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Calling All the Clans Together Reprieve

Many moons ago I came across a song written by James Hooker and it moved me beyond words.  At first when I first saw the title I thought it was yet one more Helter Skelter gig but I did notice that the word “CLAN” was in the title and not the word “klan” that the Democrats started years and years ago trying to get those “damned negros” away from the Republican Party that most black Americans were a party of.

I listened to the song and that’s all I did for almost 48 hours over and over again.  It has been quite a while since any song has moved me in this fashion, in the current direction of which I find myself.  Yes, there are many Patriotic songs that have moved me but not like this one.

The song is Callin’ All The Clans Together by James Hooker.  His title to his post is, “Sometimes, I scare myself”.

Most that have read this article and listened to the song has also been greatly moved.  Then again, there are those that have read the article (or not) and have listened to the song (or not) and say that “we” are racists.  I find that quite iinteresting because NONE of the detractors that say the things they say have any idea what they are talking about (especially about myself) and when one reads their comments one soon realizes that it is these idiots that are in fact The Racists.

Racism, political correctness, multiculturalism and identity politics was created many years ago by the Marxists in the USA dating back to the 1920s and perhaps even as far back as the 1880s.  It was meant to destroy the Constitution of the United States and as we all see in these modern times, no one follows the Constitution except whenever they are crapping on it for their own sordid needs and aspirations.  As usual, the marxists that swing by The Snooper Report and leave their sordid and racist comments always blame others for what they themselves are guilty of and call it a good thing that they are the racists.

Me?  I am not racist.  Cutting a very long story short, I carried a man on my back after an “engagement” in which this man was mortally wounded.  Not only did I carry him on my back, severalm others that were with me in the middle of a running “engagement” strapped him onto my back so I could run AND “engage the enemy”.  I carried him on my back for almost 3 days, more than likely 2 days and I can still feel his blood running down my back and my chest…still.  I have told this story before and in order to read it one must find it on this web site because it is here at The Snooper Report but I am not going to discuss the situation here and now.  What I will tell you is this: the man was a black man; a negro; a friend of mine for years.  He called me a “honkey”, “pale face” and “white trash”.  Because he did this, I called him “nigger” and “trailer trash”.  We had fun at it.  We always made scenes in public places with these terms and then we hugged and shook hands and laughed at everybody else because they thought for sure that a fight was about to begin.  We never fought.  We were friends.  He was black.  I am white.  He died.  And people that call me a racist are assholes and liberal trash.

Below are comments from a reader more than likely a long time Troll that I have placed a kabosh upon many times seeing that the language it uses is IDENTICLE to other commets it makes using an “alias” because it is so afraid to use its real name.  I hate Trolls.  With a passion.

Please notice that Trolls love to make blog posts because if they do have ablog, NO ONE ever reads their crap.  My comments back to this Troll will be in bold type…

Comment One:

Here we are in the 21st Century, when I had hoped that we as a country would get past the intolerance, bigotry and lack of compassion shown by people perfectly willing to ignore our Founding Fathers’ mandate that we as a nation be concerned with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with liberty and justice for all. “For all” *should* mean exactly that, but some of the posts contained here represent a large step backward in our country’s evolution. You can say that “Clan” isn’t the same as “Klan”, but anyone reading comments on this site will obviously see that your attempts to separate the ideology between the two words are disingenuous. I wonder if I would be reading as many racially motivated comments here if Obama was white, and I think we all know the answer to that particular question. Has anyone ever heard of the phrase “All men are created equal”, or does that only apply to white men?

Here is an idiot that most certainly voted for Obama who is himself a racist because he did shed his whiteness as is so stated in his books that he didn’t even write.  This mutant could be a “person of color” but he is most certainly a marxist of some sort.

Race aside, we have now removed the head of Al Qaeda. Does that mean that we’ve heard the end of Al Qaeda? I highly doubt it, and I’m quite certain that the fact that we killed bin Laden and dumped his body at sea in traditional Muslim fashion (a fate far too good for that piece of garbage, IMHO) means that his soulless, uncivilized, mindless sheep will try to retaliate. Many, if not most of people with whom I’ve discussed the recent turn of events believe that we should have captured, not killed, bin Laden. I share this sentiment, as seeing bin Laden (even more) disheveled and reduced as was that pathetic waste of space Saddam would have done more to dishearten his followers than killing him.

