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Florida Hotel Worker Fired for Wearing American Flag Lapel Pin - Patriotism?

In the words of a “moderate”, whatever one of those are…

Normally in these cases, my sympathy tends to run towards employers, who have the legal right to set uniform and presentation policies, especially in public positions.  Barring the display of pins on a uniform is not unreasonable, as adopting a laissez-faire attitude might end up with a whole lot of political messages seem as though they represent the views of management rather than individual employees.  As a former mid-level manager in a corporation, I also know how difficult life can get when exceptions get made to policy, and suddenly every employee wants an exception for their own pet causes.

With all that said, why make a point of firing someone over a flag pin?

Sorry, Ed.  Your first paragraph makes the case, if there is one, over the second paragraph.

Dear Ed…this is what we are fighting for and why every True Blooded American needs to wear a Flag Pin.  Moderates are air heads.

Here’s why all True Blooded Americans need to wear a Flag Pin…Michelle the fat-assed Obama that HATES the Troops…in any uniform.

A British Royal Navy ship was ordered to turn its guns around because they were parked pointing at a hotel room Michelle Obama was staying in. Fearing the First Lady might be in danger, minders ordered the captain of the HMS Edinburgh stationed in Cape Town, South Africa, to switch them away from her five-star suite. The U.S. agents have since been accused of overreacting after it emerged the Sea Dart missiles were, in fact, loaded with blanks having been used during a ceremony in honour of a sailor who had died. Former Royal Navy officer Mike Critchley told the Daily Mirror: ‘This is typical American Secret Service going over the top. ‘I would have thought that they could trust their British allies to not put a missile through the bedroom window of the First Lady. It is unfortunate that this happened at an extremely sad time for the ship.’ Mrs Obama was on an official visit to South Africa in June and was staying in a luxury suite at the five star Table Bay Hotel. The boat, meanwhile, happened to be in the middle of a ceremonial routine to remember Lieutenant Sara Hellawell, a 26-year-old whose body was found onboard a few days before. That did not stop the agents raging at them, saying: ‘You can’t point those guns at the First Lady.’

Here’s another reason, Ed, why all True Blooded Americans need to be wearing a Flag Pin — the Moron DohBama, that hates ALL Troops (because they are in his way), is sending Troops to help the Islamis of Uganda.

LISTEN TO THE LIES HERE! — Obama Sending Combat Troops to Africa — [R]re[z]ident Obama said Friday he is sending a small number of U.S. combat troops to central Africa to assist in a regional effort to neutralize the Lord’s Resistance Army, a guerrilla force originally from northern Uganda that has been accused of terrorizing civilians in several countries. In a letter to congressional leaders, Obama announced the deployment of “approximately 100” combat-equipped personnel to act as “advisers to partner forces” that are targeting the leadership of the insurgent group. He said he ordered the deployment under a law enacted in May 2010, the Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act. His letter to House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) and the president pro tempore of the Senate, Sen. Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii), said he was keeping Congress informed of the move consistent with the War Powers Resolution.

There’s more at al-Reuters.

Here’s another reason why True Blooded Americans need to be wearing Flag Pins — assholes that attack the USMilitary in all facades.

Cash for Military Cigars Stolen — Residents of Lafayette, La. are furious after someone broke into a cigar shop and stole money that was supposed to be used to purchase cigars for members of the U.S. military. “The times that we live in – to think that people would stoop to levels like that,” said Rene Gerard, owner of the Pipers Haven cigar shop. “It’s disappointing someone would do that.” The break-in happened last week – just as the cigar shop was beginning to collect cash for its annual “Smoke ‘Em if you Got ‘Em” Christmas campaign. A spokesman for the Lafayette Police Dept. said they are investigating the break-in – but so far no one has been arrested.


Obama Machine Attacks Military Charity — Team Obama launched political attacks critics say are baseless against a military charity in Charlotte, North Carolina. The new revelations come after The Daily Caller reported Republican mayoral candidate Scott Stone was asking incumbent Mayor Anthony Foxx, a Democrat known locally as “Obama-Lite,” to sign a pledge saying he’d keep all Democratic National Convention jobs next year in the state instead of granting them to out-of-state unions. Foxx wouldn’t sign the pledge and Stone has since told TheDC that Foxx personally and directly told him he won’t sign it ever. So, in an apparent attempt to turn the tide against political damage from the fallout, Foxx has resorted to using a public relations firm – founded by David Axelrod and connected directly to President Barack Obama – to smear Stone. Stone launched his charity, Capital Heroes Fund, in 2007 to raise money to help military veterans. Its most recent public tax filings show Stone’s charity donated about 53 percent of its raised funds to military families – lower than the target range of 65 percent experts say charities should aim for. For his part, Stone said he’s appalled by the attacks, and sickened by the Democratic political tactics. “North Carolina’s military families should never be used as a political pawn,” he told TheDC.

All Americans need to wear a Flag Pin.  If you don’t like Patriotism, GET OUT NOW!

Hey!  Ed!  Take your “management skills” and shove them up your ass!

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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