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A Union Thug Goon Said Something Truly Dumb

Really!  It did!  You can see the comment right here: Team Obama Behind Recall Efforts in Wisconsin?  The comment was placed by someone named Matt.  No email address.  No IP number.  Nothing.  Zip.  Nada.  Kind of reminds me of a troll that "thinks" it knows something.

Below will be Snooper's evisceration of this idiot's comment and I will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt just how truly these goons, these trolls, these morons are indeed marxist-sociopaths.  I will place the comments in normal print and then I will add my eviscerations in bold print.  Have fun.  I did.

I suppose that this eager beaver loser doesn't know that Obama did steal Newt Gingrich's nomenclature as was noticed in the article I did write but, well, that's how the plagiarists work out.  I don't like Newt Gingrich but he did write a book about Winning the Future which Obama stole.

From Matt...

"Complete BS

Having been directly involved with two of the recall efforts in SE Wisconsin, I can say that they are organized by Wisconsinites pissed off at both bills; budget repair and the budget bill.

Been involved directly, eh?  Sources?  Links?  Candidates?  Hello?  Organized by Wisconsonites?  Really?  You mean the 29%?  They are the majority?  Sorry, pal.  I mean Matt.  71% of your State said HELL NO during the last election and Union Thugs are OUT.  Have fun with that.

While some of it has to do with unions a lot of it has to do with gutting public education (almost a billion cut) ...

So what?  Have you never heard of States Rights?  71% of Wisconson told you and your kind to buzz off.  Public Education sucks really bad thanks to the UNIONS, the NEA and all Democratand the Democrats In Drag.  So, buzz off.

..and turning around and building prisons and high ways with that money,...

So what?  Your State MUST have a balanced budget and thanks to the idiots in your unions a balanced budget cannot happen.

...gutting planned parenthood,...

So what?  The vast majority of Americans are DEMANDING Planned Abortionhood is terminated and it will take place.  Get a real job.

risking public transportation,...

So what?  Get a bike.  Ride a trike.  Walk.  Who subsidizes Public Transportation?  I DO and I don't even live in your POS State.

...altering state universities which could see a 20% increase to tuition,...

GREAT!  Pay for your OWN education.  Judas H Priest, man.

...taking away tax breaks from the poor (who need them) and giving them to corporations/rich, ...

What bong are you smoking out of now and what the hell is in that bong?  No one is cutting away tax breaks but Obama so STFU.

...potentially cutting 70,000 people off medicaid and badgercare (most of whom depend on those programs) ...

Medicaid and whatever Badgercare is are unconstitutional Entitlement Programs and cannot be reconciled with the Federal Constitution.  If you want these items, make it AOK with your State Constitution.  The Federal Government has no say so, constitutionally speaking.

...and laying off up to 20,000+ public employees when the governor promised to BRING jobs to Wisconsin.

AWWWW!  20,000 people will have to go get REAL JOBS.  Imagine that?  WOW!  SHAZAAM!  NANU-NANU!  Oh, and IF Gov Walker can balance his budget, you will get jobs in the State because the federal government cannot ever create jobs...unless they are PUBLIC GOVERNMENT employee jobs which is what?  UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

So when you piss off students,...

I could care less that students are pissed off.  Read the United States Constitution and then your own State Constitution and deal with it.  Too many of the students, especially in Wisconsin are marxist-sociopaths so if they are pissed off, let them move to Moscow.  Thanks.

parents, teachers,...

Parents?  Teachers?  The parents, all 71% of them, said to screw you and your unions.  Pissing off the teachers?  Good.  They suck anyway.

fire fighters, police,...

Fire fighters and police?  I have read what is going on in Wisconsin and not one single cop or firefighter is being bothered by any of this so STFU and get a real job.

poor and middle class,..

Oh for crying out loud.  More moonbat rhetoric which means nothing.  This is the same old song and dance from you "people" and nothing is ever done for them by "your kind".  So, go piss up a rope.

the elderly, the sick,...

YOUR kind want the elderly and the sickk to DIE OFF soon.  Please.  Stop with the insanity, please.  By the way, ObamaCare KILLED my Mother so STFU!

people who care about the environment,...

Global Warming?  That LIE?  Please.  Drop dead on that one.

public employees, etc....

GET A REAL JOB.  We HATE "public employees".  All they do is suck up the TAX money from all of us and we have had ENOUGH!

you don't have too many people on your side....

