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"Once In A Lifetime" and why I hate George Soros

For many years now since I got blown all to hell and gone in Northern Afghanistan somewhere around and near a quaint city named Kondoz which is a pretty far place from another quaint city in Tajikistan called Korugh in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 2003, early on, I have been watching and waiting and then writing on forums, web sites and blogs.  I have noticed a few things in my many travels.  America is sicker than a box of turtle turds and it doesn’t appear that anyone can really fix the problem without great amounts of bloodshed.  Hell the GOP is pretty much dead in the water with all the bending over for the Marxist-Sociopaths as dictated in the List of 45.  The DNC?  Fully integrated into the Marxist-sociopathetic regime of pure stupidity, ignorance and complete hatred of the United States Constitution.  Just ask that idiot that lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  He REALLY hates the USC because, well, it just doesn’t go far enough.  Screw him and his Cabal of Czars and ignorant trolls he sends out on patrol on a daily basis.  Ever see the comments on your web sites?  Those are the Obama Trolls and they are all brain dead.  Just like George Soros.  I know.  He is a very smart man but he is still a brain dead idiot.

George Soros is an Atheist Jew.  Figure that one out for me but atheism is a “religion” and he does have faith in a something and that something is socialism, which is yet another religion.  By the way, I hate all religions.  Why?  Because they are man-made and anything man made is a travesty of justice in all walks of life.  But anyway, before I get into this ignorant and pompous moosetwit George Soros, let us take a look at a few things.

For many years I have been reading almost 150 to 250 articles per day - yes, I read REALLY fast.  I learned to scan years ago and I guess that’s why I was usually picked for the hard jobs in the form of duty to my Constitution and always overseas.  But, alas, I do read fast.

For years I read and wrote and wrote and read.  I finally formed The Snooper Report and I pretty much cite others on this web site and I also write my own articles but primarily now, I write my articles at The Examiner.  But this article I will write here on The Snooper Report because I own this web site - it isn’t a web site that is a free blogging site - I own it which means I pay for it (and any contributions will be greatly appreciated) and what I am about to say about George Soros will be removed from The Examiner...PC, you see.  Been there and done that one…I wrote about Chrislam and the chrislamis had a banana and whined so The Examiner removed it.  I know have it here at The Snooper Report (just search for Chrislam in The Snooper Report search engine and you’ll find it).

I read most blogs from Do the Right Thing Ministries to the famous The Other McCain and a host of others.  I merely mentioned these two blogs at this time because, well, one of them is my Pastor and the other one I will be citing from in this article so if you and a thousand others didn’t get listed, well, oh well.

136 Cantitoe St. Katonah, NY 10536-3804Now, George Soros, the atheist jew.  This moosetwit is a total jerk.  I know.  I am name-calling but that’s just too damn bad and for any of you Obamabots that whine about the name-calling, screw you and drop dead.  I spent 28 years of my life protecting your right to be a complete asshole so I have earned the right to call you a bumbling asshole.  So, what is a moosetwit?  A moosetwit is a parasite that flies around and makes really small bites in and around the anal apertures of a moose, male or female moose.  That’s what George Soros is…a damned parasite.  But why do I hate the clown to such as the extent that I do?  For the following reason:

[…] As I see it, the two sides in the current dispute have each got hold of one half of the truth. which they proclaim to be the whole truth. It was the hard right that took the initiative by arguing that the government is the cause of all our difficulties; and the so-called left, in so far as it exists, has been forced to defend the need for regulating the private sector and providing government services.

Though I am often painted as the representative of the far left - and I am certainly not free of political bias - I recognize that the other side is half right in claiming that the government is wasteful and inefficient and ought to function better.

But I also continue to cling to the other half of the truth - namely that financial markets are inherently unstable and need to be regulated.

Above all, I am profoundly worried that those who proclaim half truths as the whole truth, whether they are from the left or the right, are endangering our open society.

Both Hayek and Popper, I believe, would share that concern. Those of us concerned with the protection of individual liberty
ought to work together to restore the standards of political discourse that used to enable our democracy to function better.  [end]

The above article was written by a man that hates Capitalism but uses Capitalism to make his money and to steal your money.  Does he not finance Media Matters?  Does he not finance the Triple-chinned moron Michael Moore?  Does he not finance Code Pink, I mean Code Slut?  Does he not finance America Can’t Wait and a host of other “far-left” hacks that we all know are communist pinko fag bastards?

Look, I spent years of my life studying the United States Constitution, American History and a wealth of other topics and I have learned when to spot a lying ass bastard when I see one and when I hear one no matter their political aspirations and no matter what sex they are, man, woman or herrmaphrodite.

