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« Andrea Tantaros screws the pooch and offers up 4 reasons why Obama screwed up on the birth certificate | Main | Obama to Oprah on Birth Certificate: I Remember Being Born in Hawaii »

Obama Birth Certificate Issue Shows No Politician Can Run From the Truth

Pretty bizarro title of this article isn't it?  Shouldn't the title truly be thus:  Obama Birth Certificate Shows That The Politicians Cannot Run From the Truth of the United States Constitution?  What if the federal CONgress actually did live by the United States Constitution.  Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Wouldn't it be great if the Enumerated Powers granted to the federal CONgress by the STATES that gave them that power was actually followed?  Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Obama Releases His Birth Certificate -- GOP and Democrats Take Note, No Politician Can Run From the Truth: It is not necessary to have an opinion about where President Obama was born to know that his lack of candor has cost him public trust. Obama's approval ratings are in the mid-40s, while his disapproval ratings hover at the 50 percent mark. The president's release of his birth certificate feels forced. Obama should have released his birth certificate as a candidate. In this hyper-media driven world, the public expects to know everything about their elected officials, and they often do. And when they do not, they become curious and then they become suspicious. And once those suspicions set-in, critics and others feel free to fill-in the gaps. This is what happened to Obama. After Watergate, the lesson that America learned was that it is the cover-up that gets you. In this Facebook/WikiLeaks world nothing stays secret for very long world. The GOP may not be able to force Obama to disclose White House logs, or college transcripts. But the 2012 candidates can lead by example, and let the public know who is being straight with them. Memo to prospective Republican 2012 presidential candidates: make a complete disclosure now. Release your complete birth records, all your transcripts, 10 years' worth of tax returns, and any and all arrest records. Do it now, not later. Let the American voter know who you really are. Tell America where you were born, whether you have an arrest record, how much money you make, how much taxes you pay, how much and to whom do you donate to charity, what is your financial worth, what do you in in property and investments, how financially indebted are you and who are your clients, where did you go to school, what courses did you take and what were your grades. The public has a right to know. During the campaign release the names and amounts of campaign contributions in real time.

Wouldn't it be grand if Fox News actually prescribed to the United States Constitution?

Apparently, the Obama birth certificate shows that he was born in Hawaii and evidently the natural born citizen clause means nothing to anyone anymore.  Then why did and why does Jon Meacham and ALLAHPUNDIT say that the natural born citizen clause needs to be removed from the United States Constitution?  Will there be an Amendment?  Will the Amendment be retroactive FOR Obama to be the LAWFUL President?

The Snooper Report
Join us as we Take Our Country Back
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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