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In the USA - Christianity under attack and crimson Jihad is welcomed?

Sheila Jackson Lee - surely there will be a special place in Hell for this creature if God cannot reach her first...

School Warns Teachers to Hide From Students If They Pray --- A Tennessee school district is under fire after a group of middle school football coaches were reprimanded for bowing their heads during a post-game prayer and teachers were warned to hide from students if they chose to pray during a nationally organized prayer event. Sumner County school officials sent guidelines to staff members in advance of today’s “See You At the Pole” prayer event. Christian teenagers around the nation are gathering around their campus flag poles before class to pray for their schools, the nation and each other. “When a teacher or administrator participates in events such as See You at the Pole, it is possible for a student to confuse a teacher or administrator’s personal speech with their official speech,” read a portion of the guidelines obtained by The Tennessean. Teachers have not been banned from praying, but if they do – it must be done out of sight and earshot of students, the newspaper reported. Sumner County school officials declined multiple requests for interviews.

Maybe if Christians use some prayer rugs they could pray like the crimson jihad does...out in the open?

NO SNEEZING!!!! CA Student Punished for Saying 'Bless You' --- “Bless you.” For uttering those words, a student at William C. Wood High School in Vacaville, Calif. was punished this week by a teacher who claimed that the student disrupted his classroom. “It’s not … got anything to do with religion,” Wood High health teacher Steve Cuckovich told KTXL News in Sacramento. “It’s got to do with an interruption of class time.” Rather than issue the student a warning for his alleged offense, Cuckovich decided to take 25 points off the student’s grade, the better to deter other students from mouthing “bless you” or other religious phrases the offend the teacher’s sensibility.

Perhaps the STUDENTS must rise up and hang the Satanic teachers?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

BUT THE MUSLIMS CAN DO ALL THEY WANT TO DO...CORRECT? Vanderbilt Picks Fight With Christians -- A prominent American university has decided five on-campus Christian groups are in violation of the school's non-discrimination policy and has placed the groups on "provisional status" -- a move described by one conservative group as nothing short of religious bigotry. Officials at Vanderbilt University told the groups they were in violation of non-discrimination policy for requiring their leaders to share the beliefs, goals, and values of their respective group. Should the groups not adhere to university policy, they risk being shut down.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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