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AttackWatch - WTF?

I love it when the libtards find themselves painted into the Ayss of Obscurity.  Don't you?  Even the Obamabots at the Obamedia are trying to squirm their way out of, well, the way!

The Obama campaign is launching a new website to handle misinformation against President Obama. In an email, Obama's reelection campaign manager, Jim Messina, announced the formation of "Forming the first line of defense against a barrage of misinformation won't be easy," Messina wrote in a fundraising email to campaign supporters. "Our success will depend on a team of researchers and writers to stay on the lookout for false claims about the President and his record, bring you the facts, and hold our opposition accountable." As an example, Messina mentioned a claim by presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) that Obama was president when the Troubled Asset Relief Program was passed into law. Messina said the site will be running from now through November 2012. "So if you're worried about the negativity we're seeing from the other side — and you should be — this is your chance to help spread the truth," Messina added in the email. "From now through November 2012, will provide a home for accurate information, a forum for you to report attacks and tools to fight back, and a news feed to track the latest events as they happen." The Obama administration has had to deal with aggressive attacks throughout his time in office. Obama released a copy of his long-form birth certificate earlier this year after polls showed an increasing number of Americans did not know whether Obama was born in the U.S.

Yesterday, ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reported on the Obama campaign’s “Attack Watch,” a present-day incarnation of his 2008 campaign’s “Fight the Smears” website. ABC News has fought smears against any number of politicians, including those falsehoods spread to drum up opposition to Mr. Obama for various reasons — racist, ideological, political, or whatever. There was the madrassa junk. The birth certificate canard. The Obama-wants-to-indoctrinate-your-children silliness. And on and on. That said, political campaigns do not generally provide reliable anchors at the Fact Check desk. And in one of its first postings, the “Attack Watch” website shows why. The category: “Israel and Middle East Falsehoods.” The attackers: “Mitt Romney alleged that President Obama has ‘thrown Israel under the bus’…Rick Perry accused the President of ‘thumbing his nose at traditional allies like Israel.’” The Obama campaign assertion: “President Obama is a friend to Israel, despite unfounded claims to the contrary.” There are certainly those in the pro-Israel community who agree with Romney and Perry. (And, yes, those who disagree.) President Obama has publicly broken with the current prime minister of Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, over a narrow set of issues. And Romney and Perry were using raw campaign rhetoric to criticize these tensions that have emerged. What they claimed is subjective. They disagree with how President Obama has dealt with Israel, and I don’t doubt that they would have handled relations at least somewhat differently, probably more like President George W. Bush. Better? Worse? That’s for others to decide. When it comes to U.S.-Israel relations, it’s all really a matter of nuance. Look at the context. No American president in recent memory has been remotely “anti-Israel” in any real sense while in office. A good precedent might be President George H.W. Bush, whom in 1992 the Jerusalem Post referred to as having an “anti-Israel image.” Why?

AttackWatch.  Have you ever seen Hogan's Heros?

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