We have the VAST majority of Americans on "my side".  Pay attention.

Not to mention the illegal stuff this governor has done already;...

Citations?  Situations?  Details, details, details, pal.

locking citizens out of their capital,

Are you kidding me?  Have you seen the GOONS on your side at your Capital?  And what about the $7.5 MILLION needed to clean up what your kind broke?  Judas H Priest, man.  No one got locked out.  And I have the videos and the documentation to porove that one.  Idiot.

refusing to hand over emails from a freedom of information request, ...

Typical moonbat-itis on that one, chump.  Man!  Get a grip on life.

and abusing power by illegally sending state troopers after democrats....

You mean the Fleebaggers?  Them?  They RAN AWAY from their CONSTITUTIONAL duties.  They LOST in the last election.  Hello?  71% of the people in Wisconsin unelected your fellow marxist-sociopaths and the rest will be gotten rid of over the next few elections.  Move to Kaliphornia, man.

Or the sketchy way the republicans have tried to silent the democrats/protesters;...

Oh for crying out loud.  Damn.  Have you not seen the protesters?  Have you not seen your kind rallying up?  And LOSING?  Please.  You lost.  Get over it.

ending public input on the bill 14 hours in when the democrats continued those discussions for another 140+ hours,...


stopping democrats from trying to add amendments to the bill,...


and stopping democrats from giving a final speech right before they vote to pass the bill.


Should I go on about how after the prank phone call the republicans brought up legislation to make prank phone calls illegal,...

Again, stop the rhetoric.  Do you have ANY citations?  Any verbiage?  Any proof?  Hello?  Marxist-sociopaths are truly deceptive in all things aren't they?

or how they passed new laws about not bringing books into the capital (seriously??) ...

Again, taken seriously, where is your proof?  Where are the know the internet, what Al Gore made.

or passed laws that fine the democrats $100 par day for not being in the senate, or signing arrest warrants for the democrats to try and bring them back . . . I could go on and on but I will end with this....

The Fleebaggers?  Have you read the Wisconsin Contitution?  Have you?  Your zappers in the WI Senate are afraid of their own legislature and they ran away.  And the cops were to do what?  Bring them back like your State Constitution SAYS to do?  Please, moonbat.  Get a real job.  Besides, your day is done in Wisconsin.  You lost.  Move to another State.

The people of Wisconsin are pissed, at the lies, the immoral activities, the unethical ways this has been passed through, the bait and switch attacks and they can't wait to get their state back. ...

Yes, the people in Wisconsin are in fact pissed YOU and YOUR kind.  That's why yours LOST in the last election.  71% of Wisconsin voted and they said SCREW YOU.  The 29%, your kind, mean NOTHING.  Now, run away as all moonbats do.

When walking down the street I have literally had people run out of their house and run up to me asking where to sign for recalls and the #1 question I get is if they can sign to recall Walker (which will be possible next January)...

And you are so full of moonbat crap I can smell you from Texas.  The recalls are all about the Wisconsin COWARDS that RAN AWAY from their constiututional duties.

This has nothing to do with Obama,..

Obama is in charge of this all you nitwit!  Damn!

and actually the people of Wisconsin are a bit pissed about him the the national democratic party....

Speak Engrish...thanks.

This Fitzgerald senator is another one of Koch's lap dogs repeating lies and trying to spin stuff to make the democrats look bad,...

And this is why YOUR union is INVESTED so deeply in Koch you should be spinning your wheels.  Oh.  Wait.  You are.  Never mind.  The Democrats ARE bad and that is why they are now the marxist-sociopaths and they are LOSING one election after another.  Idiot.

unfortunately for him the people of Wisconsin have woken up and done their own research and know the facts."

Yes, the 71% HAVE in fact woke up and that is why you and your kind are TOAST in Wisconsin.  Have fun.


The Snooper Report
Join us as we Take Our Country Back
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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Reader Comments (2)

FROM THE EDITOR: Dear "Matt" (mister/miss/mrs/mz) no email having no IP address and moonbat troll...I am a very busy entity. It took me almost 2 or 3 days to eviscerate you and by your own comments in this comment block, you have eviscerated yourself. Have fun.

Not one single Christian-Conservative-Constitutionalist gives a tinker's damn HOW you FEEL. Really. You say YOU are an In dependent and being an architect gives you some kind of credence which, it does not.

