Racism of the Democrat Party
Fri, September 30, 2011 at 13:24
Mark "Snooper" Harvey in racism of the DNC

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As most know in this nation that we call America, there are racial issues to contend with.  Unfortunately, the Democrat Party which initialized racism in this nation have done little to nothing about stopping racism and have merely encouraged it as they blame everyone else for it.

Reverend Perryman has initiated a law suit on the federal level to make this a well known fact that it has been the Democrats that are the Party of Racists.  However, don't believe me.  Turn off the TV and do your own research.

The Democrats fought AGAINST Martin Luther King - and soon found themselves taking the MLK record and embracing it as their own.  That's what Marxists do - they rob, steal and cheat their way into the limelight because they have none of their own.

What we have been taught in the unconstitutional Putrid School System can only be described a monumental failure of teaching real history.  The children are taught how to be the very best Marxists in the world and this must come to a stop and it soon will be stopped.

Case in point?  Behold: NBC News Anchor: GOP Thinks 'Slavery Was Cool'

In a manner of studying history that these homo was never taught, is that the DEMOCRATS have always believed, and they still do, that slavery was cool and that the Republicans and millions of whites fought against racism and they still do that today.

Openly gay MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts is aggressively using his daily soapbox for gay activism. On Friday morning, Roberts was outraged with the rest of the left that the Republican candidates did not denounce the boos after openly gay soldier Thomas Hill asked on video if the Republicans would "circumvent the progress that has been made" for gays if elected. [Audio available here.]

No one seems to question why Fox News and Megyn Kelly would pluck this question out of thousands of submissions and throw it directly at Rick Santorum. It seems like they were wearing a bracelet asking "What Would CNN Do?" Roberts, speaking very calmly, said something very wild. These Republican candidates would like to build a time machine and go back to when women couldn't vote and slavery was cool:

The flake is not well.  He has no God in its life and he needs God in its life.  Really.

Next case in point?  Janeane Garofalo.  She is a Hollyweird communist-pinko maroon that has no business talking about anything because she is so, well, dumb.  She might be a good actor but in her real life, she is a disheveled individual with nothing but hatred in her life.  She needs to have God in her life.  Really.  Listen to this:

"Herman Cain is probably well liked by some of the Republicans because it hides the racist elements of the Republican party. Conservative movement and tea party movement, one in the same.

"People like Karl Rove liked to keep the racism very covert. And so Herman Cain provides this great opportunity say you can say 'Look, this is not a racist, anti-immigrant, anti-female, anti-gay movement. Look we have a black man.'"

She is all bent out of shape because her Marxist Pal D'ohBama was the wrong idiot at the right time??

Next case point?  Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas, Houston actually.  She is a racist plain and simple.  Her name reflects CONFEDERATE Generals.  Odd, isn't it?

Sheila Jackson Lee: Racist and Moron

Bad news for America: we’re facing a serious deficit of crazyiness Insane Democrats used to fill the aisles, as James Traficant, Alan Grayson and Cynthia McKinney fought aliens, anti-psychotic meds and the voices in their heads. But sadly elections have taken their toll on the dumbest and craziest congressmen. Now we’ve only got David Wu and Sheila Jackson-Lee to kick around.

Sheila Jackson-Lee might be the dumbest person in congress. She might even be the dumbest person outside congress. If there were ever a global championship for idiots, the country could send her there. And leave her there; because unlike Lassie, she wouldn’t be able find her way back on her own.

When Enron wanted someone to use as a puppet, they picked Sheila Jackson-Lee. They wanted a woman who didn’t have a mind of her own. Enron executives described her as “agreeable”, which was a polite way of saying, “dumber than a bunch of rocks caught in the hubcaps of a slow bus going the wrong way on a one way street in the middle of a flood.”

Jackson-Lee’s only qualification for sitting on the Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics was the space between her ears. She visited JPL and asked if the Mars Rover would be able to show “the flag the astronauts planted there before”. Staffers were reportedly surprised that she didn’t complain about cost overruns on the Death Star. [...]

And this isn't all...

The Racist Lee wants ALL 'right-wing bloggers' to shut up.  Why?  Because we are winning this war here at home and we have produced and exposed the errant stupidity of the DNC in all manners and this includes the unconstitutional mutant that claims to be the President of the United States.

Untitled from Naked Emperor News on Vimeo.


Shut up you racist moron.

 Sheila really is an idiot...

Remember Helter Skelter?  Well, here it is in the words of the idoit occupying the People's House as he tries to stroll in the Marxism of years ago...

Hope-and-change has now sunk into little more than a tawdry spectacle of racial spoils, as the president of the United States desperately cobbles together squabbling special-interest racial, ethnic, and gender groups in lieu of restoring the nation’s prosperity.

We need to hear more than hope and change

America is SICK and TIRED of the Democrat Party and their racial slurs.  They produce their racial slurs because they are The Racists and are the very epitome of the Racial Asshats that they are.

This is how the vast MAJORITY of Americans feel about this racist whore-dog known as the Obama Clan.  Whites, blacks, purples, reds, yellows and greens...we all HATE this Marxist Maroon.

I suppose all the Bush signs were AOK.  Correct?

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