In the mountain ranges of whereever I was, I could tune into stations around the globe (when the enemy wasn’t around) and I heard all of this chatter that The Troops couldn’t listen to.  And I learned.  I learned that America could be doomed.  America was losing her Individual Liberty as prescibed by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

George Soros cares not for “individual liberty” and if anyone believes that he does needs to get shot just for being an idiot.  George Soros is a “half truth”.  He lives by it and he is pretty damned smart to hate Capitalism, convince people to agree with him and all the while lives in a mansion in Katonah New York for crying out loud at 136 Cantitoe St. Katonah, NY 10536-3804.  He tanked England’s banking system and look at America’s banking system…he’s doing the same thing here and doing at this very moment.  The crash of 2008?  Look to Soros.

What else can I say about this fraud?  He sure can talk the talk but he sure doesn’t walk the walk that he talks the talk about.  Not by a long shot.  That individual liberty he talks about at the Cato Institute?  What individual liberty, George?  Yours?  The Marxist way of personal liberty?  Which personal liberty does that mean?  That enire POS that he is writing about is 100% off base.  If he were to adhere to the Constitution of the United States, and if you did my avid readers, you would know that George Soros is talking out his hinder parts making you believe that he is so smart that you will follow his lead as you enter into that great Abyss of Obscurity.

Which leads me to the next part of this article.  The Other McCain…written by Smitty.  George Soros would scream and cry his atheist jew eyes out if this was ever done and I have been preaching and teaching this for decades.

  1. Repeal Amendment 16. Congress works the budget, and assigns it to the States to tax farm. The formula for determining amounts is the chief battle ground, but the formula and the input data are clearly visible to all parties.
    Shortfalls are made up by a sales tax against an offending state of sufficient magnitude to erase that deficit. The message to citizens of Virginia is that, as we enjoy controlling our destiny, we Pay The Man.
    The Federal government does not run deficits without a declared war, and then for wartime funding. Precisely what else is really important enough to justify deficits?
    The Federal budget cannot exceed the actual receipts of the last completed tax year. If the country hurts, so does DC.
  2. Repeal Amendment 17. This, along with the budget rules in the previous bullet, restores the State as a meaningful political body. This is also going to restore some negative feedback, and stabilize the system. Trim the overgrown Federal hedge, if you will. Lower some election costs.
  3. Diminish the Federal Reserve. It’s a failure, as outlined above. Let each State have its own bank. Maybe the Federal Reserve can have an oversight role over State banks. However, vast amounts of power in the hands of the few and unelected MUST STOP.
  4. Revisit the 9th and 10th Amendments. Once the States rise, phoenix-like, from the Progressive ashes, we can unwind the Federal over-reach. State banks can take over the mortgage problems for the houses that are located within them (duh?). The buildings housing Fannie and Freddie can be cut into small pieces and sold as a fund raiser ad reminder of the evil of Federal over-reach. Federal education control can stop. States can take over the loan information for their citizens and figure out what to do. Healthcare and retirement entitlements? Delegated.
    In summary, the chain of command from Federal to State to Citizen is restored. DC makes sure States are not abusing people, and the States ensure DC is restrained. Citizens vote for the other two, and change their own diapers.
  5. Bits and Pieces.
    Randomize all committee appointments in Congress. Break up the power blocks. Arguments about expertise are unconvincing. If the Legislation is unintelligible, simplify. It ain’t concurrent programming.
    Kill Switch. Require 2/3 of State Legislatures to certify Congress as success at the 18 month point, or no one can run for the same seat again. Reduce seniority as an input to graft. To Brussels with professional politicians.

Restoring the Republic is all we ask.  George Soros said that we need to “enable our democracy to function better” which is a no brainer if you adhere to the United States Constitution because we are not a democracy…we are a Republic.  As soon as the idiot moosetwit said that someone in the room should have stood up and told the brain dead moron to vacate the premises.  A democracy?  What?  Are there two wolves and sheep discussing what’s for dinner as Benjamin Franklin once said?  We do have wolves amongst us and we need to kill these ravenous wolves and burn them where we find them.

America must adhere to the United States Constitution and the States must adhere to the Bill of Rights and not FDR’s “other” Bill of No Rights.  Do not allow yourselves to be following these nincompoops and allow no one to lead you around by your pubic hairs.

I hate Geoge Soros and his like-ilk.

And because of The Other McCain and the title of this post:  UPDATE:  some moron took the post down and I do believe Soros had something to do with it.

The Snooper Report
Join us as we Take Our Country Back
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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