Typical moonbat speech.  It has talked to others about bin Laden when bin Laden was dead back in 2001.  I love it when morons talk about the dead Jihadi scum bags and then say the Troops are silly ugly men with guns.  It wanted to capture bin Laden and then it says that burying Laden at sea was a great Islamic thing to do when this Troll doesn’t even know that the alleged burial is contrary to  Islamic Law.

Now that Obama has made good on his commitment, right-wingers are quick to try to tear him down for doing what Bush was unable to do. I get it. There are still idiots out there (and maybe even on this site) who fully believe that Obama isn’t actually a U.S. citizen. They believe that because the name Obama rhymes with Osama, that they’re really one and the same (and that Obama is therefore Muslim, and is therefore aligned with Al Qaeda somehow). I pity those uneducated cretins, as they prove to the rest of the world that we’re not quite as intellectually advanced as we would like to have people believe.

Oh.  Here we go.  Obama made a good on his committment.  He did?  In which regard?  More campaigning?  Please.  This Troll as it likes the Troll Obama says, once again, that Bush was the guy that didn’t get Laden.  Amazing, isn’t it?  On top of that, this Troll seems to think that we “on the right” seem to think that Obama isn’t a US Citizen.  The Birthers think that because they are fools and don’t know what a Natural Born Citizen is because they do not and will not understand the Constitution…just like this moron Troll…it dosn’t know the USC.  Dear Troll…Obama himself has admitted that he is a Muslim you idiot.  And yes, Troll, you are uneducated and I don;t care how many degrees you may or may not have.  You are an idiot.

Regardless our individual ideologies, the fact remains that George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld lied to the American people and the world in order to justify an illegal invasion and slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children. If you believe that ALL Iraqis are evil, then I guess this statement will fall on deaf ears; however, evidence has proven beyond doubt that Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, not Iraq, attacked us on 9/11. As far as I and most progressive thinkers in this country believe, the Bush administration is just as guilty for committing terrorist acts as Al Qaeda (and having slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians as opposed to 9/11’s few thousand – taking nothing away from the immeasurable tragedy of that day, these murderers should be brought to justice much more quickly than did bin Laden…BECAUSE WE KNOW WHERE TO FIND THEM!!!).

Again with the war crimes crap.  Ever read the Iraq War Resolution?  That was PASSED by Congress by the vast majority?  Have you ever read it, Troll?  Yes or no.  (The current Marxist House has removed all of the former President’s writings but my web site has them all chronicled.)  What war crimes?  Any substantiation?  The World Court?  The one the USA has never signed up to?  Moron Trolls.  This Troll knows nothing of the Iraq War which is the CONTINUATION of the FIRST Iraq War (which never ended) and Iraq violated all 12 UN violations.  I guess this retarded Troll knows nothing but the Marxist scams it is said to say on a regular basis.  Progressive Thinkers?  Really?  Don’t you mean the Moron Thinkers that only believe what their mentors tell them to believe?  Those, Troll?

I know, I know — I anticipate a slew of name-calling following this post (I’m being “unpatriotic”, I support Al Qaeda, I don’t support the troops, blah, blah, blah), but I firmly believe that one of the most patriotic things any of us can do is to question the motives of our leaders. Many people throughout the world don’t have this freedom, and I for one cherish it. You and I might disagree over our political beliefs, but facts are facts. The Bush administration had absolutely NO evidence of the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, no evidence that Iraq attacked us on 9/11, yet simply, knowingly and unapologetically lied to the world about both of these issues in order to gain support for its illegal invasion and mass slaughter of innocent civilians.

Motives of our Leaders.  The unconstitutional kind?  Them?  The Obama Klan type of Leader?  Them?  Or the ones that bring to Congress that which they are CONSTITUTIONALLY suppossed to bring to the table and not which the moron D’ohBama does by the unconstitutional Executive Orders.  Him?  Please.  And the WMDs?  The MILLIONS which we found, saw and counted?  The 7 metric tons of yellow cake which was REMOVED from Iraq?  The SCUD missiles buried in the sand?  The “illegal” war planes which were buried in the sand?  The other missiles which were buried in the sand?  The mustard gas which was buried in the sand?  THOSE WMDs, Troll.  Idiot.  No one said that Iraq attacked the USA on 91101 you moronic dolt Troll.  The al-Qaeda goons traveled TO Iraq after we bombed the hell out of them in Afghanistan you twit.  Ignorant maroon Troll bitch.

