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Benghazi - Obama's political entity

John 8:32 — And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

I have been hearing and reading about people talking about Benghazi.  I have heard people say that “never before in my life” has this happened or that happened.  Whereas I do believe them, this incident in Benghazi is not new to me.

I remember a time in Tajikistan, the day of 91101.  I remember a time in Chad.  I remember a time, another time, in Libya.  I remember a time in Somalia.  I remember times in Azberbaijan, Kurdistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Grenada and many other nations that SHOULD end in “stan” - like Iran, Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, perhaps even Jordan.

I remember and know about Republics like Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma and the rest of the 50 Republics of the United States.

For many years now since I got blown all to hell and gone in Northern Afghanistan somewhere around and near a quaint city named Kondoz which is a pretty far place from another quaint city in Tajikistan called Korugh in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 2003, early on, I have been watching and waiting and then writing on forums, web sites and blogs.  I have noticed a few things in my many travels.  America is sicker than a box of turtle turds and it doesn’t appear that anyone can really fix the problem without great amounts of bloodshed.  Hell the GOP is pretty much dead in the water with all the bending over for the Marxist-Sociopaths as dictated in the List of 45.  The DNC?  Fully integrated into the Marxist-sociopathetic regime of pure stupidity, ignorance and complete hatred of the United States Constitution.  Just ask that idiot that lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  He REALLY hates the USC because, well, it just doesn’t go far enough.  Screw him and his Cabal of Czars and ignorant trolls he sends out on patrol on a daily basis.  Ever see the comments on your web sites?  Those are the Obama Trolls and they are all brain dead.  Just like George Soros.  I know.  He is a very smart man but he is still a brain dead idiot.”

First, War is as old as civilization itself. Since Cain first slew Abel, mankind’s barbarity has been a matter of sad fact. In fact, as time has gone by, the ability of man to torture, maim, brutalize and slay his fellow man has only been brought to more grotesque perfection while the world continues to fall into an ever more cold and callous slumber.

Second, America was not losing the war against communism. In fact, we won the war against communism. That is an objective historical fact, leftist revisionism notwithstanding.

Third, America was certainly not losing the war in Southeast Asia. At least, not by any standard by which war has ever been measured before. That America was losing the war in Vietnam is a work of pure liberal fiction.

America lost the Vietnam war, not to the communists, but to the American Government. That is a fact and it is indisputable. In an article published in Front Page Magazine, Bui Tin, a former North Vietnamese Col. admitted that the North Vietnamese were not achieving military victories, only political ones.”

And this is what Benghazi has become - a political entity.  This travesty occurred before the last election and the media proclaimed that the “investigation” would start after the election.  Why?  Because the Obama Clans of the Mentally Retarded would have lost their elections and their manners to hope and change us into some sort of a Socialist-Marxist Serf State.  I shudder at the thought.

With the recent hearings that took place after the national elections and heading into the 2014 elections, the “Democrats” are feverishly trying to save Hillary’s bacon.  It might work but, then again, it might not.  It all depends upon whether or not more hearings about the Benghazi Murders are made.  Someone pulled the trigger on Benghazi and the only one that can make the Military “stand down” is Barack Hussein Obama and we all know what this character is all about.  Don’t we?  Don’t they?  Well, I do.

Listen closely to what the “Democrats” are going to try to do.  Jay Corn Dog Carney blathers some more and these are straight from the Obama Clans of the Mentally Retarded.

Get it straight…”Get ready for Operation Smear Benghazi Whistleblowers.”

[…] Capitol Hill hearings this Wednesday on the deadly 9/11 consulate attack by jihadists will feature three compelling witnesses, all State Department veterans: Gregory N. Hicks, deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya and highest-ranking U.S. diplomat in the country at the time of the Benghazi jihad attacks; Mark I. Thompson, a former Marine who now serves as deputy coordinator for operations in the agency’s Counterterrorism Bureau; and Eric Nordstrom, a diplomatic security officer who was the top security officer in Libya.

Nordstrom first testified last fall about how State Department brass spurned his requests for increased security at the compound. Hicks and Thompson are coming forward publicly for the first time this week with more damning evidence contradicting Team Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s claims about the administration’s response the night of the attack and in the ensuing months of cover-ups. […]

I haven’t heard anyone asking about who “pulled the trigger” on Benghazi.  Have you?

1. Two “stand-down” orders were given while the Benghazi attacks were in progress.
2. The “protest” about a YouTube video was a complete fabrication by the Obama administration.
3. Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s lawyer at the State Department, told witnesses not to speak to House investigators.
4. The diplomatic personnel on the ground acted with incredible, unheralded heroism.
5. Democrats came to rebut the eyewitnesses with talking points.
The key question remains unanswered:
What did President Barack Obama do when he learned the consulate was under attack, and why?