Your side LOST. Your side LOST the elections and your side will continue to LOSE elections because NO ONE gives a hoot or a holler about your "feelings". Your kind rob everyone blind. Get a real job. Shut up and go away.

By the way, the 71% is here along with many other items that your kind hate:

FireDogLake? Please. How Leftinistra; how marxist-sociopath; how retarded are you?


Apparently you were fine posting my previous comment in the other blog post, but this one with actual facts (which you wanted from me but still fail to provide for your own arguments) was ignored, did you do that on purpose? or have you not been home at all for the past 14 hours to review and approve the post?

If you want a debate I can give you that, but if you want a screaming match where you accuse me of not giving facts (which you turn around and do yourself) then just go ahead and ignore this comment (again)

Alright, this won't be pretty for you if you really want to talk numbers and sources

For starters I am not sure where you are coming up with this 71% number you keep referring to (care to give your source for that? though i think you may be confusing a source, will get to that later)

In the last election, Nov 2, 2010 Wisconsin had the 5th highest voter turnout (according to a university study) at 50% of the eligible voters actually turning out and voting (Wisconsin recorded an estimated 50 percent voter turnout, according to the Government Accountability Board. - Your 71% may be a slight alter of a 69% number that Wisconsin had in the 2008 election (generally presidential elections have higher turnouts) in which Wisconsin was 3rd in the country that year (Wisconsin normally is among the top in turnouts for voters) Also, look it up if you want but younger voters tend to vote more often in presidential elections while older voters tend to vote in all elections. So in general presidential elections tend to get slightly more Democratic voters while off years (non presidential years) tend to get slightly more Republican voters. Now a lot of other factors go in to it, and I give the Tea Party a lot of credit for what happened in the last election but based off of that Walker should have had a fairly easy victory.

So 50% of the voters turned out last November, of which Walker won with 52% of THOSE voters (,_2010), so if you add the numbers together walker had just slightly over 25% of the eligible voters from Wisconsin ACTUALLY vote for him and managed to win because it was a low voter turnout in an off year and partially because of the Tea Party. Though he wasn't a Tea Party candidate, he along with a lot of other republicans benefited from being in the party associated with the Tea Party (to a point, theres no need to argue specifics over this, but a lot of non tea party republicans did benefit in their fights with democrats because of the tea party)

So there is the number, just slightly over 25% of the Wisconsin eligible voters voted for Scott Walker. A far cry from the 71% you keep reporting and seem to think is a 'fact'. But how about this actual fact, close to 75% of Wisconsin DID NOT VOTE FOR WALKER, granted a lot didn't vote at all but I think everyone will agree that those small numbers is far from a MANDATE to do whatever walker wants to do. If he wants to follow through with campaign promises then he can do so, however most people have already realized that what he is doing with unions is a bait and switch. Walker has repeatedly came out and said that this idea of going after collective bargaining was what he ran on and what the 'people' of Wisconsin want him to do. Well Politifact came out and proved that FALSE. He never mentioned collective bargaining on the campaign trail, and this is why people who will be affected are so furious at Walker.

First big mistake people are making and walker keeps repeating "We're Broke" - - proven FALSE by politifact and if you want to review their sources go ahead, the state has a budget deficit as do many states and our federal government. But like most Americans personal finances it is not as big of a problem as Walker makes it out to be. Want an example? Any person who has a house but is paying a mortgage on it is considered in debt, but in reality they are not broke, they manage to pay their bills and their mortgage and get by. Some may struggle more than others (housing market hasn't helped) but the majority are doing alright but are considered in debt. Most states and our federal government are like this, in debt but doing alright, though they need to take a look at their budgets and adjust some things it is no different than a family looking at their current fiscal crisis and realizing they need to adjust some things (don't take that vacation, stop eating out so often, perhaps get a second job) in order to 'fix' their problems, but in most cases the problem is not a crisis like many people seem to believe.

Now in order to fix the problem Walker has decided to look things over and make some cuts. Now that is his personal decision and I won't go over the specifics because that's politics and we could be here for days going over which particular programs should be cut. I will say this though, when there is a program and people are benefiting from that program and you take that program away you will piss those people off, that's common sense. Now if it were truly shared sacrifice then most people would accept it and move on. However if you look at the details in the budget you realize it is NOT shared sacrifice. Walker cuts certain programs while creating new ones, he cuts public education while giving tax breaks to corporations. We could sit and argue what is best but if you take something away from some people who have been using it and just hand it to someone else you have to expect the people you are cutting from to get angry.

