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Hillary The Budding Leninist

Many years ago, I wrote this article at my WordPress blog which is now gone. At the top of THIS web site - WHICH I NOW OWN OUTRIGHT - you will locate many tabs. Two of the tabs are labeled Blogger Archive and HotRodham Blog. In these two aforementioned tabs you WILL find this article of Hillary the Budding Leninist.

This particular article was written on July 23rd, 2007…well over 12 years ago. No one cared then and perhaps now at least two others are finally seeing the Big Picture in 2019 (perhaps).

A friend of mine also wrote about this cad named Hillary the Rotten Rodham Clintonistra whose name is Sxxxxxx and wrote at Wake Up America, which was written 4 or 5 days after my article was published. She now owns and writes somewhere else.

In the article named in the title, you will find many links that have since vanished due to the ages of the then posted articles. However, several items noted in this article are BOOKS that I AM in possession of. You can get them as well if you will turn your damned boob-tubes off, turn you stereos off, stop playing those RETARDED video games and PAY ATTENTION to that which is befalling our nation! And, CEASE and DESIST on viewing ALL forms of the Bolshevik Media. They speak crap and their crap is preached as being GREAT but all they are doing is posting that which the List of 45 is DEMANDING!

I said all the above to bring a particular point across. The below Twit was posted by a satanic Twitter by the name of The Budding Leninist, I mean Hillary Clintonistra, I mean Hillary Clinton. The Twit is below…

Did you get it? If you didn’t, that is YOUR damned problem and not mine.

Here is another retarded Twit…

The frog above is one of those “resistors” and what do these SnowFlakes resist? The Constitution of the United States…just like Rotten Hillary does.

From my original article:

Hillary is the author of several books;

Living History (2003); An Invitation to the White House: At Home with History (2000); and It Takes a Village: and Other Lessons Children Teach Us (1996). In these books, she disguises her political aspirations and her communist rants in the form of touchy-feely sound-goods. The over-emotional and the week-kneed and those with no leadership capabilities will follow such drivel as blind mice would follow the Pied Piper.


As I read this article by John Perazzo, this particular item leaped from the screen and slapped me across the face. It is so damaging and revealing that, for some reason, the Hot Rodham Blog won’t allow it to be published. Here it is:

A few days after rumors of Bill Clinton’s extramarital affair with Monica Lewinsky first made headlines in January 1998, Hillary made a January 27 appearance on NBC’s Today Show, where she told interviewer Matt Lauer that the charges had been fabricated by “this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced [that he would run] for President.” Hillary would echo this theme numerous times thereafter. In a June 8, 2003 interview with Barbara Walters, for instance, she characterized the Republicans who had led the 1998 impeachment of her husband as “a right-wing network” that “was after his presidency” and had resorted to “perverting the Constitution.”

Pervert the Constitution? Is she kidding? What Hillary has set out to accomplish is give the front that she and she alone can be trusted to “protect and defend” the Constitution and by so doing, she is to be the next President of The United States. Clearly, this woman is a Clear and Present Danger to the very continuance of The United States as a free nation.

One other item slammed me fairly hard as well;

Striving to neutralize what she considered the pervasive racism of the American legal system, “Hillary was,” as Barbara Olson observed in Hell to Pay, “a budding Leninist.” Ibid., pp. 56, 62.

Amazing. Yes? No?

She became fully entrenched in the anti-war movement during the Vietnam Police Action and we all know how that ended up…they lied and millions died. Naturally, her friend Jihad Jane and Kerry the Worm will deny that.

Hillary worked hard at being a good little Marxist recruit and was lead by the short-hairs by those advocating the overthrow of the United States government. However, all in the name of free speech, she and her cohorts were allowed to prattle and entrench their hatred for everything Americana and set out to slowly rewrite our history and to so distort the United States Constitution that that document would eventually become meaningless. As a “yoot” during those times, I remember the rioting of the peaceniks and the destruction of private and government property and I never understood and I still don’t understand how peaceniks think it OK for THEIR strain of violent behavior to further their cause.

Hillary was mentored by such prominent communists as Tommy the Commie (Thomas Emerson), Charles Garry and Robert Treuhaft, who According to historian Stephen Schwartz, “Treuhaft is a man who dedicated his entire legal career to advancing the agenda of the Soviet Communist Party and the KGB.” Nice bedfellows Hillary kept company with, no?

It is simply unamazing anymore as the current crap crop of Bolsheviks SCREW their own in order to advance that which Satan is demanding that they do. Case in point? Obama did NOT want Biden to run for 2020 Presidential race. He was running anyway. Biden was too DUMB to know the Deep State working through the Jihadi Hussein was inwork framing President Trump because RussiaGate crap fell apart. UkraineGate came into play and Biden and crew fell right straight dab in the middle of it.

But, that will be OK because the Deep State Bolsheviks just has to get rid of President Trump AND VP-Pence in order to “fix” that which the Bolsheviks screwed up in 2016 thus allowing a THIRD time for Hillary the Budding Leninist take root in screwing this nation all the way like D’Oh!BamBam was doing.

So, yes, Hillary will be running as soon as those real nice and truthful Bolsheviks slam Biden thus allowing The Budding Leninist to slink into that which she “so deserves”…deserves my ass!

Anyway, go read the articles above…you just might learn something.

While you are at it, READ THIS ARTICLE to further enhance the ill-gotten glory of the Budding Leninist…the Twits are am amazing venue of hatred-laugh… Hillary Implies the Constitution Should Be Torn to Pieces In ’20th Century Paper Shredder’

There is another article I wrote at Digital Journey before I got kicked off for too conservative and/or too Godly. Op-Ed: Money For The Revolution! It is along the topic as above but “they” didn’t like the “Budding Leninist meme…? OR the pictures…


Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly
Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum
(If you want peace, prepare for war.)
Sic Semper Tyrannis!
Death to Tyrants

“Be still and know that I am God: …” Psalm 46:10

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