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Happy Resurrection Day - Israelis attacked by Falestinian Goons

This is in my email from Dan Friedman.

Ynetnews, 4/24/11

1 killed, 5 injured in shooting near Nablus

Group of Israelis heading to Joseph's Tomb for prayers comes under Palestinian fire, which leaves one dead, five in serious to mild condition. IDF, PA investigating: Shooters believed to be Palestinian policemen



You’re to be forgiven if you haven’t heard the news of a fatal Arab attack against unarmed Jews visiting Joseph’s Tomb in Judea and Samaria. It’s the type of tragedy the media outside Israel has little interest in, except to rush in and protect the narrative. The story is just now breaking on some wires after the murdered Jewish man was buried. It must take that long to spin the thing around and turn the Jews into trespassers at a Jewish holy site.

This short item in the Times is a good example of the 8th Ave. whores pushing their line while shooting themselves in the foot. The story implies the slain young man and his wounded companions would never have been shot (by a PA cop) if they had followed the rules and coordinated with the IDF first. And that is precisely the point the Times hopes you miss: Only the continued presence of the Israeli military in the “West Bank” is keeping the base instincts of the Palestinian Arabs in check. And imagine, they still lose control even with the IDF is watching. Once they’re gone - as already happened in Gaza and southern Lebanon– both the Israeli settlers and the entire country inside the ’49 borders will come under attack.

Watch this IDF video of the commander of the Judea and Samaria Division discussing the killing of the Israeli at Joseph's tomb. Note that Palestinian Security forces perpetrated the killing. This is the payback for hundreds of millions US taxpayer funds used to train these PA security forces. Hopefully, Members of Congress will take notice, even when the legacy media won’t.  

Related: Tough talk from Bibi. The pathetic Obama sock puppet asks PA to “take serious steps against Nablus shooter.”

Att: Small World Dept. Murdered Jew is nephew of prominent Likud lawmaker, Limor Livnat

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