If you were at a restaurant and eating food and the server went up to you and took your food away and gave it to the person sitting at the table next to you because the server liked the other person more than you, would you be pissed? Hell Yea you would. Now if the server came and took a little bit of food from both of your plates (shared sacrifice) you would be more likely to accept it. And thats why there is going to be around 150,000 people in Madison protesting today, they don't believe that this is shared sacrifice and feel they are be unfairly targeted while other people get more food.

I won't argue with you over every little detail, most of the cuts are political and if the democrats were in power they would cut other programs. And actually, to be honest I might tend to agree with you on certain things (Well i guess before I do that, for the record I am an Architect and find myself in the middle, I am officially an independent for my voter registration and in the past have voted for both democrats and republicans (probably about 60/40 in favor of the dems but that may change). I am not in a union and actually there aren't any unions in the architecture industry that I know of, I have very good private health care and don't use public transportation, my education is finished so this bill has basically 0 impact on me directly) but to say that this is shared sacrifice and people should not be pissed off is complete BS. To be fair, the governor has been very very careful and has not used the term shared sacrifice, he keeps saying cuts need to be made and we need to make changes to bring more businesses to Wisconsin, a nice way of saying we need to cut these programs while funding these programs.

A couple quick things for you to read though (if you want to look at facts)
Tax breaks for corporations/rich -,0,6398564.story

Removing tax breaks that many poor people depend on -

7.5 million tape removal damage claim made in court which was later brought down to 300k, fraud? -

Governor ignoring FOIA requests, then sued, walker has said he will release the emails but after this is all 'done' -

Walker/DOA illegially closing capital, Judge finds them in contempt - - a huge win for the protesters but a small win for Walker/DOA in ending sleep overs at the capital, still the judge found what they did illegal, and oh your idea that people were not locked out can be proven by watching some youtube videos

Speaking of which, the illegal use of state troopers, they are worried they may get sued for following walkers orders -

Republicans didn't like that prank phone call, so they tried to make prank phone calls illegal -

The idea that this is all the unions shipping in people from out of state protesting, False -

The banning of book reading in senate gallery, among other things (clapping not allowed, standing up not allowed) -

Dems requesting emails about Walker/Koch connection as well as info on the prank phone call where walker said he thought about sending in agitators to the crowd -

DAne County sues walker over the fact that the legislative committee was not given notice of a meeting in enough time as required by law - - now this one gets tricky because it is still ongoing and there will be a hearing next wednesday, initially the Judge denied the request for a temp restraining order under the idea that the bill will not cause dire harm to Wisconsin if it passes but there is a chance (some are saying a good chance) that the bill may be deemed illegal on that fact taht the open meetings law was broken and the bill will have to be revoted on legally this time

Now right there, proof that Walker and perhaps the legislature has done some illegal things, I am still waiting for ANYONE to show me something illegal that the democrats have done. Unethical, we could have a debate over that, but in Wisconsin there is no filibuster, so the democrats did the only thing they really could have to slow things down. I don't agree with them staying away for so long, and I believe because of that they are at risk for being recalled, but they didn't do anything illegal. And actually if you want an example of the other party doing this, look no further than Abraham Lincoln jumping out of a second story window to prevent a quorom -

Both sides don't like waht is going on, and thats why of the 16 legislators (8 dems and 8 repubs) that are eligible for recall currently all 16 have recalls going against them right now. That is unheard of in America, here is a good article if you want to read about the history of recalls in america -

Now from what I have seen first hand, as well as reading poll after poll after poll (actual scientific polls, not the fox news biased poll, or msnbc biased polls on the other side), I honestly think the republicans are in trouble and could lose their majority in the Senate by June. If you really don't believe me on polls go look it up yourself, but almost every poll favors the democrats and the unions (even the right leaning Rasmussan poll finds this to be true). For recall laws there is a 60 day period to get signatures equal to 25% of the total votes in that district in the last election (which is kind of unfair because of the lower voter turnout in the last election the total number of signatures required is lower, between 15k and 20k sigs required for each recall). Based on the current numbers I have no doubt that many of the 16 recalls will succeed in getting the required signatures, even the democrats, but that is not the end. After the signatures are gathered then there is a 1 month challenge to verify the signatures (so most recalls will get 110+ of the required signatures since some are bound to be invalid) and then a recall election where the incumbent can actually keep their seet. It will come down to these elections since many recalls will get the signatures, and well look at the polls to see who would likely come out ahead in those. I am not saying that the dems will boot out all the republicans and keep all of their own seats, that won't happen but expect the dems to pick up at least 2 seats, if they get 3 or more they will then have control of the senate.

