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Geese, Ganders, DADT and Ignorance At the Federal Levels

A Soldier's Perspective

Master Sergeant C.J. GrishamFor the longest time I never understood when someone used that phrase on me. I assumed that "gander" meant feathers or something. But, gander is a group of geese and when I learned that, the phrase made sense to me.

Yes, this is another DADT post and this is my personal opinion based on writings contained in the Report of the Comprehensive Review of the Issues Associated with a Repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” that was recently released.

The so-called "gay rights" crowd has expended great energy to convince us that homosexual behavior is normal. They tell us that they are just like us straight people – only gayer. With that in mind, I truly have problems with the following recommendations from the military's ramming social experimentation down the throat of the troops authors:

"[W]e recommend that the Department of Defense expressly prohibit berthing or billeting assignments or the designation of bathroom facilities based on sexual orientation. At the same time, commanders would retain the authority they currently have to alter berthing or billeting assignments or accommodate privacy concerns on an individualized, case-by-case basis, in the interests of morale, good order and discipline, and consistent with performance of mission."

The authors go on to tell us that "common sense" does not square with critical arguments that if gays can shower together, so should straights of the opposite sex.

"The former (allowing men and women to shower) is uncommon and unacceptable to almost everyone in this country; the latter (gay and straight men showering) is a situation most in the military have already experienced."

Really? When did that happen? Did you notice a glaring omission in that argument? Namely, that allowing gays to shower with straights is "common and acceptable?" I would also argue that most Soldiers didn't KNOW they were showering with gays and would probably feel just as uncomfortable showering in their presence as women would in the presence of straight men.

The report goes on to say that "indeed, the survey results indicate 50% of Service members recognize they have already had the experience of sharing bathroom facilities with someone they believed to be gay." But, since perception is not always reality, this is a false premise. There is a distinct difference between knowing the guy next to you may be checking out your junk and thinking it.

Finally, the writers use the following to support their argument:

"This is also a situation resembling what now exists in hundreds of thousands of college dorms, college and high school gyms, professional sports locker rooms, police and fire stations, and athletic clubs around the nation."

I'm surprised that this report even had military personnel involved at all. After all, this comparison doesn't apply to military service at all! Yes, there are professional sports players who have come out of the closet. And they've been shunned for doing so by their fellow athletes. College dorms do not have resemble military "gang-style" showers in any way. Most dorms have their own bathroom and shower or one that is shared with an adjacent room. As a matter of fact, I don't know about any gang showers in any college dorm. All the police and fire stations I've been in are also segregated with booths or individual stalls. When I did ride-alongs, none of the police were showering naked together. And, finally, people have a CHOICE about which athletic clubs they frequent. I'm willing to bet that one where patrons are forced to shower in open bay facilities with known gays would probably have a rough time attracting clientele among straights. The truth is that is DOESN'T resemble military bathroom facilities.

The next idea is this of the commander's prerogative in deciding on a "case by case" basis which Soldiers will be required to room with gays and which won't. What will the criteria be? Will Soldiers who demand separate living quarters be castigated by the command and treated differently for not falling in line? Will even the mere suggestion of changing billets bring EO violations charges? I can't help but wondering if Barney Frank was ever forced to shower with Nancy Pelosi. They're both men, so why should they be any different?

Our elected officials, in my opinion, have created a monster within our military. They are forcing a type of behavior that is not widely accepted among the troops. And it will have reverberations for years to come. In my honest opinion.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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