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A Call to Action - Prepare Yourselves for War

Patriots and Veterans of America

National Call to Action Alert

Demand to Restore our Constitutional Republic

Waking the Sleeping Giant

This is a National Call to Battle and a National Call to Action

Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is portrayed at the very end of the 1970 film Tora! Tora! Tora!, and in the 2001 film Pearl Harbor, as saying after his attack on Pearl Harbor, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." The quotation was abbreviated in the film Pearl Harbor (2001), where it merely read, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant."

Our first article in this series was to create an alert for the American people that we must awake from our slumber and re-establish the Republic "for which it stands" before it is too late.

In hard times, as in war, questions arise that were once considered taboo. As we approach $15 trillion run up in aggregate national debt and confront the reality of a welfare socialist state a rendezvous with brutal reality is upon us. Now, we must demand Patriots and Veterans (the backbone of America) stand up and sound a Paul Revere call to all people in your towns and communities that America is in serious jeopardy of being destroyed before our very eyes. The real threats to our country must be realized by all and action taken before unrecoverable damage occurs.

We are calling up the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), the American Legion, Rolling Thunder/Bikers, NASCAR crews/fans, all the Armed Forces organizations, members of the NRA, Gun Owners associations, American Hunters, Horsemen and horsewomen across the country and all other Patriots to write letters to editors, call radio talk shows, announce on blogs, alert church leaders, organize weekly demonstrations, march in Washington, DC and your State Capitols. It is time for the trumpets and bugles to wake the Sleeping giant before it is too late. Whatever it takes to get the job done is required as the longevity of America and the Founding Fathers is in great jeopardy.

We listen to the unfolding budget/debt issues, more negative news each and every morning and the continuing ineptness so clearly on display by our elected and appointed leaders. At once, while struck with horror, I now feel strangely disconnected from the passions it stirs in me. I walk the river near my home with my dog into the sunshine of Montana and I want, and expect something to be occurring in this country that will awake America today. Even here in the beautiful and rugged mountains of western Montana people are hiking, golfing, strolling, smiling and acting as if nothing of any momentous consequence is occurring in or outside the United States. Our belief in our safety and security is being shattered, yet strangely, people seem to continue as if there is nothing to worry about too deeply.

Personally, I do not believe in turning the other cheek. Yet, I do not want to become what I so despise - a fanatic driven by virulence and hatred as to do violence. I do not sanction any kind of fanaticism, because fanaticism feeds on itself and is driven by blind emotion. It demands unquestioning obedience and intolerance, rather than acceptance of diverse and genuine viewpoints. However, I do not believe in passivity either. Nothing goes away until you are willing to take a stand that says: "you may not cross this line because if you do, this will be the consequence". Well, I am convinced that an unacceptable line has been crossed. You hurt my people, you hurt my country - you hurt me.

I do not excuse dishonesty, corruptness, and behavior by members of Congress and the White House. Behavior counts, character counts! If a child of mine is threatened, I become a lion. If my people are threatened I feel a personal sense of violation that I need to react to in much the same way. If my country is threatened, my patriotism soars to its highest level, and my blood boils. Punishment for this transgression of my person and my country's boundaries and way-of-life is essential; it is in my opinion, mandatory as a citizen. Instead of our current dissolution and chaos, we must reunite and roar like the lion we are, the father who is reacting to a wrong done to his child.

Enough politicking and talk. Action is crucial.

The Patriots Union, Veteran Defenders of America and Stand Up America need you and demand from our hearts that Patriots and Veterans join us now. The U.S. Patriots Union is the rally point for all decent American patriots. The Veteran Defenders of America is the rally point for all former service men and women, and all veterans. We must counter the threats as we see them today. This is a national threat assessment that you will not see anywhere but here. Yet, it is the most honest assessment of the many threats to American freedom, liberty and prosperity today.

