Sick and tired - marching towards the Constitution of the United States
Sun, May 8, 2011 at 18:38
Mark "Snooper" Harvey in Sick and tired

Read the following UPDATE right here: We. Are. Finished. With.  DC.

I am sick and tired of the assholes in DC.  They make me sick.  And tired.  What have they accomplished in the last 75+ years, besides not a damn thing?  What portion(s) of the United States Constitution do they adhere to, besides not a damn thing?

The housing market is now in its second dip lower than it has ever been.  What good is that?  Is it the fault of the democrats?  Is it the fault of the democrats in drag?  Is it due to the Marxist-sociopaths as they take their adherence to the List of 45 to a new and extreme angle of stupidity?

Unemployment, which was supposed to be around 8% as so the democrats so promised us all is now on the rise again up to 9% but this does not take into consideration those that no longer qualify for the unconstitutional entitlement program, called federal unemployment “insurance”.  Insurance?  How can insurance run out?  Oh.  I get it.  It is a “federal” program, which cannot be reconciled with the Constitution of the United States.  We are at close to 30% unemployed/underemployed, people.  Wake up

Why does the unconstitutional Congress get off on passing laws, which the Constitution forbids them to do?  Oh.  Wait.  They passed a law.  I suppose laws now make an Amendment to the United States Constitution a passé belief system.  Sick and tired.  Tired of them all.  Sick of them all.

Civil wars are born this way are they not?

The person that makes me the most sick and tired is the idiot that lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue which I now refer to as the Marxist House...perhaps we should paint the damn thing red seeing that the color red suits their very needs...which is why they have turned their color to blue, the pleasing color.

Perhaps We The People need to invade DC, revert back to 1787 and start all over again.  Perhaps We The People, which means nothing to anyone in DC anymore, should take over and hang every single asswipe that lives in the House and the Senate.  Why do they need to live there anyway?  When one reads the Constitution of the United States, one soon realizes that if Congress were to actually adhere to the United States Constitution they would no longer need to be in DC on a day-to-day basis, would they?

In the Enumerated Powers that subjects the Congress to the States, one soon realizes that 18 clauses in the Enumerated Powers makes their efforts a waste of time for the every day needs of We The People...subjects Congress to the States?  Are you serious?  Yes, I am.  Congress was given to them 18 clauses of which they can pass laws by the States...nothing more...nothing less.

I am sick and tired.  My Go Bags are packed.  My weapons are clean.  My ammunition is clean and ready to go.

Recently, over the last few days, I was in Laredo, TX and we saw several Jihadi scumbags via the spotting scopes and binoculars.  We moved into Nuevo Laredo via a life raft (crossing into Mexico illegally – what’s the difference?)  We took several pictures and we did some other things that I just might be able to report day.  The United States Border Patrol?  Screw them.

Sick and tired, baby, sick and tired.

Bill Maher says that the Republicans are paranoid and greedy racists.  That’s quaint, isn’t it?  The pot calling the kettle black.  Bill Maher the racist and sexist asshole second only to Asshole Olbermann.

Sick and tired, baby, sick and tired.

I have been a blogging writer for a long time and the only thing good that has come of it is that I am getting quite a few people interested in the Constitution of the United States, which is a good thing.  Unfortunately, the idiots in DC that have sworn the Oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States really swore that Oath as a matter of convenience and no longer believe in the document.  Hang.  Them.  All.

Olympia Snowe, under duress because someone that does believe in the United States Constitution is challenging her is now said to be moving “right”...whatever that means.  Moving right?  I do believe that that is the only direction she can move because she really couldn’t move any more to the Left...can she?

Sick and tired, baby, sick and tired.

I could go on and on but I don’t have the time.

Sick and tired, baby, sick and tired.

“Conservative” writers crack me up.  Some folks that believe in the United States Constitution crack me up.  The Marxist-sociopaths just make me see their blood oozing into the streets.  I hear/read/listen to the alleged conservatives in this Nation and all I hear is that they can talk the talk and have a zero balance of actually walking the walk that they talk about.  Same thing with some of the people that believe in the United States the talk but fall down flat on their faces when actually having to walk their walk.  They all fall to the satanic political correctness that was invented by the Marxist-sociopaths.  (See the List of 45)

Sick and tired, baby, sick and tired.

Civil wars are born of such.

We The People are in a Civil War and most are scared stiff and have failed to act.  Moors the pity.  If I actually told you all what happened in Nuevo Laredo and Laredo, TX over the past weekend your shorts would be filthy dirty for at least a month.  I have seen this activity before and it is here in the USA…thanks for all that have done NOTHING.  I hope you will sleep better when the shit hits you right in the face.

Sick and tired, baby, sick and tired.

When will you begin the March to a Constitutional America?

I already am.

Sick and tired, baby, sick and tired.

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