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« Insurgent "Activists" Expelled As Israel Resists Gaza Inquiry Pressure | Main | Iran offers escort for Gaza ships »

Israel says activists prepared for fight on ship 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chairs the weekly Cabinet meeting in his Jerusalem offices on Sunday, June, 6, 2010. Mr. Netanyahu claims that the Turkish activists who battled Israeli naval commandos in a deadly clash last week prepared for the fight ahead of time (AP Photos/Jim Hollander, Pool)

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed Sunday that the Turkish activists who battled Israeli naval commandos in a deadly clash last week had prepared for the fight ahead of time -- boarding the ship separately from other passengers after they organized and equipped themselves.

Mr. Netanyahu's comments were the latest in an Israeli campaign to defend its crackdown on Monday that killed nine people on a flotilla headed to the blockaded Gaza Strip with hundreds of activists and humanitarian supplies on board. The operation has drawn fierce international condemnation, seriously damaged Israeli ties with Turkey and brought heavy pressure to lift the 3-year-old closure of Gaza.

Mr. Netanyahu told his Cabinet that "dozens of thugs" from "an extremist, terrorism-supporting" organization had readied themselves for the arrival of the naval commandos.

"According to the information currently in our possession, this group boarded separately in a different city, organized separately, equipped itself separately and went on deck under different procedures," he said. "The clear intent of this hostile group was to initiate a violent clash with IDF (Israeli) soldiers." [...] go read the rest´╗┐

No sense in speaking the Truth Mr PM of Israel.  The libtards don't give a damn.

PM wary of UN flotilla inquiry proposal - wary?  WARY?  How about damned right scary?  I can't hear those Trumpets yet but I'm sure they are getting all tuned up.Netanyahu postpones decision on investigation of IDF raid. 

Israel will defer for further consideration UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's call for an international investigation of the boarding of the Mavi Marmara last week, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said in a government session on Sunday.

"We must cautiously weigh the manner in which such an investigation will be conducted to protects the interests of the IDF and Israel," added Netanyahu. [...] go read the rest

Tell the Uselss Nations to kiss your ass.

However, in the mean time -  Turkey FM: Raid halted Syria talks.  HA!  What "peace talks"?  The destruction of Israel?  THAT peace talking?  Turkey - they sided with the Nazis.  They have always hated Israel.  Peace talks?  Please.  Kiss our ass Turkey and get the hell out of NATO - another USELESS organization.

Indirect peace talks between Syria and Israel scheduled to occur in Washington last week were canceled as a consequence of the peace activists' attempt to break the Gaza blockade and the resulting violence, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told news network CNN in an interview on Sunday.

Davutoglu said that he was supposed to have met Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Washington last week to facilitate discussions with Syria, a move which had been approved by Damascus. [...] go read the rest

Shut up Turkey.  Your "terms" mean nothing to anyone unless that "one" is a marxist-sociopath.  I suppose he could tell Obama, one of his own Hajis.

Give them HELL to burn, Israel.  The Trumpets will call your name.

The Snooper Report.
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