Benghazi - the End of Times for the Obama Clans of the Mentally Retarded
Tue, May 7, 2013 at 16:09
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John 8:32 — And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

First and foremost, one must KNOW the Truth before that Truth shall set you free.

Obama, his Czars, Hillary Clinton and her Underlings, Eric the Racist Holder and the rest - your time is over.

But, but, but Benghazi was such a long time ago so what does it matter?  It matters to Hillary Clinton, doesn’t it?  She was “in charge” of everything, was she not?  Obama.  He was in charge of everything but he had to go to bed.  It most certainly matters to the family members whose members were murdered under the hands of the worst Disadministration we have ever had…and I thought Jimmy Carter was bad.

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B-Day is coming tomorrow at around 1100 hours EST.  I pray that they are allowed to tell their stories.

B-Day is coming tomorrow 20130507 1620 by Snooper1

BenghaziGate.  Are these the End Times of this Marxist-Sociopath Regime?

[…] Victoria Toensing, a Republican lawyer representing Benghazi whistle-blowers, told me on my WLS-AM 890 midmorning talk show earlier this week that her client is not being given the necessary security clearance to talk fully with her.

Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress cover their ears, hush their mouths and hear no evil. Naturally, if the political parties were reversed, and some Republican war-party interventionist were in the White House, Democrats would be shrieking and Republicans would be silent. But the so-called mainstream media would have been on the warpath. […]

This incident in Benghazi has been a cover up from the get go.  I knew it the day this was happening and to be sure, I knew it when I heard these pathetic dweebs in DC saying all this was because “there was a video made” and this video did it.  The man that made that video, which I have seen and it does suck, is in jail to this day.

Marinka Peschmann of Canada Free Press writes: If an administration can abandon four Americans “serving their country” to protect their policy and ultimate agenda, what do you think they will do to you? […]

[…] First, to be clear, there is a cover-up. How can I report that with certainty? Because if a Benghazi cover-up were not taking place why are there whistleblowers? Whistleblowers make public disclosures of corruption or wrong doing. An administration who has nothing to hide would welcome with open arms all witnesses who could provide any and all information on Benghazi to prevent such an attack from happening again. That is not happening here. Instead Americans with eye witness accounts, whistleblowers, have not been allowed to speak publicly, and are seeking protection from reprisals. Reportedly some have been threatened. We now know of at least four witnesses from the State Department and Central Intelligence Agency who have been denied the ability for proper counsel with the appropriate corresponding security clearances. That means their ability to speak freely is restricted. If a whistleblower discloses information with someone, even an attorney, who does not hold the corresponding security clearances, they are in violation of their oath and could be charged and face prosecution. This is basic how-to-silence-a-person-101 kind of stuff. […]

Over a month after 11 SEPT 12, Fauz News was telling everyone that this is and cover up to the extreme.

Hillary Clinton, the Budding Leninist, is the darling prince of the AmeriKan Leftinistra and this Clan will go to any lengths to protect this murdering dolt.  Have you ever checked on the amount of people that have been involved in this Budding Leninist’s life that are now dead from “odd” experiences?  So, in her mind, what does it matter?  I suppose the Clinton Clan is taking up the mantra of Teddy Kennedy?

As I have said many times at The Snooper Report, Hillary Clinton is the [g]od Prince of evil for America and she is the darling of the AmeriKan Leftinistra.

Ahead of Wednesday’s long-awaited hearings at the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about the Benghazi terror attack of Sep. 11, 2012, Democrats have a clear agenda: protect Hillary Clinton at all costs.

Clinton, the former Secretary of State and likely frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, could be severely damaged by testimony about the attacks, which occurred in part because of security lapses for which the State Department is primarily responsible.
Past testimony about the attacks has also revealed that President Barack Obama did nothing once informed the attacks were under way, and that there was no communication among key members of the administration and military who could have responded.

In her own testimony before Congress in January before leaving office, Clinton was evasive, famously shouting at Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), “What difference does it make?” in reference to the question of who had edited the administration’s talking points to remove references to Islamist terror and emphasize a protest that never happened.

The media applauded her performance, but her outburst left an impression of apathy about the four Americans who were killed that night in Benghazi, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.

So, now, the State Department is saying that the whistleblowers are liars but don’t they know that We The People knows that the State Department lies about everything?  Especially when we are after the lying ass of Hillary Clinton, the Budding Leninist?  Listen up…

State Dept says whistleblowers are lying 20130507 1705 by Snooper1

I will be paying attention tomorrow when these “liars” are telling the Truth.

