Watch: Teen Suspended Over Bible Verse While School Hangs ‘Pride’ Flags
Tue, June 11, 2019 at 23:20
Mark "Snooper" Harvey in Christian persecution, Faggots need death penalties, Gabby Helsinger, God

The Christian persecutions in MY America are getting worse and worse as the nano-seconds go by BUT the faggots get free reigns!


An Ohio school allows students to hang gay pride flags all over campus but when teen girl, Gabby Helsinger, responds by sharing bible verses she’s slapped with severe punishment. Gabby, was yanked from her class and issued ISS (in school suspension) for sharing encouraging messages from the bible. According to a document from the administration, Helsinger was accused of “targeting” the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance and exhibiting “abuse of others, disrespect, [and] rudeness” for merely posting the Bible versus. This is the world we live in… “So, on Thursday when I got to school, I see that there were pride flags, posters around my school,” said Gabby. “And I felt the need to write down some Bible verses so I could put them around my school. And I wrote them down and I put them around [the] lockers, the walls. And I was coming back from lunch, because I got sent back to lunch, and I [saw] the teachers taking them down.” “The next day, I got called to the office and there is a letter that says that I have an ISS, which is an in-school suspension, and the reason why I have it is because ‘abuse of others, disrespect, rudeness’ because I put Bible verses up ‘targeting the ‘GSA’ (Gay-Straight Alliance] organization,” she continued. “Seeing that there [were] people in my school that needed help … they don’t need to be living in the confusion of wondering if they should be gay, bi, lesbian, trans, anything like that. And I know that God is the only way that they can be healed by that, and that’s why I did it,” she said, emphasizing that she was in no way maliciously “targeting” the LGBTQ group. … (go read the rest) [BTW, I DESPISE ALL militant faggots of all sorts of the retarded “gender Nazis!]

Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly
Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum
(If you want peace, prepare for war.)
Sic Semper Tyrannis!
Death to Tyrants

“Be still and know that I am God: …” Psalm 46:10

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