WATCH: Rep. Matt Gaetz Goes After 'Prop' John Dean at the Dems' Mueller Show Trial
Wed, June 12, 2019 at 0:37
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I asked in a previous post as to The Why CONgress was asking a KNOWN felon any questions and then NOT asking Hillary the Rotten Rodham the Budding Leninist Clinton any questions. However, the two videos below explains it all. It’s just one more wreung into the DNC Abyss of Obscurity.

Also, this posting includes 2ea separate articles within the pictures presented.

Despite claiming he points out Nixonian behavior when he sees it, I can’t seem to find any essays or books by John Dean criticizing Obama for his huge expansion of domestic surveillance and I can’t find a single quote from Dean calling for Obama to be impeached for it either. What he did do is say that “The Obama Administration has been tougher on those who leak classified information.” After Snowden exposed Obama’s domestic spying, Dean was more concerned with the leaks than what he previously called impeachable actions. Dean’s hypocrisy aside, Gaetz held nothing back, and accused Dean of being a Democrat prop. “You are functionally here as a prop. Because [the Democrats] can’t impeach President Trump because 70 percent of Democrats want something that 60 percent of Americans don’t,” Gaetz said. “So they’re in this no-win situation and you sit before us here with no knowledge of a single fact on the Mueller Report on a hearing entitled ‘Lessons from The Mueller Report.’” John Dean is not an objective expert, he’s an anti-GOP hack and CNN contributor who has basically concluded that being a Republican is an impeachable offense. … (go read the rest of this Witch Hunt crap)

The Morning Briefing: House Democrats’ Hearing Recycles Anti-Trump Felon


House Dems hold fake impeachment panel with cable news stars. On Monday, Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler held a hearing with three rabid anti-Trump characters and constitutional scholar John Malcolm, from Heritage. The main attraction was disgraced, convicted felon John Dean, who was there to say that Trump is just like Nixon and the RUSSIA collusion conspiracy theory is just like Watergate. Everything is just like Watergate to Dean, who made similar claims under the Bush/Cheney administration and against Reagan. Watergate is Dean’s schtick, he’s a one-trick pony. When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. At issue is whether the president can exercise his constitutional powers legally. Since the #resistance activists fancy themselves experts at identifying and prosecuting thought crimes, they are arguing that Trump’s intent was to cover up a crime he didn’t commit and that he wanted the investigation to end to hide his non-existent crime rather than because his political opponents were using it to interfere with his ability to govern. We live in a universe where Hillary Clinton engaged in actual criminal behavior but didn’t intend to and was given a pass, while Trump did not engage in the accused crime but “intended” to cover up his non-crime so he needs to be removed from office and thrown in jail. No one ever accused these folks of being logical. … (go read the rest of the Witch Hunt hunt)

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