[…] “The people that we are representing are career civil servants…people who have served the country overseas…in dangerous positions all over the world, have risked their lives and only want to tell the truth.” [END]

Listen in…

Whistleblowers are named 20130507 1720 by Snooper1

Revealing testimony expected in probe of Benghazi

Democrats now critical of Rice’s Benghazi explanation, amid more damaging evidence

It is truly amazing to me how inept the Leftinistra are in this nation when their careers become a target for the Truth

State Won’t Say Who Told Clinton on 9/11/12 Benghazi was Being Justified ‘As Response to Inflammatory Material Posted on Internet’

‘The Dam’s About to Break on Benghazi’

In all of this, the State Department continues with their lies.  I wonder if they know this Truth…if you tell the Truth, you never have to worry about what you say.

State Dept. Won’t Say Its Own Officials Set to Testify on Benghazi Are ‘Credible People’

In the light of the above title of an article, watch what the media does.  Seeing that the liars of the State department are saying that they cannot say if these people are “credible”, the media will come across as saying, “See?  These people are liars”, as they protect their “darling” the Budding Leninist.

I, we, will watch tomorrow how all this comes into play.

Also, remember, that there are “rumors” running about saying that D’Ohbambam will resign soon.  And, yes, I did say RUMORS…this cannot be made to be a factual event, merely someone’s dream for the future.

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The Snooper Report has known from the get go that Hillary Clinton STARTED AND FUNDED MEDIA MATTERS AND MEDIA MATTERS feeds ABC news…

Go figure.

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And there is much, much more!

I already have this video up on this but; Benghazi Blows Up on Bob Schieffer “‘Everybody in the mission’ in Benghazi, Libya, thought the attack on a US consulate there last Sept. 11 was an act of terror ‘from the get-go,’ according to excerpts of an interview investigators conducted with the No. 2 official in Libya at the time, obtained by CBS News’ Face the Nation. ‘I think everybody in the mission thought it was a terrorist attack from the beginning,’ Greg Hicks, a 22-year foreign service diplomat who was the highest-ranking US official in Libya after the strike, told investigators under authority of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.”

Now, we can beat this Benghazi stuff to death all day today if we want to, and I don’t really intend to do that, but this article from CBS News (and we’ve got some supporting audio coming up) points out four important things. Number one: Greg Hicks, the top US diplomat in Libya after Chris Stevens (he’s right beneath Chris Stevens) knew from the get-go that Benghazi was a terrorist attack. He wasn’t even in Benghazi. Remember, the regime was saying, “Nobody knew!” […]

What Benghazi Shows Us: Democrats Can’t Be Trusted with Life-and-Death Decisions Because They Live in Denial

The Obama Clans of the Mentally Disturbed told everyone that terrorism is dead.  Correct?

[…] Now, to try to relate this to the Benghazi situation, there were just things more important.  And the thing that was more important than anything else was the election and the agenda.  The Benghazi thing happened on 9/11.  It’s not supposed to happen because Obama has told everybody that Al-Qaeda’s on the run and we’d beaten terrorism, that bin Laden is dead.  Therefore, what’s happening can’t happen.  It can’t be happening.  And if it is, we have to concoct a different explanation for people that will not harm me or us and our reputation.  So they came up with the video and spontaneous protest.  The reason they didn’t send any assistance in is because they didn’t want to offend the Libyans. 

They didn’t want to give birth to the story that there was something to defend.  They didn’t think the ambassador was gonna die.  You may find this hard to believe, but if you think Obama took this seriously, why did he vanish at five o’clock?  If he’s told what’s going on and says, “Okay, you guys deal with it, I got something else —” and he goes at five o’clock to do something and nobody to this day knows where he went, what he was doing.  There’s an arrogance and a conceit and a narcissism about these people that that stuff just doesn’t happen, and if it does, it’s somebody else’s fault. […]

This is a GREAT article: It’s Simple: What the Left Believes Explains the Regime’s Inaction on Benghazi

Let’s get to Benghazi.  Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday.  Let’s go to the audio sound bites starting at number nine.  Andrea Mitchell last night on the NBC Nightly News gave a report about the new hearings this week on the Benghazi attacks.  The hearings will feature testimony by the whistleblowers who say essentially there was a cover-up of what really happened.  You’ll hear Hillary in this bite.  In fact, the whole thing is told through the prism of Hillary Clinton and how the Republicans are attacking her.  That’s the focus of Andrea Mitchell’s report here.  But it sounds like she’s a hostage here being forced to read this.  […]