  • Corrupt and Dysfunctional U.S. Government - Barack Obama and his team of Progressive Socialists/Communists
  • U.S. Economic Collapse

  • Moral and Cultural Decay in the USA
  • Broken National Borders

  • Iran and its Middle East proxies
  • Radical Islam and the Global Caliphate; Al Qaeda's surge
  • Willful Constitutional violations
  • Anti-American progressive liberal educational system at all levels

Enough politicking and talk. Action is crucial. We have been so afraid to be the lion, afraid to be seen as a bad guy, that we have NOT drawn the line in the sand and said: "you may not cross this line or these are the consequences". To take a stand is not being a bad guy. It is quite the opposite, it is to be lauded; taking a stand with very clearly defined national goals and objectives are being responsible. We need to do more than simply reacting; we need to be pro-active and pre-emptive.

A joint formal announcement concerning a demand for immediate restoration of our Constitutional Republic will be issued by the Veterans Council of Patriots Union in the coming days. We call upon ALL patriots and veterans to join together for a joint demand and action initiative to restore the Republic.

I want to see our people; our fellow citizens do just that, not just as a reaction to the current economic and security threats, but on a continual basis defending against internal (domestic) elements of national suicide and destruction. It's the equivalent of being a parent who is afraid of being firm and setting boundaries, letting their child run out of control for fear we may be thought the ogre, and reacts only situation by situation, each time confirming softness instead of resolve. That parent needs to step back, size up the situation and say this is what MUST be done now, so not to face it again. We must change our political philosophy, awaken from our lethargic state, erase our apathy and above all, we must abide by our well designed Constitution.

We must replace the leadership of this country now by demanding resignations, exposing and trying political criminals, filing legal actions and replacing those people in positions of power with a new team of Warrior Leaders. I believe we must reclaim our status as courageous warriors, as outraged fighters, as the parents of the child that has been set upon, and say to those that have crossed the line and caused us pain: "there will be reprisal and punishment".

In our American Exceptionalism, one borne of varied and mixed cultures, peoples with differing origins, of diverse religious affiliations; the need to put aside our petty differences which keep our combined culture fragmented, is crucial. I am one of those "Sleeping Giants" that has been awakened and want you to be awakened, and join me as a "Sleeping Giant" freshly awoken, a giant no longer asleep that sees the light of day before it is too late and is willing to ACT.

Please America; help us stir the "Sleeping Giant".


By MG Paul Vallely and Released by the Patriots Union and Veteran Defenders of America - July 31, 2011

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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Reader Comments (16)

NOTICE FROM EDITOR: the gremlin coward of the Al Gore creation (the internet) is back...

No, have been by everyday but comments were on moderation...LOL! This was a trick and naturally, you fell for it.


October 6, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterthe asshole returns

i see the paranoia is still in abundance too...all part of the tea party psycho-pathology, i reckon...

nice trick tho, snoop!!..well..if i knew what the actual trick was, i am sure it was a good one

semper fi, crazy old man...*L* quit lollygagging and take this country back!

October 8, 2011 | Unregistered Commentermariner

Yes. The Constitution of the United States is indeed a prelude to paranoia...poor libtards.

Now, go get a job and quit being such an effete futz.

October 8, 2011 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Notice from Editor: if Jesus comes into one's life, there won't be such stupidity amongst them...hello?

October 8, 2011 | Unregistered Commentermariner

Notice from Editor: it is plain to see how the satanists really do hate Christians and the Constitution of the United States. I sure do hope that your time in the Lake of Fire brings you extreme resentment at being the total fools that you all are.

October 9, 2011 | Unregistered Commentersatan is my moosetwit

Dear Satanist Mooonbat...NICE 'hate speech' there, moonbat. Did you know my Mother was killed by Obamacare?

It seems to me that the hate speech comes from those that HATE the USC and love communism. Interesting.

October 9, 2011 | Unregistered Commentermoonbats and retards

If you are lucky, when you get to DC with the numbers in the thousands, you will out number the Moonbat Occupiers and drive them into the river.

