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Here is yet one more distraction - seeing that the War Powers Act is being ignored

S.679: Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011

Click the picture for the article and other links

The Heritage seems to think that this federal law is an unconstitutional federal law.  YA THINK?  This Law will be one more in a very long list of unconstitutional laws.  I wonder why these cretins in DC seem to think that a federal law, after it "passes", circumvents the Constitution of the United States?  Whatever happened to the AMENDMENT requirements?

I kind of like this article so states...Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Senatus Populusque Romanus — Imperius Rex et Populusque Americanus While all of America is distracted and focused on the death of Osama bin Laden, our President and his minions have been fast at work laying the groundwork for S. 679: Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of… to speed through the Senate and then make its way into the House and then to the President to sign. Yes, the other hand is quickly forming into a dictatorial fist that is about to smash our Constitution.

As you will recall, the beginning of the end of liberty in Rome commenced with Augustus Caesar who compromised the authority of the Senate through the force of arms and basically the Senate became a facade. America is poised with this proposed bill, to morph immediately from a Republic into an empire with the privileged eunuchs of the Senate as window dressing and a dictator – the first American Caesar – at the country’s helm.

YourDaddy has this to say:

It is time to pick sides America. The ONE political party that is now running Washington is not about Freedom or Liberty. And I do mean ONE PARTY. You have progressive and Progressive Lite. We may have to do as instructed by the founders and use the 2nd amendment AS IT WAS INTENDED. To through down Tyrants and illegal rulers in America.

The Founders would NEVER have let things get this far away from the constitutional mandates before they locked and loaded. I feel Americans that fear the lose of Freedom are closing in on that same theory and the sooner the better for critical mass and a revolution that is long over due. I earnestly pray this can be done at the ballot box but I see no honesty left in our electoral p-process and would not except as a real winner a candidate that is HANDED to use by the elite establishment RNC and or the DNC. Corruption rules Washington DC and I do not think that it can be cleaned up with mere voting. But we will see as 2012 approaches and freedom and liberty subside.

Who will be the first to step out and and cry “Give me BACK my liberty or give me death?

What does The Snooper Report have to say?

'nuf said...

The Snooper Report
Join us as we Take Our Country Back
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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