Unconstitutional Executive Orders, a defective CONgress and We The People
Fri, March 29, 2013 at 14:13
Mark "Snooper" Harvey in Country, Flag, Patriotism, god, this nation is finished

CLICK the link for the Big PictureI saw a sad post on Facebook today and it isn’t sad because the individual said what they said.  It is sad because there are alleged conservatives in this country that have failed and failed miserably.  Never have we been this split in this nation since 1861 and without the shedding of blood, we will never get back to a constitutional government.  Ever.  Even with the shedding of blood we might not ever get back to what we once were but at least it will be a fighting chance.

And, there are NO politicians that I trust.

I have faced down the enemy outside the USA for years and years and I have been “fighting” the enemies within my own nation for years and years.  Here in the States I used verbiage, tonal inflections on the radios and I even placed cute little toy pictures trying to get the word out.  I failed.

Recently, I have been placing Scripture verse after Scripture verse in each and every post since I got back on the internet and so far, nothing has changed.

Every politician in the DC realm of dumb and at Satans’ behooving, they all work along the same lines yet telling We The People they are working for us.  They ALL lie.

Evan Allan West has caved in and I at one time thought he would be a great president.  I was wrong.

Rand Paul has caved and I thought he might be a good president.  I was wrong.

There are threats now coming from the Once White House, now the Marxist House, against those that want to filibuster about the unconstitutional gun issues.  According to the very document that they all swear to defend and protect, states that the federal government CANNOT make ANY laws about guns, plain and simple.  Yet, they do and they still are, considering that the fruit loop at 1600 Pennsylvania has signed an EO bypassing all of congress and crapping on We The People that OWN the constitution.

So, considering all the GREAT pictures on the conservative side of Facebook and on thousands of conservative web sites across this once great land, what has happened except that which we were “fighting against” has in fact taken place?

Where are the Patriots?  My fellow veterans of Texas decided at one time to cross this land preaching and teaching about the Constitution and we got as far as the Mississippi River when something at the southern border called us back.  We tried to get a following but all we heard was that the media would make fun of us and the “feds” would come and arrest us, they would lose their homes and their families.  No one followed us anywhere but they sure did say, “Congratulations.  Its about time this happened.  Good luck.”  What kind of response was that?

My fellow veterans were so pissed off at all of this and cutting a long story short, all went into Mexico to fight the HAMAS and Hezbollah “tribes” in Mexico.  Ever since that time, I have no idea what happened to them.  We even went to DC on Veteran’s Day about 2 years ago…this is when they said, “we are sick and tired of this country…it has fallen into a corrupt POS and we are leaving”.

I wrote about that and my fellow “conservatives” laughed at us and called us cowards.  Cowards?  I think not.

So, now, at Facebook, whenever I see a “toy picture” at Facebook, I will make comments especially at the 10th Amendment pictures and most other pictures.  Perhaps I should just stop going to Facebook because the “conservatives” there just don’t get it at all.

We are at WAR and pictures don’t mean a thing especially when the DC buffoons do what they want and when they want and We The People be damned.  Period.  The pictures and the saying on the pictures do mean something to those that care but the caring must evolve into something else and that is in fact BLOODSHED.

I am a combat veteran, a disabled veteran; I can hardly walk and I cannot drive because I have no vehicle and I am dead broke.  My eyes are going bad, I have heart “conditions” and a bunch of other crap but I can still fight (because I am a sniper by trade) and my fighting is not with verbiage and its not with cute pictures running around.

And, I agree immensely with Twana as mentioned in the picture at the top of this article…

Lesson to learn: They all work together as one corrupt system. What the other two branches fall short of doing, the other shoots out an executive order. Therefore, no amount of calling and “asking” or “demanding” legislators and/or their aides, judges, anyone in DC and many state govs. will restore our country! I remember seeing some folks celebrating Harry Reid pulling Feinsteins language from the legislation. They claimed victory for all their hard work of calling DC! Many of us shook our heads realizing most just don’t understand the fatal state of our country. This is my last post on FB about anything serious. I tire of beating my head against the wall. Call away and electioneer away - and keep suffering the blows of defeat because you prefer to believe what you prefer to be true and to hell with facts/truth!

And that sums everything up that I have been preaching and teaching since I was 13 years old, now being 58.  That’s a long time.

Its a long time for me as a veteran being pushed aside because I don’t “fit in”.  I lost my home.  I lost my family.  I lost every single dollar I saved up for my family and they stole it all away from me and kicked me out.  Now I know what our Founding Fathers went through.

There is one group that thinks they are going to do some good by going ARMED to DC on the fourth of July.  What for?  No one will be there.  It is quaint that they feel that way but what good is it?

There are some out there that wonder what I am trying to do and what am I doing to help.  How little some people think and I do understand because most have no idea about me, where I have been, what I have done FOR THEM, etc, etc, etc.

Like I have said for YEARS, outside of bloodshed, we have no hope.  Cute pictures don’t mean anything to anyone anymore; especially me.  I have seen with my own eyes outside this nation and inside this nation.  You?

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