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John Boehner's Remarkable Run

Karl Rove is showing himself to be a class-act maroon.  In the article below he showers Bonehead with accolades of what a good job he has done.  What has he done besides nothing?  We The People demanded a $100 Billion dollar slash and what did we get?  Another broken promise from the Bonehead.  And then, the cut that he did get was what?  Nothing.

Karl Rove hates Sarah Palin.  Karl Rove hates Michele Bachman.  Karl Rove loves Mitt Romney and now he loves the Bonehead.  Amazing, isn't it?  Don't you just LOVE the Progressive Republicans or what?

Rove needs to STFU and STFD and Bonehead MUST go!

"Charlie Sheen is now making more sense than John Boehner." At least that's what Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips says, and he doesn't mean it as a compliment. The Tea Party Nation called out Speaker Boehner because the federal budget the House passed cut $61 billion, instead of the $100 billion they wanted. Their anger was amplified when Boehner hailed that budget's passage through the House as a success. "If this is the best John Boehner can do and John Boehner is the only hope we have right now, then we are sunk," Phillips writes. "By the time we can replace Obama as president, in 2013, we will be trillions of dollars of more into debt and may hit the point of economic collapse."

Remember this Rovey?

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, our next guest says we should want a government shutdown. Well, he certainly needs to explain that one himself. I can't. Former adviser to President Clinton and author of the new book "Revolt," Dick Morris joins us. Dick, why should anyone want a shutdown?

DICK MORRIS, "REVOLT" AUTHOR: Well, I don't want a shutdown. I want a cut of $61 billion. I want the Republicans in Congress to keep the campaign commitment they made to the American people of a $100 billion cut. And I'm shocked at your interview with Congresswoman Bachmann. She was saying, Oh, there's going to be a deal, they'll come together, there'll be some kind of compromise. Well, a compromise that is less than $61 billion is breaking the promise to the American people. And above all...

VAN SUSTEREN: Now, you think...

MORRIS: ... that the Republicans are so -- the Republicans are so scared...

VAN SUSTEREN: You think...

MORRIS: ... about the -- let me finish. The Republicans are so scared of a government shutdown that they're not willing to stand firm on their principles and keep their promises. I believe the Republicans would win a government shutdown. The issue in the rest of the country would be more spending versus less spending. We know how that's going to come out.

And I would urge every freshman and every member of Congress to vote against anything that is less than the full $61 billion and to be honest with the American people and keep the promises on which you were elected. It's not such a strange point of view to say you made a promise, you ought to keep that promise. And if Speaker Boehner is willing to lead the way in breaking that promise, I think it's time he become former Speaker Boehner.

Bonehead MUST leave NOW and you, Rovey, need to STFU and vanish from existance.

But, here's Rovey and his retarded Boneheaded accolades...

Boehner's Surprising Success By Karl Rove August 25, 2011 (Printed originally in The Wall Street Journal) - Time and again the House speaker has out-maneuvered the president. The politician who has done more than any other to set the national agenda this year will soon return to Washington. It is not President Barack Obama. It's House Speaker John Boehner. After his annual August bus tour to help re-elect House Republicans, Mr. Boehner will spend a short vacation next week at his house in West Chester, Ohio, where he'll relax by cutting his lawn with something not often seen on Martha's Vineyard: a Toro push mower. It's been a remarkable run for Mr. Boehner. It began even before he became speaker, during last December's lame-duck session, when outnumbered House Republicans outmaneuvered Democrats and Mr. Obama on taxes. Mr. Boehner won by shifting the debate from whether wealthier Americans should pay their "fair share" to whether it is wise to raise taxes amid high joblessness and sluggish growth. It worked. Mr. Obama started by calling for higher taxes. He ended by signing a two-year extension of all the Bush tax cuts. In February, the speaker and his new House majority cut Mr. Obama's planned 2011 budget by $61 billion and then, in April, slashed the government's spending authority by $38 billion. Then there was the debt-ceiling battle. Mr. Obama started by insisting on a "clean debt-ceiling vote," meaning an increase without spending cuts.

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