Here is one poll you should check out though, if there would be a hypothetical revote of the governorship today, Walker would actually lose to Barrett -

I understand the idea of elections have consequences, and I believe it. The democrats won in 2008 and after trying to pass health care reform through for over 20 years they finally had the power to do so. They did it, a lot of people don't like it (I am not a fan of it either) and it ended up costing them in 2010. What does that teach us? Not only do elections have consequences, ACTIONS also have consequences. If Walker and the republicans want to go after collective bargaining, cut public education, force state workers to take pay cuts, among other things, well then if they would have known of the idea that actions have consequences then they would have known to expect this. I still think they will win this little battle (even if a judge overturns the current law that was passed, they will get the law passed legally), they have awoken the progressives and unions in Wisconsin and are getting a lot of backlash right now.

The democratic party has received more donations in the past two weeks than they got for the ENTIRE 2010 election, another group (PCCC?) sent out an ad and is asking for people to chip in to keep the ad running, they have got over $800,000 already in donations for over 30,000 different people. I firmly believe that this was a big over reach by Walker and the people of Wisconsin will make him pay for it down the road.

As for me, I did not do this because I have a vested interest in either side, nor do I hate the Republicans for what they are doing to certain people in this state. I see history folding right before my eyes, with chances to see and be a part of things that might never happen again. Recalls hardly ever happen, and have never happened on this scale, so I decided to see what they are like. Rallies like this (some people spent 18+ days sleeping inside the capital) are actually now illegal (though the laws may change in the future) and the chance to witness it was too good to pass up. Every so often something historical happens, and if you get a chance to be a part of it then you should try to be a part of it. Heck I was at a Tea Party rally last summer just cause I wanted to experience it. What caused me to join this was Sen Grothman going off and calling teachers/fire fighters/police officers/nurses/etc. SLOBS. I guess it doesn't help that I am dating a nurse (who actually has very thick republican blood but has since decided to turn on Alberta Darling and try to recall her own republican senator and pushing me to join her)

For the part of the recalls I was involved in, here is the leader commenting on your(well other people have this idea also) idea that the unions and president are behind this. - I could not disagree with you more on any subject, I was there, we did get some free donuts and coffee, but to my knowledge everyone who was there was a voluteer and just really pissed off and was willing to cancel their plans for that day and join in an effort with hundreds of others to recall Alberta Darling. Between my gf and I we managed to get 123 signatures in 4 hours (granted there were other canvassers around us also getting signatures, potentially stealing from the total amount we 'could' have gotten but since everyone was in this together it doesn't matter who gets the most signatures). To put that into perspective, according to the article Rowe says he has over 1000 volunteers, if that is true each volunteer would only need 20 signatures. Even if they really only had half of that each volunteer would only need 40 signatures. In 4 hours my gf and I got over 60 signatures EACH.

I guess I can't tell you what to believe, and if you don't believe me that is fine. But based on what I have seen this may be a battle the republicans won with the bill but they have already lost the war. All the legitamate scientific polls (non biased) back this up, at least from what I can see on the money it favors the Democrats (thousands upon thousands of people have donated over a million dollars to various groups, granted I have yet to really see any republican numbers on money raised or spent), and the people power favors the democrats as well (100k+ rallies at the capital as well as smaller rallies in almost every city/town in the state, anywhere walker goes people follow and protest him, compared to a koch funded Americans for Prosperity Bus Tour to try and ramp up support for walker that in one town only had 3 people on the bus . . .)

This movement is truly a grassroots movement which was launched by Walker using a bait and switch to go after Unions/Collective bargaining and Public Education among other things that people in Wisconsin do not like. It is radical, and I personally think that if the governor would have taken his time he could have won this war without much push back. Instead he over reached in the first battle and (well at least I believe) has lost the war.

