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Now that the Boston Massacre II is done, is it over?

From Maria Johnson: How many Americans have to die in order to wake this nation up to the fact that we have to stop the stupid liberal political correctness agenda that is destroying this nation and many other countries. If not for the left’s coddling these barbarians and many others like them, would not be here to inflict harm and destruction.No, it  is not over.  As long as we, We The People, reject God, more of this will take place across this once upon a time great nation.  America isn’t the nation it used to be.  America has chosen to throw God out of our schools in the name of the cancer of political correctness.  America has chosen to open up the cesspool and allow the blood sacrifices to Satan by murdering our unborn children.  America has chosen to allow our God given inalienable rights over to the evils of the world and the biggest evil of this world is Satan via islam.

The Boston Massacre II is not over.

There will be more attacks across this land we call America, the home of the free and brave.  What is so free and what is so brave when we allow Satan to run amuck destroying all that he can destroy?  How can we be free and brave when we are not BOLD for Christ?

How can we be the free and the brave when we allow terrorists, ie islam, to destroy our people all in the name of multiculturalism?  How can we be the free and the brave when our own federal government gives credence to those that will do us harm?

How can we be the free and brave when our federal government deports those that are responsible for the bombings in Boston of 2013?  How?

Our current travesty called the federal government is adamant about redefining our ways of life and those ways of life never work in any other nation on the face of this “godless” planet?  What is wrong with these people within our government?  It has been said that “we deserve the government which we have chosen”.  Why have we chosen this pathetic ways and means of life?  Are we really that ignorant?

How can we be the free and the brave when we have pre-school teachers, elementary school teachers, junior high school teachers, high school teachers and the plethora of college “professors” teaching our children that, no, we don’t need that Amendment, or we don’t need that constitution, that we need a socialist form of government, when what they are teaching our children that, no, we don’t need a God because OUR god is socialism?  That’s free and that’s brave?  I think not.

How can we be the free and the brave when we have “pastors, preachers, clergy, etc” teaching that we can do without God in our lives and all they preach and teach about is how we can “feel good” and live a “nice life”?  I think not to be the free and the brave.  I find that to be lunacy.NO WEAPONS FOR THE PEASANTS!

As I watched the recent events of Boston, MA, I watched people hiding from terrorists.  Hiding.  I watched people hiding from the very thing that they aren’t all scared of, or so they have said in public.  Free?  Brave?  Really?

I watched these people come out and about after the last of the thugs was captured.  They sang patriotic songs.  They waved the American flags.  They were dancing in the streets.  They formed gauntlets and praised law enforcement for going out to “collect” this terrorist.  Within a week or so, I will watch these SAME people say hateful things about law enforcers.  I have seen this happen time and time again.  That is free and brave?

What has happened to this country?

Yes, we in America have the very same rights as others in regards to freedom of speech but how does that reflect upon those they say that we don’t need “certain rights” as described in the same constitution that says we can say what we want to say?  Is that free and brave?  I think not, really.  There are limitations to freedom of speech and the constitution, that the socialists hate, speaks of it in the constitution.  Period.

From what I can plainly see in this America that I fought for, the True Patriots of this land are the Troops, for the most part, and the people that support the Troops.  Everyone else that do not support the Troops are the same ones that hate the constitution.  If they hate the constitution and want a “socialist utopia”, why won’t they move out of this nation and move into a nation that loves socialism…so they can wait in line for a loaf of bread?  Perhaps they can free and brave elsewhere…because none of them is worth a damn in my eyes.

Go away, please.

This is the nation that is FREE because of the BRAVE.

Stand strong with Christ.  Acknowledge God in all your ways.  I know, that’s a painful thing to consider but if you want a “nice life”, that is the ONLY way you are going to get it.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly
Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum
(If you want peace, prepare for war.)

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Reader Comments (2)

What more can I say in that I agree with you 100%...Great commentary Snooper!

April 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNorm

Thanks Norm!

April 20, 2013 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey
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