Was Saddam an evil dictator who happily killed hundreds of thousands of his own people? Yes. Should he have been removed from power? Perhaps, but he is (was) not the only insane dictator in the world, and if the U.S. takes on the role of Head Of World Police, then we can expect to see even more desperately-needed billions or trillions of dollars go toward covert operations to seek out and assassinate anyone in the world with whose policies we disagree. I think that’s a VERY dangerous position to take, as it not only reduces us to a nation of murderers and causes fringe elements throughout the world to take up arms against us, but further decimates our already-threatened financial resources which should instead be earmarked for taking care of our own citizens via healthcare, human services, housing, police/fire, education, and other much more positive and productive uses for money that would otherwise go toward manufacturing weapons to kill even more civilians (and needlessly put even MORE of our young men and women in harm’s way; despite what you might think given my comments herein, I DO support the troops, just not illegal policies that result in their needless deaths). I care where my hard-earned tax dollars go, and definitely DON’T support MY money going toward slaughtering innocent civilians. The Bush administration’s illegal acts following 9/11 are in direct contravention of the Geneva Convention, and for that reason, constitute war crimes.

Obama IS the Head of the World Police you jerk.  Have you heard of Libya?  Have you not listened to this pompous ass Obama as he went on his World Tour Campaign?  Idiot.  More Troop Hating psycobabble.  There are no war crimes.  Have you ever read the Geneva Convention, Troll?  NAME ME CHAPTER and VERSE.  Thanks.  Idiot.

Do I believe in a strong national defense program? ABSOLUTELY! Do I believe in illegally invading a country and slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians because our arrogant, nearly-illiterate “president” wants to misuse his power to play Rambo? ABSOLUTELY NOT! The orchestrators of our illegal invasion of Iraq should be brought to justice just as was bin Laden. To be clear, I don’t support killing ANYONE; however, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and other key perpetrators of the illegal invasion and mass slaughter belong in prison for their war crimes. If they are never called to task for their crimes, then we are being as hypocritical as they come when calling for justice against foreign entities.

Judas H Priest.  More ati-war, anti-Bush, anti-Cheney, anti-Rumsfeld and more shit to behold from a Marxist Troll that supports D’ohBama that wouldn’t know the USC if it was shoved up his ass.  The Bush Administration followed the USC to a T.  Period.  Does Obama?  No.  He writes Executive Orders.  Why did Obama invade Libya?  Does anyone know?  Did anybody tell Congress?  No and no.  War Crimes?  Obama is full of them.

Thank you for reading this far…now let the name-calling begin! ;)

Name-calling.  Exactly what the Troll did on many occasions.  Thanks.

Comment Two:

To call Obama “gray” underscores your own racism. Have you EVER heard him refer to himself as anything other than Black? To suggest that he’s neither black nor white shows your own racism, as it seems to almost pain you to call him what he calls himself. If you actually READ my post and UNDERSTOOD it, you’d see that I am virulently anti-racist (what did you think I meant when I underscored “…with liberty and justice for all” and “All men are created equal”?). I attended the Nazis’ march in Skokie years ago to laugh at the miserable, pathetic little pieces of garbage while they goose-stepped their way down the street. I stood arm in arm with black men and women, and enjoyed the looks on the Nazis’ faces when they became incensed because instead of yelling back at them in anger as they were hoping we’d do, we simply laughed out loud and pointed at them as they marched past to let them know that their little lives filled with hatred and paranoia wouldn’t bother us in the least.

In the book that Obama said he wrote but didn’t, he “shed his whiteness”.  Is that not a racist remark?  When one is of a black mother or father and a white mother or father, one becomes GRAY.  A Malato.  Period.  Do your own homework you racist whore.  He may call himself black but why not call himself white?  Isn’t it the same thing?  He is calling himself something that he is not.  Isn’t he?  Yes, he is.  And what in the hell does Nazis have to do with an unconstitutional asshat ike the ObamaClan?

To call Obama “UNCONSTITUTIONAL” when the Bush administration happily RAPED our Constitution during its entire shameful reign shows your inability to understand just what is meant by “Constitutional”. Illegal wiretaps? Illegal invasion and mass murder? Using taxpayer money to pay CEO’s millions of dollars and benefit the rich while the poor and middle class struggle? Using taxpayer money to pay private companies millions of dollars without accountability (i.e. Blackwater)? Lying to the public about practically every action taken during its shameful reign? Your heads are clearly buried DEEP in the sand if you can say that the Bush administration was in any way good for our country; we will unfortunately spend DECADES trying to undo the harm those lowlifes caused our great country.

