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A Foot Soldier's Call to Save America

Judi McLeod of Canada Free Press

In the infernal dark night the Obama Regime is hanging on America,  the light switch will be turned back on for all to see on Friday, November 11, 2011-Veterans Day.

That’s the day when the drums and fifes of columnist/patriot,  JB Williams, retired U.S. Army Major General and senior military analyst Paul E. Vallely,  Gathering of Eagles and Eagles Up! organizer U.S. Army (Ret.) Harry G. Riley and Company will drown out the phony bleatings and mindless chants of the Occupy Wall Street malcontents, leading the way to real Hope & Change for America.

Tangible Hope & Change for waiting Americans, not the astro-turfed kind pulled out of an election campaign to dupe the masses.

In a scenario where liberty is fading by day and and one in which the black curtain is about to be brought down on the Constitutional stage, it’s literally Williams, Vallely, Riley and Company to the rescue.

This is the event Americans and freedom lovers have longed for during the last three years.

Their promise has been long in the making and it is finally here:

“We are openly calling for the American people to draw a final line in the sand and take a moral and righteous stand for the Constitutional Republic, the rule of law and the future of freedom and liberty,” they state in a White Paper, entitled Call for the People to ACT Now, (PDF)  sent out on the world wide net—the people’s alternative to the state-controlled Mainstream Media.

“The time to be tolerant and silent has passed and the time for serious action has arrived.  Only the people can restore the Constitution as the Supreme Law of this Land.  We must do it peacefully if at all possible and our Founders provided all the tools necessary for peaceful corrections of a ship set off course by internal enemies.”

Amen, Brothers, Williams, Vallely and Riley, Amen.

The Veteran Defenders of America  (VDA) and The United States Patriot Union (USPU) have sent out a Paul Revere-styled call for a “unified march” from All (50) states to Washington DC for this Veterans Day.

Countless people, crying out for relief from the Socialist State-bound Obama regime, repeatedly ask, “Where are our military?  “Can we count on them to protect us from what is happening to America?”

Many who served their country have been quietly working among the ranks of the VDA and USPU.  They went on to serve their country in a different way.  And it’s America’s blessing that their club is not exclusive because they are inviting you to join the march as the foot soldiers.

There has been little let-up from the Marxists in the White House since the 2008 election that turned America upside down.

But Veterans Day 2011 is the one where the Cavalry gets to return full scale.  Or to put it in the words of JB Williams: “Veterans Day will be led by American veterans and former service members with a clear purpose—to demand the immediate restoration of the U.S. Constitution, the removal and prosecution of all of the individuals named herein, by voluntary resignation or articles of impeachment, and the end to Sharia Law on American soil.

“We call for all Americans who truly do support our troops to march on D.C. with our veterans.  We call on ALL independent truckers, independent contractors, all non-union workers, all independent business owners, agents and investors, all who support free-market capitalism and the right to work, earn and own, to march together with our veterans and former service members on Nov. 11—Veterans Day!!

You won’t find any politicians in this march.  Nor will you find an Obama-slavering MSM, who will be covering their foot soldiers in the Occupy Wall Street lie-in, and that’s the way Williams, Vallely, Riley and Company want it.

For those who have been waiting for what seems an eternity for a real “boots on the ground” march that puts focus on where it belongs, to the return of the Constitution, this is it.

Someday, history will look back on Nov. 11, 2011 as the day that stopped the Transformation of America in its tracks.

And like any human event where history was made, the foot soldiers out in force in D.C. on November 11 this year, will go down as personal family heroes.

They will be the ones whose grandchildren will proudly declare years down the road:  “And Grandpa was there!”

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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