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Obama has a doctrine? And he tries to explain it?

I like your hat, man!The President was asked if there was a “Obama doctrine” that was guiding US foreign policy in Libya and the Middle East.  President Obama articulated his “doctrine,” which appeared to put American interests second….

“With respect to Libya, I think you asked about, sir, do I have a doctrine. My approach throughout the convulsions that have swept through the Middle East is, number one, no violence against citizens; number two, that we stand for freedom and democracy. And in the situation in Libya, what you've seen is, number one, violence against citizens, and the active urging of violence against unarmed citizens by Gadhafi.

And number two, you have seen great - with great clarity that he has lost legitimacy with his people.

And so let me just be very unambiguous about this. Colonel Gadhafi needs to step down from power and leave. That is good for his country. It is good for his people. It's the right thing to do.

Those around him have to understand that violence that they perpetrate against innocent civilians will be monitored and they will be held accountable for it. And so to the extent that they are making calculations in their own minds about which way history is moving, they should know history is moving against Colonel Gadhafi and that, you know, their support for him and their willingness to carry out orders that are - direct violence against citizens is something that ultimately they will be held accountable for.

With respect to our willingness to engage militarily, what I've instructed the Department of Defense, as well as our State Department and all those who are involved in international affairs, to examine is a full range of options. I don't want us hamstrung. I want us to be making our decisions based on what's going to be best for the Libyan people in consultation with the international community.

And we are doing that not just here in the United States within our own agencies, but we're also doing it in consultation with NATO.”

We have already engineered the most rapid and forceful set of sanctions that have ever been applied internationally. We started unilaterally freezing $30 billion worth of assets, imposing severe sanctions against those in the Libyan government who've been carrying out some of these crimes. And as a consequence of that leadership, what we've seen is I think broad-based mobilization around the international community.

You are right that there is a danger of a stalemate that over time could be bloody. And that is something that we're obviously considering. So what I want to make sure of is, is that the United States has full capacity to act - potentially rapidly - if the situation deteriorated in such a way that you had a humanitarian crisis on our hands or a situation in which civilians were - defenseless civilians were finding themselves trapped and in great danger.

I think it's very important for us to do this in consultation, though, with the international community. One of the extraordinary successes of Egypt was the full ownership that the Egyptian people felt for that transformation. That has served the Egyptian people well; it serves U.S. interests well. We did not see anti-American sentiment arising out of that movement in Egypt precisely because they felt that we hadn't tried to engineer or impose a particular outcome, but rather they owned it. The same is happening in Tunisia. And I think that the region will be watching carefully to make sure we're on the right side of history, but also that we are doing so as a member of the world community and being willing to act on behalf of these values but doing so in a way that takes all the various equities into account.

So just to - to put sort of the final point on it, we are looking at every option that's out there, in addition to the non- military actions that we've taken. I want to make sure that those full range of options are available to me. Some of them may end up being humanitarian. I mean, the biggest priority that we have right now is you've got tens of thousand people - tens of thousands of people who are gathered at the border, and we got to make sure that they can get home. And that's why we've - we're using some of our military aircrafts in addition to civilian aircrafts to help on that front.

There may be situations in which Gadhafi is hunkered down in his compound but the economy - or food-distribution systems in Tripoli, for example, start deteriorating. And we're going to have to figure out how do we potentially get food in there.

So there are a whole range of options, military and non-military, that we're examining. And we'll be making these decisions based on what's best for the Libyan people and how can we make sure that we're minimizing the harm to innocent civilians during this process.

Throughout all this, we will continue to send a clear message that it's time for Gadhafi to go.”

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