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Fox Campus Exclusive´╗┐

Eviscerate all unions

Remember that thing in the Constitution called the First Amendment? It protects your right to peaceably assemble as well as freedom of speech and of the press, among other things. Well they have all been under attack the past few weeks by unions. The same unions that claim to be at the forefront of providing children with a good education and sticking up for the police officers who protect us have positioned themselves in direct contradiction to those values.

There have been a series of attacks, disturbances and backlash against anyone who dares to dissent from the union’s wishes. In Wisconsin, a Fox News reporter was attacked in the middle of a union demonstration. Union protestors in Ohio, not to be outdone, disrupted a private dinner of GOP state senators, storming inside the restaurant and shoving the staff and owner.

Maybe the unions have forgotten, but this is not Egypt, this is not Libya, nor is it a third world country. This is the United States of America and political power is transferred peacefully here. And when a legislation is passed that you might not agree with, you have the right to protest and stand up against it; but threats and impeding upon another’s rights have no place in the land of the free.

In a free society, citizens conduct themselves in a peaceful manner and use the power of democracy to bring about change. Do the unions in Wisconsin and Ohio somehow think that strong-arming and intimidation tactics will somehow reverse legislation? Have they forgotten they are public workers, thus responsible to the people? Do they seriously believe that their incessant whining about having to be responsible for more of their own benefits will magically convince the taxpayer to be okay with rising costs? If they do, they are living in a fantasy world far, far away from the planet of reality.

This past Wednesday, Ohio’s legislature passed Senate Bill 5 which would effectively save $1.3 billion and curtail collective bargaining for state workers. Public employees would no longer be able to bargain for pensions and healthcare benefits, but bargaining for wages would still be allowed. In the event of layoffs, workers would be kept based on merit, not seniority and any efforts to strike would result in fines or termination. For a public employee who already receives paid holidays and would still have 85% of their healthcare premiums paid for, this is not a bad deal.

However, the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police does not agree. A lawyer for this union, Michael Sarge Piotrowski, took to Ohio Senator Frank LaRose’s Facebook page to express his discontent. (Senator LaRose was the deciding vote on SB-5). Piotrowski started off with a post stating that, “Funny thing about cops, they hold grudges.” He then tried to walk back his threat saying they would receive pay back, but in a non-violent way. When challenged by members of the Ohio College Republicans, he compares the term “Union Thugs” to calling someone the N-word. Is this what unions have resorted to; attacking innocent college students and having the audacity to compare collective bargaining legislation to racism?

Newsflash to the unions: It’s not about you, it’s not about your precious dues money that gets directly funneled in the pocketbook of the Democratic Party. It’s about getting our states out of  fiscal catastrophe, balancing the budget and providing a decent future for our kids.

Under most current union contracts teachers are tenured and cannot be fired for doing a lousy job. In what other industry is this available; certainly nowhere in the private sector. In Wisconsin for example only 40% of students are proficient in math and since the 70’s the nation as a whole has not seen any significant increase in test scores.

The union has millions to donate to Democratic campaigns, but our kids are still suffering. Instead of fixing the problems, unions threaten and intimidate anybody who dares get in their way. Some have wrongly assumed that Governors Kasich and Walker are anti-teacher and anti-cop, but the issue  here is the unions and the drastic toll they are taking on our states.  It all comes down to this: teachers care about kids and cops care about safety, but the unions only care about money; and therein lies the problem.

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