Expert - Obama Got His Ass Kicked At G-20
Mon, June 28, 2010 at 11:37
Mark "Snooper" Harvey in Barack Hussein Obama, Obama Got His Ass Kicked At G-20

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Obama Says G-20 Produced Important Progress

Obama Urges G-20 To Spend, They Tell Him To Fuck Off - how's that for kiccking someone's ass, D'ohBama?

President Obama warned Sunday that the world economic recovery remains “fragile” and urged continued spending to support growth, an expansionist call at the end of a summit marked by an agreement among developed nations to halve their annual deficits within three years.

The president’s remarks tempered the Group of 20’s headline achievement at the summit, a deficit-reduction target that had been pushed by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the host of the meeting and a fiscal conservative. Although there is broad agreement that government debt in the developed world needs to be reduced, there is concern that cutting too fast and too deeply will slow growth and possibly spark a new recession.

In a news conference at the meeting’s conclusion, Obama said that the world’s largest economic powers had agreed on the need for “continued growth in the short term and fiscal sustainability in the medium term.”
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I'm Calling Their Bluff - Obama Goes Partisan on International Stage - moron.

Violent Protests at Toronto G20 Meetings - Riot Police Nab G20 Protester After He Taunts Them - Vandals mar summit protests in Toronto - Barack Not A Fan of Mass Protests?

Obama gets his ass kicked at G20, especially from Germany.

How's that leftinistra civility doing for ya D'ohBama?

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Geithner Warns G-20 Nations To Keep Trying To Spend Their Way Out Of Economic Crisis

Geithner the tax cheating marxist-sociopathCNN Covers G20 Protests With What Appears To Be A Cell Phone

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