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More racism from the Democrats (marxist-sociopaths)

FYI, I am sending all of the racism articles on The Snooper Report to the Reverend Perryman.

When will we ever advance into a post-racial society?

That's an easy question to answer but it is most certainly hard to explain.  But why?

First of all TRUE American History must be explored because there isn't any true American History taught in the Department of Marxist Education System that we have in America at the moment.  Racism is all around us.  Racism has been a shovel ready export of the DNC since the early 1800s...but they have been blaming the Republicans and the Republicans have acquiesced as such.

Racism of the Democrat Party
Herman Cain - The DNC has BRAINWASHED most of the Blacks of this Nation
Racism - the Nemesis of the Democrat Party
Democrats invented racism and democrats HATE all blacks
The Snooper Report articles on Democrat invention of racism

Samuel L Jackson.  This lad has been brainwashed into the 'you owe me something' because you are white and he was never taught about the racism history, if there is such a thing, in this Nation.  When one listens to these people make the claim that the Tea Party is a racist 'organization', this tells me that they don't pay attention.

The Tea Party is made up of homosexuals, lesbians, democrats, republicans, libertarians, independents and every American nationality that exists in this Nation and to classify them all as 'racists' means the foolish imps that say this are truly the very epitome of being a racist themselves.

I wonder if these fools actually know that The Obama isn't even black.  Obama is gray.  He had a black Kenyan under British rule and a white American mother.  When one mixes black and white, one son discovers that the color GRAY reveals itself.

I wonder if these idiots that hoot and holler about racism know that in Obama's book, whether he wrote it or not, decidede that he didn't like his white beotch mommy and decided to shed his whiteness thuis calling himself black.  Isn't that the way of a true marxist?  Calling themselves something that they aren't?

"No matter how poorly the economy performs, no matter how many scandals surround the administration, no matter how weakly the president’s jobs plan is received by legislators and the public, Samuel L. Jackson can see no reason why the Tea Party might oppose Barack Obama’s reelection other than race. From an interview with New York Magazine: While we were on the subject, we asked Jackson if he agreed with fellow thespian Morgan Freeman, who caused something of a ruckus recently after he claimed that the tea party is racist. “It’s pretty obvious what they are,” Jackson told us. “The division of the country is not about the government having too much power. I think everything right now is geared toward getting that guy out of office, whatever that means,” he said, echoing Freeman. “It’s not politics. It is not economics. It all boils down to pretty much to race. It is a shame."

Allen West and Herman Cain slap these racist Hollyweirders behind the woodshed.

The DNC racist crowds of Sheila Jackson Lee of racist Houston, TX and the KKK wannabe Gerry Connolly of Virginia went after Hank WIlliams Jr for calling Obama, Hitler, when he did no such thing...

In reaction to the controversy, ESPN pulled Williams’s usual opening sequence from their Monday Night Football (#MNF) telecast. In a statement Tuesday, Williams acknowledged that the comparison was “extreme” but did not apologize. “It was to make a point,” he said. “I was simply trying to explain how stupid it seemed to me -- how ludicrous that pairing was." Williams also suggested that there was some hypocrisy demonstrated by the controversy. "Every time the media brings up the Tea Party, it's painted as racist and extremists -- but there's never a backlash -- no outrage to those comparisons," he said. "Working-class people are hurting -- and it doesn't seem like anybody cares. When both sides are high-fiving it on the ninth hole when everybody else is without a job -- it makes a whole lot of us angry. Something has to change. The policies have to change."

She was criticizing Williams for saying the round of golf between President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) would be like a meeting between the Israeli Prime Minister and Hitler. That comment prompted ESPN to remove Williams from the Monday Night Football opening segment, a spot the performer has owned for 20 years. Williams did not clarify whether he was comparing Obama or Boehner to Hitler, and later indicated that he was simply trying to show the contrast between the two leaders. Jackson Lee said Wednesday that she did not know "who he was calling what," but said nonetheless that Williams' remarks were "unhelpful and disgraceful." "For you to characterize any leader as the dastardly and heinous person that Hitler was ... what a disgraceful statement," she said. She added the Obama-Boehner meeting was an attempt at "civility through what a lot of Americans do, playing golf."

Where were these two racists of the DNC and the rest of the Racist Goons of the DNC when their own constituents were vcaslling President Bush, Hitler?  Wasn't that 'unhelpful' and disgraceful'?  Such hypocrite5es these racist whores of the DNC are.

I can hardly wait for the Rev Perryman law suit to finally make its debut...

American History of the DNC is as shameful as shameful can be and the cover up of it all makes it much, much worse.

Herman Cain predicts he'd get a third of the black vote because they are "thinking for themselves." Cain, who is black himself, was widely panned for saying that some black voters were brainwashed and blindly support Barack Obama. As evidence, he said some black voters that he meets won't consider his "9-9-9" economic plan. "First of all, I believe I’m going to get a third because a third of the black people in this country at least are thinking for themselves," the Republican presidential conntender said "Fox News Sunday". "Now, the fact that they say that word is insensitive, that’s not as insensitive as the president of the United States, standing in front of a major black audience, the Congressional Black Caucus, and scolding them because his policies have failed the country. His policies have failed black people. That’s more insulting to me, rather than me using the term brainwash. It’s their only weapon, Chris, to try and silence me because I'm a conservative. It’s simply not going to work."

Whereas this is true, he is still an Uncle Tom -- but didn't Uncle Tom become a Republican?

These racist DNCers truly do make me giggle...

The Snooper Report.
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Sic vis pacem para bellum
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