No substantiation.  More, more crap from a Marxist asshole.  It hates Bush.  It hates whites (unless the whites agree with it the Troll) and is a marxist maroon.

To be clear, I am not saying that Obama is perfect (or even near it); however, when compared with the Republican “candidate” from the last election (i.e. a senile warmonger with no grasp on the financial and social issues plaguing our country), he is educated, alert, and quite frankly, has done a very good job for a first-term president whose job has been largely consumed by trying to fix the gargantuan mess in which the Bush administration left our country (the largest national debt and highest unemployment rate in history except for the Great Depression). You talk about coke addicts and drunks? No one is a better poster child than Dubya. His village in Texas was most definitely missing its idiot during his reign of terror.

More Hate Bush and praise the unconstitutional asshat called Obama.  More Obama Goon shit.  And I didn’t vote for McCain you blithering jerk wad.  More name calling for the President of the United States but I can’t call Obama Gray.  WTF?

As far as WMD’s go, you’re clearly full of shit. Unless, of course, you’re the only person in the world who actually SAW them, in which case you should be ashamed of yourself for not alerting the authorities to their location (you could have single-handedly helped the Bush administration avoid a large amount of criticism, so why didn’t you?). The official report clearly demonstrates that the Bush administration was operating under utterly false and purposely misleading information when asserting the existence of WMD’s. Might Iraq have been able to one day refine enough plutonium and other substances to create such weapons? Possibly, but not for many years. Your statement is therefore utterly without merit, and shows your willingness to say ANYTHING to try to make your point (not unlike Dubya’s legacy). You say “Fuck Obama”, but fail to acknowledge that many, if not most of the decisions he’s made regarding military operations overseas had to be made because GEORGE W. BUSH and his gang of criminals created the situation and left him to clean up their pathetic mess.

WMDs.  Yes, we found many, many, many of them.  But, the libtards in DC and the government run media wouldn’t let any of that out, could they?  You can find all the WMD data right here at The Snooper Report you undereducated marxist asshat.  And, yes, asshole.  Do a search on this web site and find out how many times I eviscerated President Bush - BOTH of them.  Moron.  Get your facts straight before you condemn others for what you do, Troll.  More Hate Bush and praise of dickhead Obama.  Pathetic.

Finally, your assertion that no one would EVER see a comparison between “Clan” and “Klan” is laughable, and shows your willingness to happily blur the lines. Our country has a shameful history of racism, bigotry and segregation, and to knowingly and purposely use the same word as that used by the most hateful racist organization in our country’s history (skinheads, Nazis, etc. obviously enjoy the same activities but showed up well after the Klan was established) is irresponsible at best, and hateful, racist and divisive at worst. You might as well say “Calling All Nahtsees” and say it’s perfectly innocent because it’s not spelled Nazis. You’re a fucking joke.

Finally?  But there’s more!  The Democrats, Troll, STARTED the KKK and some of its best were US Senators and they were what?  DEMOCRATS.  Retarded Troll.  Judas H Priest.  You most certainly are a waste of my time.  More name calling from the Troll but that’s OK because the civility of the Leftinistra means they can do what they accuse others of doing.

This “mentally deficient” American thankfully has enough brain cells to know when someone is full of shit, and you fall most squarely in that category. Continue to waste your lives with your paranoid delusions, and I’ll continue to spend mine in a positive and productive fashion. Crawl in your bunkers and rot out the rest of your days looking over your shoulder for some unseen enemy who will never, ever waste their own life thinking about yours.

Yes, Troll.  You are mentally deficient because you are NOT following the United States Constitution and because you are an asshole.  And you are an Amerikan and not an American.  Your marxism is absolutely in full swing and the moe you write, the more pissed off you become because I will not agree with you, Troll.  Your positive and productive fashion?  The “progressive” type?  That one?  Reconcile that with the USC, OK?  And the looking over my shoulder?  Ain’t gonna happen because we are looking AT YOU and we are right behind you so, look over your own shoulder.  We are coming.  Read the lyrics and listen to the song one more time.

The Troll left many comments but these two above show the ineptness of your basic Obama Goon Troll Bitch.

The Snooper Report
Join us as we Take Our Country Back
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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