Huckabee: Benghazi will drive Obama from office

[…] “I believe that before it’s all over, this president will not fill out his full term. I know that puts me on a limb,” the former Arkansas governor said on “The Mike Huckabee Show.” “But this is not minor. It wasn’t minor when Richard Nixon lied to the American people and worked with those in his administration to cover-up what really happened in Watergate. But, I remind you — as bad as Watergate was, because it broke the trust between the president and the people, no one died. This is more serious because four Americans did in fact die.” […]

Remember.  Hillary CLinton is the darling babe of the DNC, the marxist-sociopaths wish to guide and protect her through thick and thicker…

Clinton’s Republican Guard

With each new revelation, what has always been obvious becomes more pronounced: the State Department’s self-proclaimed final word on the Benghazi Massacre, the risibly named “Accountability Review Board” investigation, is a fraud. Yet, like the rest of the Obama administration’s obstructive wagon-circling, the ARB’s report continues serving its intended purpose: to thwart efforts to hold administration officials accountable. Even on Fox News, which has been admirably dogged covering a scandal the Obamedia has done its best to bury, the refrain is heard: How could the ARB report be a whitewash when its investigation was run by such Washington eminences as Ambassador Thomas Pickering and Admiral Michael Mullen?

The answer is simple: Pickering and Mullen were not chosen by accident; then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tapped them because, to insulate herself, she needed a pair of Beltway careerists held in high esteem by the progressive-friendly Republican establishment. As night follows day, Pickering and Mullen produced exactly the shoddy, politicized report that was expected of them – bleaching away the malfeasance of Clinton, a central figure in the scandal whom they did not even bother to interview.

Mrs. Clinton is a master of this game. […]

Liberals Will Protect Hillary at All Costs

[…] They realize the gold mine that they struck with Obama as the first African-American president. That makes him untouchable. You can’t criticize Obama. He’s historic — and, as such, any criticism is said to be un-substantive and simply racist or bigoted or resentful, even. So they want to go for the next shot, and that would be the first woman president, the first female president — and the same thing would apply. “Any criticism is sexist. Any criticism is bigoted. Any criticism is hate-filled!”

With these “firsts,” according to skin color and gender, they think they’re inoculating themselves from any criticism — and believe me: Mrs. Clinton is owed, because 2008 was hers until Obama came along, and then they chose the young black guy and kicked her to the curb. When it was hers, ‘08 was hers. That was the deal. That was the deal for sticking with her husband and looking the other way or even helping to defend the bimbo eruptions and all that stuff, “the vast right-wing conspiracy” during the Lewinsky situation.

So it’s her turn. She’s really, really owed now, and so they’re out to protect her. In fact, Joel Pollack at Breitbart today: “Democrats’ Agenda for Benghazi Hearing: Protect Hillary at All Costs.” The hearing is on Wednesday. It’s the House Oversight Government Reform Committee chaired by Darrell Issa, about the Benghazi terrorist attack, and the Democrats have a clear agenda, and that is to protect Hillary at all costs.

Here’s the pull quote from this story that is all you need to know: “Clinton’s role in Benghazi is particularly damaging because it risks becoming the signature legacy of her tenure at the State Department. Despite racking up an exhaustive travel record, Clinton had few actual achievements to show for her four years as Secretary of State — a burden as she contemplates her 2016 ambitions.” So, ladies and gentlemen, Benghazi does remain at-the-top-of-the-Stack relevant. […]

Democrats Never Tire of Pulling Hillary’s Bacon Out of the Fire

[…] Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you that nowhere in the Democrat Party is there any thought of throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus.  Nowhere in the Democrat Party is anybody tired of pulling her bacon out of the fire.  The Democrats do not throw their own people overboard. Democrats who fail end up with more stature than they had during whatever success they might have enjoyed.  They don’t throw their people overboard like we do.  They don’t discard their people. 

The idea that Hillary is becoming baggage, an embarrassment, might bring down the regime… no, no, no, no.  Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president.  She’s gonna be the first female president, and she’s gonna have the same insurance policies that Obama has as the first black president, i.e., you can’t criticize her or we’ll call you a sexist and a bigot.  That’s how they are dreaming of continuing to advance their agenda with no opposition.  They’re not worried about Hillary being baggage.  All they’re trying to do is continue with Obama’s philosophy of eliminating all opposition. 

They don’t throw people overboard.  They don’t throw people under the bus.  Mrs. Clinton is still owed.  And I’ll guarantee you, the energy right now at this moment in the Democrat Party is trying to find a way to embarrass these whistleblowers.  The focus right now is how to destroy these people coming forth who would harm Hillary.  That’s how they look at it.  They’re not gonna throw Obama overboard.  They’re not gonna throw Hillary overboard, pull her bacon out of the fire or any of that kind of thing. […]

Now, all of the above just might mean something in less than 11 hours from now.

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