This movement though is nothing like the Tea Party movement though. The Democrats have been pushing for health care for a long time and Obama campaigned on it, then they had a heck of a lot of debate before actually passing the bill, which received backlash from the TP. Now as for comparing the two movements rallies, they are similar with large numbers of people rallying for what they believe in. They are also similar in that the overwhelming majority of people at the rallys are good people who come in with good signs and protest peacefully, however in both cases there was also a very small majority that came in with signs that we wouldn't approve and did things we wouldn't do. And anyone with common sense realizes the acts of a few do not represent the entire movement, so this idea that the people in Wisconsin are violent thugs is untrue, the same way someone calling the Tea party a bunch of racist supremacists because there were a handful of racist supremacists in the crowd is untrue.

I was talking with a friend about this and we came up with this hypothetical example. If you want to get a sense of why many Wisconsinites are so angry and protesting, imagine if in some southern state a democratic governor was elected on the basic that he would be more fiscally responsible than the republican candidate and he would create 250,000 new jobs in his four years. He manages to win and gets into office and immediatly changes tactics, instead of cutting a bunch of programs he raises taxes to make up a budget shortfall, and he uses a budget crisis to go after and remove gun rights from the citizens of the state. How pissed off would those southerners be, how many of them would be protesting and how far would they go in protesting (would some camp inside the capital for their gun rights?). Thats how many wisconsinites feel, their rights (though not constitutional rights, so my example is a bit flawed, but you get the general idea) that so many people before them have fought for, many of whom gave up their own life for collective bargaining, weekends, 8 hour work days, paid vacation, child labor laws, 40 hour work weeks + overtime pay, etc. would be taken away without you having a say.

Do you understand now why Wisconsin is having mass rallies, student walk outs, unethical and not favorable actions by both parties, one party (repubs) actually went as far as doing illegal things? Do you understand why the independants (like myself) who voted for republicans in the last election are now already regretting their decision? Do you understand why even republicans (especially those in unions directly affected by this bill) are changing party affiliations? Do you understand why later today there will be a Tractorcade (a bunch of farmers circling the capital in their tractors to protest of changes to education/healthcare/farming subsidies that will affect them)?

Even if you don't agree with them (certain things I don't agree with), even if you think everythin Walker is doing is correct and will work and both himself and all the republicans will survive recalls (which people think will happen) you have to understand the situation now and why people are so angry and are doing what they are doing. So do you?

Oh and where is your 71% figure coming from?

March 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMatt (response)

Last response (post it to your site if you want to but if you don't care to post it then I don't mind), its fairly clear that we disagree on a lot of things and we both have more important things to do. I have never been to your site until a couple days ago when someone on twitter posted me a link to the previous article you wrote that started this debate. I did take a look at your site and its clear you have a far right view and use that view in the way similar to what Fox News does to get viewership, and from the looks of it, it appears you are fairly successful. Now clearly many liberals won't like what you write about and you also turn off many independents like myself (if you haven't figured it out, independents HATE when politicians over reach and make things political one way or the other). The democrats over reached with health care and the republicans pointed that out and won the vote of independents in the last election (heck I voted for Walker . . .) under the impression they would concentrate on jobs and the economy. Sadly since they have gotten into office they have gone after political things (abortion, gay marriage, voting rights, unions). If they continue down this road then they may get what they want (it seems the democrats are rolling over a lot lately) but they will lose the independents.

I responded to your earlier post because I was a bit angry after having a state senator in my state call my gf a slob . . . and I question anyone who decides people who go into a career where they run into burning buildings risking their own lives to save other lives (people that we called heroes on 9/11) are living a lavish lifestyle on 50k a year (with some deferred wages turned into future pensions) are thugs and slobs and are the sole reason that we are in a financial crisis. I admire your nearly 3 decades of military service and thank you for what you have done to defend this country, but for someone to say the military, including yourself (well it appears you have retired or moved on to journalism) are the reason we are in debt and we need to call out the head hunting, gun toting military and bring an end to their thuggery of the tax payer is ridiculous. There are A LOT of reasons we as a country are in debt, but to select one minor reason and vilify potentially millions of people is not going to do anyone any good. I then didn't visit your site again for a while, I thought that I was just commenting and it would appear, but you called me out. I was given another link to your site which I almost ignored but i recognized the name and clicked on it only to realize you had called me out. So yes my response to calling me out was late because I didn't realize you called me out.

I am not sure why you seem to try and vilify me . . . I have not said anything bad about you, I have never accused you of anything, I am just trying to show you that if you take away people rights then those people get angry. That is why the majority of the state of Wisconsin is against Walker. And it isn't the democrats or republicans who have turned against him, they have for the most part had the same opinion of him that they had before. It is the independents, like myself, who helped him win an election (where he had 26% of the eligible voters actually vote for him) because we thought he would concentrate on jobs and the economy. Instead of doing that he has gone after gutting public education, gutting health care, going after unions and collective bargaining, etc.

