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Blues v Reds

I really don’t know how to tell you anything but…

This is the map of the last election in 2012.

When President Reagan was running for election the colors were Blue for Republicans and Red for Democrats.  Somewhere at at one time, the Democrats were angry because most of the Nation knew that Red was for communists.  So, the Democrats wanted to be Blue because their “feelings” were injured because everyone thought that they were communists.  So, now the Ds are Blue and the Rs are Red.  It really doesn’t matter, however.  The Ds are still a bunch of sniveling communists and so are Rs that reside in DC.

However, the colors that are in the red color far outweigh the territories of the blue, don’t they?  This represents what I have been saying for many years.

Take a good look at the blue areas…they are the communist bastards that vote for their communist pinko minions and givers of money to those that neither deserve any or want to earn any…they are freeloaders.

By the looks of the map, the reds are about 95% of the nation so how in the world do the commies ever win anything…outside of their fraudulent voting techniques?

Again, look at the map…which areas are truly run by the communists and which areas are the highest in entitlement programs?

If you take a gander at a map in an Atlas and pick pout the major cities across America, you will see that where ever there is a major city populated by the freeloaders and the wimps and do-nothings and the collectors of anything free offered by the defective US Government, you will fiind a blue zone.  Some how this must cease to exist.  Doesn’t it?

Well, it all starts in YOUR state.  DC is dead seeing that currently the DC fabric of the Zombies don’t listen to anyone or anything outside of God’s grace and listen to the words of Satan and its demons that sure enough reside in the Dishonorable Halls of our Discongress.  Calling and writing and visiting DC is a waste of time unless you want to see the sites that are available.

The States is where the battles have begun…FINALLY.  The States dictate to the federal moosetwits in DC so we MUST take our States away from the federal ignoramuses.  It must start in your own counties, your school districts and your own cities and towns in YOUR county.  This will take a while and with much prayer and supplication to God Almighty it can be done.

Let us return to our ORIGINAL color of Blue and defeat the Marxists and keep there color Red because that is the color of all communists.  As soon as we take our States back, DC can go piss up a rope…or something.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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