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Racism - the Nemesis of the Democrat Party

I placed this article up at Yahoo News and it has been there for over a week.  This is the response I received from the ‘editors’ at Yahoo News…
One group releasing a statement does not necessarily qualify as News. This particular submission doesn’t tie the information released by Rev. Perryman to any specifics within the news cycle, making it ineligible to be published as News.

Because of this submission’s subject matter or because of how it is written, it does not qualify as news. Please copy your text from your declined submission and recreate your story using the general article template found here. Please see the following page for news submission guidelines: Articles submitted through the general article template can earn an Up-front Payment as well as unlimited money through the Performance Payments program.
Class Action Seeking Injunctive Relief for Class in Violations of Constitutional and Civil Rights Blacks File Class Action Racial Discrimination Suit Against Obama & Democrats; Publish Date: 09/22/2011
This is not NEWS?
In the history of the United States, never has there been a law suit such as this ever been brought to the attention of the American people. Black Americans have filed suit seeking reparations from the American Democrat Party.

Reverend Wayne Perryman of Washington State brought together many influential Blacks of America on 9.11.2011 to foreswear their hatred of racism that has permeated the Democrat Party for the past 200 years. They are demanding, in a court of law, that the Democrat Party take notice that they themselves are the racists of America.

From Reverend Wayne Perryman:
[…] When their inhumane institution of slavery was challenged by the opposing party, Democrats countered by placing threats in their political platforms (1844-1856), - threatening anyone who dared to interfere with what they called, “the sectional issue of DomesticSlavery.” On May 21, 1856, they carried out their threats when they attacked their opposition, Senator Charles Sumner with a walking cane on the Senate floor and when they attacked with guns, freed blacks and abolitionists on the streets of Lawrence, Kansas. Six years later, Democrats called themselves ‘Confederates” and went to war killing thousands to defend and protect their racist institution of slavery. After losing the war, they fought against constitutional amendments and civil rights legislation for blacks, and chose instead to form terrorist organizations, legislate Black Codes and Jim Crow Laws and support every landmark case that was designed to deny blacks their constitutional rights including the Slaughterhouse Case, Plessy v Ferguson, the Civil Rights Cases of 1881 to overturn the 1875 Civil Rights Act, and Brown v. the Board of Education. While many of these cases were pending, Democrats proudly adopted the name “The Party of White Supremacy” and committed every inhumane violent act known to mankind (from 1867 to 1977) to keep blacks in “their place.” And to add insult to injury, after killing millions of blacks through their racist institutions, they hired powerful attorneys to keep this information from blacks and to avoid apologizing to blacks.

Perryman said, “Any organization that has such a racist history and receives 97% of the African American vote (after doing all they could to deny blacks the right to vote), should willingly apologize without being forced do so through a lawsuit. He said, “I guess they feel they have nothing to apologize for.” Perryman went on to say that he is “convinced that Democrats will only apologize if the media, or the courts (with public pressure) will force them to do so. The man who authored the book: The Audacity of Hope, now has the “audacity” to refuse to apologize for his political party and their racist institutions, that took the lives of millions of his own people. […]
This is a stunning rebuke of the current gathering of Democrats in this Nation. When one studies racism in this Nation, one will find out, not through Revisionist History but through real American History, that the Democrat Party are the true racists in this nation and not the Republican Party.

Racism is a horrid item to contemplate and admit to seeing that the members of their opposite Party are the ones that have been charged by the racists to be the racists.

At one point in time, I was a Democrat and President Jimmy Carter caused me to join the Republican Party. In 2006, I became an Independent because the DNC troglodytes had infiltrated the Republican Party and I had no use for such an organization.

Years ago the Democrat Party started the KKK, the Klu Klutz Klan. Years ago, the Democrats started the Jim Crow Laws and in due time, they charged the Republicans for the Jim Crow Laws. Years ago the Democrats enacted the Black Codes because they hated the fact that the Black Slaves were liberated and the American War Between the States didn’t free any Slaves. We The People freed the slaves because freeing the slaves was part of the Constitution of the United States.

This is why, when one reads The Naked Communist, one will take note of the The List of 45: Something You Should Consider As You Choose Your Elected Officials. As one reads this account of communists in America, one will discover that the American Democrat Party has been infiltrated in its entirety by the communists.

For many years, before the War Between the States, many Republicans, about half of them, were American Blacks and they refused to be Democrats for the obvious reasons. Many American Blacks were attacked, hung, shot, stabbed and placed to death by any means possible…by the American Democrat. The Democrats drove from the federal congress as many blacks as they could and eventually, because of their hatred of themselves, blamed the Republican Party.

I pray that this federal law suit gets the attention it so richly deserves and it should be considered that this law suit is brought to the table by American Blacks.

The “pdf” file of this law suit is located here.
The Snooper Report reports on the racism of the Democrat Party right here.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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