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Obama Clan fails Americans - Somali pirates kill all 4 Americans

Amazing.  I haven't reported on this yet because it is fairly unclear what happened and why there were negotiations going on with Jihadi scum bags called pirates.

Somali Pirates Kill 4 Americans on Hijacked Yacht and Will Pirates Who Allegedly Killed Americans Be Prosecuted In U.S.? And If So, Where?

My previous articles are, Pirates hijack 4 Americans - US mulls responses and Warship Shadowing Somali Pirates Who Captured Four Americans.

Four Americans were sacrificed for Obama and his clan of fun-seekers called pirates

I haven't heard anyone of the Obama Clan making any apologies to anyone about their failure to act.  Period.


The fate of the Somali pirates who allegedly killed four Americans off the coast of Somalia has yet to be determined, but the U.S. Justice Department says it is "investigating and reviewing" evidence in the case and is "committed to working with our international partners to ensure that the perpetrators of this heinous crime are brought to justice."

The four Americans were on a yacht in the waters off the Horn of Africa when their vessel was hijacked Friday. U.S. forces were following the hijacked yacht when on Tuesday at least some of the hijackers opened fire. The hostages -- Scott and Jean Adam of California, and Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle of Seattle -- had suffered fatal wounds.

If the U.S. government decides to handle this case in the same way it has handled other recent cases of Somali pirates targeting U.S. ships, the 15 surviving Somalis currently aboard a U.S. aircraft carrier near the Horn of Africa will soon be heading for a U.S. courtroom.

The United States may not have many other options. In early 2009, Kenya and several Western countries entered into an agreement whereby Kenya would prosecute pirates captured by Western forces. But Kenya became overwhelmed by the volume of cases, and in late 2010 Kenya canceled the agreement, according to reports at the time.

Should the Justice Department, along with other U.S. authorities, decide to prosecute the 15 pirates in the United States, one of four U.S. attorneys' offices around the country could end up with the case: the Southern District of New York, the Eastern District of Virginia, the Western District of Washington or the Central District of California.

Asked whether those districts are in fact in the mix, a Justice Department spokesman declined to answer, saying he is "not going to speculate on any potential venues at this time." Past cases and common Justice Department procedures, however, indicate why these venues could be in the mix: [...]

I am not impressed.  Neither is the military.  Obama might be laughing his ass off because Christians were killed and he is an out-of-the-closet Jihadi scum bag.

Obama needs to be impeached but there are no True Blooders in DC that will in fact act on it.

The Snooper Report
Join us as we Take Our Country Back
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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