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NY 23! Good News Rising!

The Other McCain: NY23: Hoffman says, 'Take back the party!'

Revenge of the Nerds or Mr Hoffman Goes to DC.  You decide but be on the right side of the story...don't be an Obamatard.

The Other McCain: NY23: Hanging with Jeremy and Tony; Can You Volunteer for Hoffman Campaign?

The Other McCain: NY23: Pawlenty and Huckabee MIA?

Pamela Geller: It's Pure Palin: Endorsing Real Conservatives, Doug Hoffman

[...] DeeDee is the classic DIABLO,  Democrat in all but label only. Have we not had enough of these turncoats? Have they not wreaked havoc on this once great party. It is time to take a stand. Rout the old guard. [...]

Ed at HA: Video: Gingrich answers Hoffman supporter at book signing

screw newt

Doctor Zero at HA: Rogue Stars Rising

Two stories are unfolding out in the 23rd Congressional District of New York. In the foreground, we have the three-way contest between hapless Republican Dede Scozzafava, upstart Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman, and some generic Democrat whose name no one can remember. This race is a microcosm of our strange politics, which have become like a speeding car with jammed door locks, cut brake lines, a dead steering wheel, and air vents that pump nitrous oxide. Everyone is dimly aware the country is heading for the edge of a cliff, but no one can muster the energy to search for alternatives.

The President took time away from his losing wars against Fox News, the Taliban, and economic reality to endorse the Democrat, who would doubtless prove a useful ally in the only war Obama is winning: the war on the American middle class. He probably should have endorsed Scozzafava instead. She’d only be marginally less useful to him – does anyone see her leaping to the well of Congress and declaring her iron-willed opposition to ObamaCare in all its forms? Does anyone have difficulty imagining her sudden decision to support a bill that will address her “concerns” while guaranteeing “affordable access to insurance” for the twenty, thirty, or forty-seven million Americans, legal and otherwise, who will surely die without a government health plan? [...]

NY 23.  The rest of the Nation is going to be like this race and we don't have a week to go yet.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


Don't Tell the Senate But Obama Doesn't Want Public Option

I don't believe this by a long shot and neither does the Senate but, heh, leave it to the Huff and Puff: Leaderless: Senate Pushes For Public Option Without Obama's SupportMore at Memeorandum.

President Barack Obama is actively discouraging Senate Democrats in their effort to include a public insurance option with a state opt-out clause as part of health care reform. [...]

Maybe someone told him that Federal Health Care is unconstitutional?  Nah.  I doubt it.

Some of these Defeatocrats and their followers in the DID are saying that everything is a forgone conclusion.  Poor things.  I mean Ameriblog is all over that data.  Pathetic, ain't it?  Kind of odd.

I suppose that the White Marxist House really shouldn't declare anything until they truly figure out White House on Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing—Can't Remember Who Murdered 241 Americans.  I betcha ReidCo wouldn't even remember.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


Democrats QUICK To Raise Pay Increases Of Insurance Companies But Not Their Own

This is a CROCK of crap.  Found this at Jim Hoft: Figures. Congressional Raises Topped Insurance Company Profits Last Year.

screw pelosi and congressional pay raises, eh?

[…] More… This year, during the worst recession since the Great Depression, the average member of Congress will realize a 2.8 percent raise.  That means their profit margin is larger than the insurance companies they are demonizing. […]

Figures.  So, tell me.  Why does the Congress get a raise when so many folks are being slugged by Congress and the Pay Czar?  Who is Congress and WTF?  I suppose that Congress “deserves” a HIGHER raise than anyone else?  How much money does Congress make and they deserve a raise?

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


News From The Hill: Afghanistan Needs More Troops

The Hill: Afghan candidate says 'dramatic' surge needed, backs McChrystal

UHOH!  It's General McChrystal again.  I suppose his visit to the United Nations was a strain on El Czarboe.

Afghanistan's opposition candidate backed Gen. Stanley McChrystal's recommendations for more troops Sunday, saying "the future of the country is at risk" without a "dramatic increase" in troop levels.

Former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah, who faces off against President Hamid Karzai in a Nov. 7 runoff, said on "Fox News Sunday" that he's also leaving open the possibility of an election boycott if recommendations aren't met to ensure transparency and stem fraud in the second round of voting.

"We might have to go through the same sort of saga" if collaboration between the Karzai government and electoral bodies isn't kept in check, Abdullah said. "I'm under a lot of pressure" from some supporters to boycott, he acknowledged. [...]

More at Memeorandum....

From the Politico: Afghan challenger warns of more fraud

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah Sunday blasted the country's elections, calling the initial count that gave President Hamid Karzai an outright victory "like the fraud of the history."

"And unfortunately," he said in an appearance on CNN's "State of the Union" "the government was involved."

Abdullah added that he was "very concerned" about the possibility of more fraud in the rescheduled run-off election, which he hopes will be held as planned on Nov. 7th, before the harsh Afghan winter that could delay the election for months.

