been evicted from the USA by now.

Obama Going Off The Deep End on Right Bias - Obama going off the deep end on Live Leak - Free Republic - Political Wrinkles - Patriots and Liberty - Snooper Report on Insane Obama.

The next case to study about Fraudbama is this: Case Study In The Fallacy Of Obama’s Ethics Pledge.  The Obama “pledges”.  They mean nothing to him because he is an emphatic liar and the Truth is not in him.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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Reader Comments (2)

Obama qualifications to reform health care:

"Influential" In Univ Chicago Med Ctr hiring practices

No birth certificate

Can not stop smoking

Difficulty telling the truth.

Narcissistic personality disorder.

Therefore, I Igor produce Obama Birth Certificate at

Compare Obama Care vs Igor Care at Obama vs Igor Care

May 6, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterIgor Marxomarxovich


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