It will pollute the river but give these Moonbats the first bath they will have in weeks if not months.

October 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKatie

why so hateful and un-american, Katie?..the right to assemble and engage in free speech doesn't sit well with you?..democracy is only a good thing for your tribe but no others?...that seems vaguely hypocritical, my sweet...

now c'mere and i'll show you how real americans bathe...*L*

why are the "constitutionalists' so never fails to amuse me...

Dear Satanist Moonbat...just in case NO ONE has ever taught you anything worthy of repetition, this Nation is a REPUBLIC. Get over it and vanish or accept God into your life and your hate will vanish. Moron.

October 9, 2011 | Unregistered Commentersatanist commie pinko fag

Indeed, Katie and we will give it the old HOOAH!

October 9, 2011 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

you should rename this blog "Taking Back The Irony"...*L*'s a republic..where individuals have the right to assemble and speak they tea baggers or unwashed hordes of wall street bashers...

still getting those 'republic' government cheques, snoop?..*L*...

NOPE: just receiving MY MONEY THAT I PAID into SS, moron...LOL. What a jerk-off.

And WHY do you hate the faggots so badly for? Don't you just love them...seeing that you are a faggot?

I suppose you wouldn't want to get your ass handed to you AGAIN on my Constitution tab so you just have to fret away any kind of creds by acting like a Satanic asshole...but, thats OK...I guess.

Free Speech does have its limits by the US CONSTITUTION but your marxist aswipes don't know what a Constitution is...well..LOL

October 9, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteri love satan

well no, didnt pay into it..i did...i paid for your entire career as a military man..any money you paid into SS came first, from the taxpayers who allowed you to earn a living..feel free to kick some of that back to me...

got health care?..i hope so..cuz i paid for that too..

good to see yer still smarting from that consitutional bludgeoning i gave you...oh wait..i didnt, cuz how do you argue with someone who thinks that latino gang members have every right to own land mines and rocket launchers..*L* was at that point i deduced you were truly, madly, deeply...a fucking idiot..*L*

how gimme back my money...i didnt support you for decades only to have you whining lile a spoiled schoolgirl about how people you don't agree with your politics, shouldn't be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights...

October 11, 2011 | Unregistered Commentersatanic verses

Dear satanist (and thanks for the confirmation): you haven't spent ONE DAY in the military, plain and simple.

"well no, didnt pay into it..i did...i paid for your entire career as a military man..any money you paid into SS came first, from the taxpayers who allowed you to earn a living..feel free to kick some of that back to me..."

HOW BIZARRE is that? An idiotic satanist thug and Obamabot. The US military pays no SS? Really? How quaint and "utterly" wrong that is. Get a job, fool.

"got health care?..i hope so..cuz i paid for that too.."

Ummmm....YES I do have health care that what? I AM PAYING FOR? Like I have said for years and years meathead, get a real job and learn some facts.

"good to see yer still smarting from that consitutional bludgeoning i gave you...oh wait..i didnt, cuz how do you argue with someone who thinks that latino gang members have every right to own land mines and rocket launchers..*L* was at that point i deduced you were truly, madly, deeply...a fucking idiot..*L*"

My my MY! What a guttural asshat you are. If you think for ONE microsecond that you kicked my arse on the USC, try going to that web site again (if you aren't the coward that everyone knows that you are) and show me where I said that ILLEGAL INVASIONISTAS should have the armaments that they have. Don't be a coward, whiner. Please.

"how gimme back my money...i didnt support you for decades only to have you whining lile a spoiled schoolgirl about how people you don't agree with your politics, shouldn't be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights..."

You haven't supported anyone with anything, coward. Was I in the US military? I could have been. Were you? Nope. Now, fess up, COWARD. Or is that little whiny filly got you all hog-tied.

Constitutional rights? That very document that you have stated time and time again to GET RID of?


