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Don't Call us Thugs

The unions say not to call them "thugs".  Why not?  Aren't they doing the Obama Thug Networking?  Who has been telling "everyone" to go out and "get a little bloody"?  Who has been telling "everyone" to go out and get "in their faces"?  Who is doing that?  The unions are.   Just ask Obama, if you can get a straight answer from him or any union thug.

thug - noun
1 a violent person, esp. a criminal.
2 ( Thug) historical a member of a religious organization of robbers and assassins in India. Devotees of the goddess Kali, the Thugs waylaid and strangled their victims, usually travelers, in a ritually prescribed manner. They were suppressed by the British in the 1830s.

The thugs these days need to be suppressed the same way the Brits did in 1830.  I do believe they hung them all.

How many Conservatives are telling everyone to go out and destroy the United States Constitution and whatever State Constitution there is?  Why are the unions doing this and why do they say the Tea Party are the "racists"?  The union "bosses" are The Thugs of Thugdom.  Just ask Jimmy Hoffa.  Oh.  Wait.  The "other" thugs got him.

Union Thugs and the Obama Goons - same thing.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna on Tuesday morning discovered his truck vandalized, its tires slashed and his last name spray-painted and crossed out on its passenger side. That came after Luna had to tell an unruly man claiming to be a teacher to leave his mother's house a few days earlier. And later Tuesday, an off-duty police officer escorted a disruptive person away from a coffeehouse where Luna was making a television appearance. In their entirety, the events meant that instead of talking about issues like student achievement and education standards, debate shifted for a brief spell to questions unrelated to Luna's proposal - like whether union activism is to blame and whether it's appropriate for Luna to classify some of the actions as "union thuggery." Luna urged the public not to cross the line of civility to involve his family members and damage his property. Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter criticized the harassment of Luna, stressing it's not the Idaho way to commit such offenses when debating public policy. The Idaho Education Association, the teachers' union, denounced the incidents, but also took Luna to task for using the term "union thuggery." Luna didn't back down, stressing he was referring only to the incident that involved his mother. Debate shifted back to germane issues by Thursday, when the Senate Education Committee heard a final round of testimony on Luna's reforms and sent the three bills to the Senate floor.

Ask any union rep about anything in the United States Constitution.  Ask any union rep about any State Constitution and then let me know what they say.  I already know.  They will have NO ANSWER - that is the right one.

The Snooper Report
Join us as we Take Our Country Back
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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