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Hate-speech filled Michael Fat-Assed Moore spews more filth

Eat another fat-filled cheeseburger, Michael Moore.  What does the fat-assed Michelle the Dumbass and Racist Obama say about what you eat, Michael?  Michael Moore = @MMFlint at Twitter - go ahead and send the fat-ass some special messages.  Thanks.

Michael the Fat Ass is boycotting Georgia.  Sure.  That worked for Arizona.  Right?  Moron.

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore has called for an economic boycott of the state of Georgia to protest Wednesday's execution of Troy Davis, the Savannah man convicted of murdering an off-duty police officer in 1989. "I encourage everyone I know to never travel to Georgia, never buy anything made in Georgia, to never do business in Georgia," Moore wrote on his website in a blog item posted a few hours after Davis' death. "I will ask my publisher to pull my book from every Georgia bookstore and if they won't do that I will donate every dime of every royalty my book makes in Georgia to help defeat the racists and killers who run that state. I ask all Americans with a conscience to shun anything and everything to do with the murderous state of Georgia."

"Dear" Michael the Fat Ass Moore - the REAL reason you are going to pull your books out of Georgia is because NO ONE buys your filth in the State of Georgia.  Moron.

Too bad, fat ass - the We The People of Georgia have passed their laws and your stupidity will not change anything.

And, Fat Ass, what is with you and your kind, the 13% of the American population, calling for, AHEM, "non-violent" revolution?

POS fat-ass Moore babbles more blithering stupidity at  the 2:57 mark...

Shut up, "mister" Fat Ass...

And here we have two racist-sexist blithering baboons wallowing in their ignorance supporting the Truther Tony Bennett...

On his show tonight, Bill Maher defended Tony Bennett‘s controversial remarks about how United States foreign policy was a factor in causing the 9/11 attacks (remarks that Bennett immediately apologized for). Maher and panelist Michael Moore drew from their own experiences being attacked by conservatives to empathize with the legendary crooner.

John Avlon argued that Bennett’s comments were offensive, saying the only people responsible for 9/11 were Osama bin Laden and the hijackers, and to suggest otherwise is “bullshit.” Moore said he was not offended by Bennett’s statements, and actually agreed with the sentiment behind them. He compared U.S. foreign policy to a pitbull owner who hits his dog repeatedly and is then surprised when the pitbull bites him.

One day, when the Trumpets sound and we are whisked away, we will be done with these blithering asshats.  End of discussion.

Perhaps the IDIOT Fat-Assed Moore living in California won't be having to tolerate the Michigan Get Rid of Fat People laws... APNewsBreak: Mich. to require BMI reports on kids -- LOL!!

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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