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FYI - Distants, Dissidents and D'ohBama

The following was found at Blog Talk Radio: Swine Flu-Never let a perfect crisis go to waste

There is a saying that politicians in Washington have-"Never let a perfect crisis go to waste." You see, they love it when a crisis (many times manufactured) falls into their laps. The media gets the public all stirred with awareness of it (dire or not) and perception is influenced that "If immediate action isnt taken, serious consequences will soon come knocking." It is times like these that congress swoops in to "save the day", most often with some new legislation. It is in these instances that things get snuck in that grease the wheels of greed and power for politicians who DO NOT have America's best interests at heart.
For example-The now infamous BAILOUTS, the bill was highly protested by the populace, and at first we thought we had defeated the bill, but in a weeks time the "Porkulous Bill" was passed after it had been doubly iced with earmarks for the greedy politicians who would not sign the first proposed bill. In fact, we are now finding out that very few of our leaders even bothered to read the "Porkulous Bill" before signing it! As a result, billions of tax dollars are being squandered during a time when our economy REALLY IS in trouble.

This brings me to current events that seem to have us all polarized-"Swine Flu". The outbreak of "Swine Flu" is the perfect situation for the current administration to swing power and influence farther into the realm of no-return for their opposition who is already planning to make a comeback in the next two elections and unseat not only several of our incumbants in congress but also our America bashing president in the next presidential election. Let me back up and explain........

In the past, when we have had been threatened by outbreaks of pandemic proportions, our leaders have taken the matter very seriously. They put restrictions on travel, and immigration in an effort to stem the spread of infection and save lives. Dont you think that they should be doing the same thing now? Many of you are going to say to me-"What do you mean, take it seriously?" Obama did a public address and told everyone to wash their hands, and not gather in large groups, and to avoid physical contact with anyone who is coughing or sneezing. To those of you who would say this I ask-ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ARE YOU THAT STUPID? Sure, Obama did his little announcement, made him look a bit concerned too, but then he jetted off to go play golf. GOLF? During a crisis? If Bush had done that the media would have been handing him his head! So Obama's concern over the situation is something that needs to be called into question. Why wouldnt he be so concerned? The current administration should be worried about further spread of a virus that has already shown itself here in the states and claimed lives of its citizens. They should be worried about illegals spreading the virus to the doctors, and nurses at the hospitals they will most certainly go running to as soon as they cross the border. Shouldnt they? The answer could be that this crisis is something the administration and his majority in congress can use to their advantage.

As the situation now stands, many have died in Mexico from the "swine flu", and as a result Mexicos government has clamped down on its citizens, shutting down the markets, and encouraging everyone to stay at home. They simply cant handle the problem. Hospitals and doctors are turning patients away in fear that they will contract the virus, and it is making the problem worse. So, what do you think Mexican citizens are going to end up doing? Run across the border, thats what! A wide open border in fact. The border should be a top priority to our leaders, but shockingly, it isnt, I ask you again, WHY?

Remember how they talked about how many illegals voted in our last election? Remember anything about a certain contingent in congress who wants to grant amnesty to illegal mexican immigrants? Wouldnt amnesty for 30million illegals be a major advantage to Obama in the next election? Amnesty=Votes! A perfect opportunity for our fascist leaders to ensure that those who will not vote for Obama in the next election like "Tea Party Goers" will be rendered inconsequential, and secure his bid for a second term. Far fetched you say? Hardly, that is just how the dirty game of politics is played.  Think I am just grasping at straws? I hope I am. I hope I am not correct, because if I am we are all in deep, deep, do-do!

This is from Maggie's Notebook:

The art of politicking is taking credit for anything good that happens while someone else takes the blame for anything bad that happens.

I have to agree with the profane man, Republicans are gone. A cute logo and a Sam Adams actor is like putting lipstick on a pig.

The revolution was in November and we conservatives and our Republican champions lost the war. Just because you didn’t vote for our leaders doesn’t mean you don’t have representation. So calm down a bit and accept your taxation until people are ready to listen to you again.

This is from me:

Imam of Obam

The Ultimate leader of the USA who has final say of all that is all.

The Imam of Obam says to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain (the curtain being the stock market).  Even though the stock market has repeatedly reacted in a negative manner, rejecting the Imam of Obam's plan, we are not to pay it any attention.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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Reader Comments (2)

Hi Snooper, good article on the making of crisis and chaos. Thanks so very much for the nice link:-)
August 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMaggie M. Thornton
We are all in this together.
August 3, 2010 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey
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