Why are the retarded libtards so dumb anyway?

October 12, 2011 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Keep them coming, Sunshine. This entire debacle of yours will be a blog post...TRUST me! LOL!

October 12, 2011 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

"you have to not only read the text..but comprehend it as well, snoop..otherwise you defeat the purpose of communication."

The idiot babbles some more. The only communication this idiot knows is the communication IT likes...amazing.


"try it each word aloud and then when you're done, do your level best to make sense of them as a whole.."

As a whole or is that as a hole? Learn some Engrich and please us proper dots.


"of course military personnel pays SS...and of course you paid for healthcare..but the point you seem to be unable to wrap your one working synapses around is, that you, being paid by the federal government, means the taxpayer footed the bill for every cent you ever earned ..whether it has gone keep you supplied in goofy hats, or in contributions to health care and SS..."

OK. IT used the proper dots. That's nice. I wonder if this is as a whole or if this is merely a hole... or an ahole?

Anyway. I like libtard satanist assholes because they babble like they know something when all they know is absolutely nothing about everything and they don't even go by what they said BEFORE.

I am not getting paid by the federal government for anything which this satanist dweeb cannot wrap its satanic stupidity around. The federal government ROBBED - STOLE - became crooks and robbers as their satanic verses told them to do ALL Social Security funds from ALL accounts...and then they SPENT the monies on UNCONSTITUTIONAL entitlement programs and placed IOUs in the SS funds. All satanic Marxist-Sociopaths never understand this at all. Amazing.


"are we finally clear on that objective fact now?...oh good..i didn't want to be wasting my time talking to someone with Downs syndrome.."

Again with the HATE SPEECH? Oh. Wait. The Marxist use HATE SPEECH because to them, it isn't HATE SPEECH and whenever they do "it", they forget about the proper amount of dots.

And facts? From a Marxist-Sociopath that beats its own wife? Really? I wonder what a "fact" means to the morons of the unconstitutional Marxist-Sociopaths.


"*sigh*..and here we go again....i never said anything about illegal invasionistas.. don't make me do your homework for you too, on top of everything else...i don't even have to revisit that amusing thread to know what i asked....and if you take your own advice and re-read the exchange, you'll see exactly what i said..and what you said back..*L*..."illegal aliens, invasionistas, dirty border jumping mexicans etc" were never a part of that conversation...i made it clear i was talking about american this still stands:

"good to see yer still smarting from that consitutional bludgeoning i gave you...oh wait..i didnt, cuz how do you argue with someone who thinks that latino gang members have every right to own land mines and rocket launchers..*L* was at that point i deduced you were truly, madly, deeply...a fucking idiot..*L*"

nor did i ever say to get rid of the constitution and you won't find anywhere in any conversation where i did say that...

see's one thing to be a fucking idiot and simply not comprehend either the words, or the's quite another to actually try to manufacture my position for me... 's typical, predictable, and wholly in keeping with the teabagger psycho-pathology...*L* i reckon i'd be the fucking idiot if i was surprised by it..."

AGAIN with the Marxist-Socoipathetic HATE SPEECH...AMAZING, isn't it?


Such an idiot this wife-beating Obamabot UNAMERICAN asshat this Marxist_Sociopath is and its very verbiage is OBVIOUS to us all. It refuses to admit ANY "errors" or ANY "wrong doing" because Marxist-Moonbat moronic dweebs can never admit to doing anything "wrong".

They ALSO always RUN away and if one wants to see what this pathetic maroon is yapping about, please see this :

It is "Rather" evident how much of a COWARD all Marxist-Moonbats are.

They also make LONG comments instead of writing on their own blogs because, well, NO ONE ever reads their crap.

Have fun moron and go get better directions from your handicapped morons, OK? Thanks.

October 13, 2011 | Unregistered Commentersatans choice


Run away, BABY. Go cry someplace else.

October 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterI am an asshole

November 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAL
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