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Looks like we need to take the streets back...again

Civil War.  When will the True Americans strike back?  When?  Are we afraid?  Do we fear the evils of political correctness?  Do we marvel at how "well" multiculturalism is destroying your very actions?  Does identity politics make you underwhelmingly happy about being quiet for the best of others?  Do you glee in the destruction of your very own Patriotism?  Are you weak-minded because you are so afraid?  If this is so, why, then, do we fight for you?  Why?  Why?

When I returned to this Nation that used to be called America after nearly getting my ass all blown to pieces, finding it to be the Land of the Marxist-Sociopaths and Scared Little Bastard Babies, aka Amerika, my blood raged with anger.  How could this have happened? I remembered the Vietnam Vets and what they went through and I remember my brother who's name is not on the Vietnam War memorial in DC.  I said to myself, Never Again.

In the years from 2004 right up until 2007 and a bit of 2008, we took the streets back from the morons and marxist-sociopaths that walked the streets and told everyone that the military sucked and that Bush sucked as well.

We in the military fought and are fighting for their rights to be as stupid as they so choose to be.  We also know for a fact that the marxists in this "Old Land of the Free and the Brave" have turned this Nation into the "Land of the Assholes, Commie Pinko Fags and Marxist-Sociopaths" and we fought and are fighting them now...all overseas.  This needs to change.

These "stupid people with guns" credo needs to turn their guns on the Enemies of The State here in the USA because Marxism-Socialism cannot live within a Nation that has the United States Constitution still in place.  They do not need to be here.  They can do all their bitching "over there" wherever over there is.  And that is in the United States Constitution and this is why the Obama Clans of Marxist Assholes are rewriting the Constitution right now as I write this.

Go ahead.  Ignore what I am saying and call me a "name caller".  I call people as I see them just like you do.  Morons.

The following is The Why I have written the above:

Death to the New York TimesBlack Five has an excellent read on this article but Black Five is wrong about what took place in Afghanistan.  We are at war.  What happened in Afghanistan was a grave injustice to the defamed and defrocked political correctness.  PC does not belong in the United States Military, Gus.  It doesn't.  What happened in Afghanistan, in my estimation, having been in Afghanistan for ages, is quite alright in my book.  What's wrong with taking pictures of the enemy?  Abu Ghraib?  So what?  The Phillipines?  So what?  My Lai?  So what?  This is war and PC has no place in War, period.

I wrote about My Lai in college and the marxist-sociopaths had a coniption fit and actually threw me out of college.  Lt Calley wasn't the Evil One in that action.  He was following orders.  Period.

However, setting all that aside, Black Five is dead nuts correct in his article  but please don't tell me that JAG has the best interest of anyone but their friends of the enemy class...please.

I don't care what happens in War.  War is evil and the only ones that cause War are the Wimplomats in the infamous 4th Level of Government called the Useless State Departmant.  How many Wars has the Wimplomats caused?  All of them?  All of them is correct.  By the way, as a Grunt, I hate all Wimplomats.  Remember when the Wimplomats refused to go to work in Iraq?  Do you?

What I am sick and tired of are the Marxist-Sociopaths that seem to think that they and they alone are the makers of Truth when their truth is The Big Lie.  Ask any one of them what they think of the United States Constitution.  Then and only then can you tell where the Enemies of the State are.  The very word "constitution", as in the very term "God", scares them all to death and they will create many PC terms, Multicultural terms and Identity Politics terms to make anyone that believes in the United States Constitution, as it was written, the scapegoats of the dumb.

And them they write articles in the New York Slimes, NBC, ABC, CBS, al-Reuters, al-AP, al-Yahoo, al-Jazeera and most other publications.  What Will You Say to the Demons?

The "beasts" in the US Military are The Best of The Best and the New York Times needs to know this.  We just may be the "stupid people with guns" and we most certainly know how to use them and I think it is pretty retarded to piss us all off.  Do you have a gun, New York Times?  We do.  Go ahead and piss us off.  Your time will come...and then be gone.

The Snooper Report
Join us as we Take Our Country Back
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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