Leftinistra Politico Says Trump Broke Campaign Finance Law
Mon, March 7, 2011 at 20:18
Mark "Snooper" Harvey in President Donald Trump

Don't you just love the Leftinistra and their Obamedia dweebs?  For many moons since 2005 I had heard how GREAT they were.  Just like Little Green Turtle Turds were.  It didn't take me long to figure out where the Leftinistra washed their sock puppets together.

A lawyer for Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, told reporters in Iowa today that his trip -- on the Trump corporate jet -- had been financed by a business supporter and booster of Trump's, Stewart Rahr. The trip poses a serious campaign finance issue for Trump, experts say: If the trip was -- as Cohen explicitly suggested -- aimed at testing the waters for a presidential bid, it falls under a strict set of fundraising requirements that appear already to have been violated. Specifically, Campaign Legal Center's Paul Ryan told POLITICO, "testing the waters" efforts are subject to a ban on corporate and union donations and a contribution limit of $2,500. "Federal law is really clear here: if you are speidng money determining whether to run that falls under the caterogy of 'testing the waters' and you have to use federally permissible funds," Ryan said, a point he argued in a recent white paper. Ryan and other campaign finance watchers have long railed against the way in which "testing the waters" is stretched to include everything from Newt Gingrich's travels to Iowa on the tab of his organization, American Solutions, to Haley Barbour's purchase of an Iowa voters contact list with money from his Georgia-registered PAC.

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