Remember what Hillary Clinton said in 1974?  You don’t?  Don’t you know history?  What did Hillary Clinton do in 2013?  When you find out what Hillary did in 1974, compare it to what she said and did in 2013.  Perhaps you “progressives” just might have to wake up and get rid of that being called Satan that is making you go astray.  Well, why make you go look.  Take a look at the photo below.  Do you know what happened to Hillary during WaterGate?

Benghazi: How Do You Explain the Inexplicable?  That’s an easy question.  They LIE.

Just in case anyone is interested, the Benghazi Time Line is right there.  It is a pdf document and you can either read it or download it at your pleasure.


“The day after the [Benghazi] attack, Governor, I stood in the Rose Garden, and I told the American people and the world that we are going to find out exactly what happened, that this was an act of terror, and I also said that we’re going to hunt down those who committed this crime.” — Barack Obama, second Presidential debate, 10/16/12

“[W]hy would you go out and have our ambassador to the un on five channels create a fairytale about all of this being an out-growth of a demonstration over a video? The answer is you want to cover up all of the security lapses, the intelligence lapses, the ignoring of the threat.” — Charles Krauthammer, fnc “Special Report,” 10/2/12

There you have it — the lie vs. the truth. For weeks, the Regime responded to the horrific murder of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in the Benghazi consulate — on September 11 — by blaming an obscure YouTube video. We all witnessed Obama and his flacks do this, officially blaming the video on the record at least 28 times. The whole world saw it. But at the Hofstra University debate over a month later, Barack Obama attempted to erase reality, implying that he had always called the Libya attack “an act of terror.” It’s a damnable lie within a deceit within a sociopathy. Because the truth will set him packing.

I read this today: “Could this be the lie that gets Obama impeached and ends the nightmare America has endured for the past 5 years?“  Perhaps but how can you impeach someone that has no constitutional requirements to be in the position of President, the Executive, of this nation?

Whistleblowers: High-Level Bureaucratic Errors Caused Benghazi.  And what does the Lame Stream Media say about it?  Nothing.  Why?  Because they got us into this mix and if they come about they will be known as the fools that we already know that they are and they are full-blown into an effort to save their darling marxist-sociopath and Budding Leninist Hillary the Rodham Murderer Clinton.

Susan Rice, the darling princess of the Useless Nations got an award the night before the Benghazi hearings.  Quaint.  Isn’t it?  While Hick’s jaw dropped on the verbiage of Susan Rice during the Benghazi incident, Rice gets an award.  Where is Hick’s award?  Where?

As Colbert mocks the Benghazi hearings, being the fake and fraud “right-winger, the news media says nothing of any substance.

I was not on the internet the day Benghazi was attacked and 4 Americans were murdered, but I do remember telling folks around me that Obama was AWOL during all of this.  So, now…

Now we know — President Obama was MIA on Benghazi

The Benghazi terrorist attack was a debacle in three distinct stages. The fatal mistakes occurred in the first two — the failure to provide adequate security before the attack and the failure to provide help once it started. Those mistakes were tragic, but the Obama administration’s explanations are coherent, though hardly defensible.

The mystery always has been the third stage — the aftermath, or more accurately, the coverup. Even before the bodies of the four Americans came home, the White House was eager to tell any story except the real one.

Aides twisted and turned to create the false narrative that a protest over an anti-Muslim video was spontaneously hijacked by radicals. But two problems quickly emerged: There was no video protest in Benghazi, and the attack, which used heavy weaponry, was well planned.

So, why did the White House spin the web of deceit? Don’t they know the cover up is worse than the crime?
Finally, we have the answer, thanks to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. In his reluctant Senate testimony, he provided the missing piece of the puzzle: The commander in chief was MIA. The coverup was created to protect his absence.

According to Panetta, President Obama checked in with his military team early on during the attack, then checked out for the rest of the night. The next day, we already knew, he blamed the video maker and flew to Las Vegas for a campaign event.  […]

After these Benghazi hearings, the poor slug and closeted Obamabot Boehner is now under distress.  He is being made to get some more emails released so his “love of Obama” is going to get all dismantled.

As the Lame Stream Media gets all twitter pated over these hearings, Mr One State Bob Beckel gets slammed hard by Dan Perino.


I find this truly bizarre how the Benghazi hearings goes uncovered by the Lame Stream Media yet they cover the murder of someone else in a different venue.

Benghazi makes Watergate ‘look like kindergarten’

I am not so sure about Wikipedia but there article about Benghazi is there.

What I do know is this.  This Benghazi cover-up has the “Democrats” hell-bent on protecting themselves because their “man” is about to go down in flames and their “media” will also go down in flames because We The People know what’s going on and the “Democrats” hate it when We The People knows things.  Period.

The Snooper Report.
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Sic vis pacem para bellum
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Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum
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Sic Semper Tyrannis!
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