To a point I agree with some of his general concepts, I do think the unions have too much power, but I firmly believe the correct way about solving problems is to bring everyone together and working together to solve them. Collective bargaining does have a financial impact but it is so much more than that, which is why I favor allowing it to stay. It involves teachers bargaining for newer textbooks and better technology in the classroom to better educate our children, it involves police bargaining for updated bullet proof vests for their own safety which affects the public's safety. How would you feel if your house caught on fire and you called the fire department to come and put it out, but they didn't come and your house burned down because on the way to your house their outdated fire truck engine over-heated and left them stranded on the road because they couldn't bargain with the state to get a new fire truck (or at least money to fix the current fire trucks engine).

It has its positives and its negatives (costing the state more money) and each state and the people in those states should be allowed to vote and express their opinions on it. I am not sure where you live but the people in Wisconsin have expressed their opinions that the state should KEEP collective bargaining. The 71% you keep using is a very misleading figure (for one its just a sample of 500 people) in that even the unions agree with the governor on that particular question. And the unions have given those financial concessions to the governor, so the public workers are WILLING to take a pay cut to help fix the budget. What they want to keep is their ability to bargain for good working environments, limits on total weekly hours worked (my gf is seriously concerned that Walker will take away over time and make nurses work back to back 12+ hour days which will make them overly tired and suspect to making mistakes in their work place which could lead to the death of their patients, ask yourself if you were injured would you want a nurse who is fully rested and on top of their job or tired as hell and not paying full attention to you?) And if you look at the survey you quote (which is over 2 weeks old) you will realize the questions that ask about the democrats/walker/protesters/unions directly instead of some particular question where even the unions agree to do their part for the budget, then you find its about 50/50 (give or take the margin of error) for the actual comparison questions.

Yes, the republicans won, but for some odd reason they fail to see that recalls are possible and even if they survive recalls there will be future elections. So they are going to win this battle (as I have said before) but I think their pyrrhic victory will lead to them losing the war.You also brought religion into this, which my gf is really into so she wants me to say this. What would Jesus cut? What programs would Jesus abolish? Would he raise taxes on the poor and give it to the rich corporations? Would he cut public education that benefits the poor/middle class while building more prisons? I am not very political and before this I probably would ignore blogs like this, part of me feels that our democracy is no longer a true democracy as it has been corporatized and unionized so much that actual opinions get shut down by screaming/yelling from either side.

Perhaps something will come of this, perhaps the tea party and middle class get together and take back our government from the corporations/wall street/unions. Who knows, but I got a feeling that the independents in the middle are starting to get more of a voice (well not a national media voice, I don't think anyone with any common sense has any trust in any national media outlet).

You asked for sources and I gave you some, but you called me out for the firedoglake source. Honestly, I have never heard of them, I have read from several sources about the lawsuit filed over Walker and the DOA closing down the capital to visitors. For finding sources to respond to you I just googled and it was the first one to pop up, read through it and posted it as a source. I haven't been back to Firedoglakes and judging by what you said it appears they are a left leaning blog/news source/not sure, but go ahead and google for yourself and you will find other sources and if you piece them together you will realize that the judge made a ruling that in a way favored both sides. The sleepovers in the capital came to an end (DOA successfully argued that people don't have a right to be in the capital when it is closed, I believe its open for 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays now) but the protesters won in that the judge found Walker and the DOA in contempt of court for illegally closing down the capital and restricting access (law states that the legislature cannot prevent anyone from entering the capital) and ordered them to reopen the capital in a way that it was open at the end of January.

Anyway, I think i have made a fairly good argument with facts and sources, granted it leans to the left according to you, to me it leans to the left because of the rights over reach. Regardless you have a blog to run, and I got a difficult stairwell/entry way to design. I think your readership doesn't like the way I think but they enjoy the way you write (I personally don't like some of the personal attacks and language but that is you and your audience and it seems to be working).

I also prefer to remain anonymous (anons FTW!!, B of A goin dwn 2mrw!!) and I am still baffled at how you seem to be unable to find my IP. I am not even trying to hide it and you even have one of those Location Feed widgets on your site, yet still can't get it . . . well that's your problem. Anyway, good luck with your blog.


March 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMatt (response)

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