Afghan Prime Minister Hamid Karzai, in a separate appearance on CNN, said that the November 7 runoff there ''has to be held,'' to avoid "insulting democracy." [...]

And there is all that.  I wonder if Obama is all worried about all the voter fraud in the United States caused by his units at ACORN...

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


Thanks Obama: Another Terrorist Attack On YOUR Watch

More at Memeorandum...

The Global Cultural Jihad has attacked once the Big B.

CNN: Death toll past 100 in Baghdad bombings

At least 132 people were killed and 520 wounded in twin suicide car bombings in central Baghdad Sunday, officials said -- the deadliest attack on civilians in Iraq this year. [...]

Rick Moran at American Thinker Blog: Terrorist attacks in Baghdad kill 130

The Iraqis are blaming Baath party bitter enders hiding out in Syria for both the bombings in August that killed 122 and two powerful explosions that rocked ministry buildings today.

The targets last August were also ministry buildings - structures that had removed the blast walls protecting them. Today's attacks were on buildings that had moved the walls back from the street.  [...]

A Blog For All: Islamic Terrorists Again Strike At Pakistan's Nuclear Infrastructure

A suicide bomber struck at a facility linked to Pakistan's nuclear weapons program, killing seven people. That's in addition to another terror attack in Pakistan killing 17 aboard a bus that was heading to a wedding. Just yesterday, a Pakistani general was killed by a suicide bomber.

These attacks should be unsettling, and rightfully so. [...]

Ed at HA: Pakistan pushes into South Waziristan

The Pakistani army launched its long-awaited offensive against Taliban elements in South Waziristan as Pakistanis protested an American aid package of $7.5 billion as an interference in their internal affairs.  The army moved deep into the southernmost region of the federally-administered tribal areas (FATAs), which border on Afghanistan.  The attack created a wave of civilian retreat that has already begun a humanitarian crisis that will complicate efforts in both countries in fighting extremists: [...]

But, here's the "good news" if we can call it that...

NYTIMES: Iraq Ministries Targeted in Car Bombings; Over 130 Dead

Telegraph UK: Baghdad blasts: 132 people killed in worst attack in two years

SPV:Iraq bomb blasts kill at least 130



Does anyone see the pressure here?  How many attacks have come from Tehran?  How many Iranian Troops have been in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan?  How many IED's and other rockets, missiles and other munitions from Iran have been found in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan?

Coincidence?  Not hardly.  Only morons believe in coincidences.

How many terrorist attacks across the globe have taken place since Czarboe has been in office?  How many commuinities has this blatant moron Czarboe been involved with since his coronation?  Don't know?  Neither do I but Czarboe sure does and it is killing him.  Here he thought that he was in control now and he isn't and won't ever be.  He doesn't have what it takes.  Why?  Because he is a community rganizer and everyone knows one thing about that...they never work.

More at the other Memeorandum...

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


The Reconstruction of American Journalism

FHK: The Reconstruction of American Journalism

[...] I, for one, am tired of our government bailing out failed and/or outdated companies using taxpayer money. We didn’t bail out the manual typewriter manufacturers or the stagecoach manufacturers. I’m sure jobs were lost, but progress created new jobs in the same or in new industries. If the traditional media dies, a new media industry will take its place. New jobs will be created and media will still be independent of government. Then let’s spend our government money on reeducating those who lost jobs so they can compete in the new industries.

If we keep bailing out automobile manufacturers, banks, and newspapers with government funding, we may keep the same jobs, but will it be worth it? What will we lose in the process? [...]

What will we lose in the process?  Our freedoms.  That's what.  I often wonder whatever happened to the journalistic Code of Ethics.

The first thing we need to do is REVIVE the Code of Ethics but that will never get played out yntil we as bloggers and the New Media take over and that isn't the One Thing the libtards haven't done yet.  Here's the Preamble"

Members of the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist's credibility. Members of the Society share a dedication to ethical behavior and adopt this code to declare the Society's principles and standards of practice. [...]

The first here is to get rid of the term "democracy" and replace it by what it needs to be, according to our Constitution...our Republic.

If journalists in this Nation adhered to the Code of Ethics, bloggers wouldn't need to be here and this article wouldn't be needed: Obama Fear Of Fox News Commentary Speaks Volumes.  However, until this happens, the article by Chicago Ray is a must.

As for Chicago Ray: Michelle Malkin Rips Obama Inc. Here In Chicago Friday

Michelle blew into the seeds of Obamatards with a very quaint message...

Chicago Sun Times....Conservative firebrand columnist/blogger Michelle Malkin came to Chicago Thursday night to slam President Obama in his hometown and to slap Republicans who work with Obama instead of fighting him.

“Many of you fight not just the Culture of Corruption among Democrats but the culture of corruption that has paralyzed and plagued much of the Republican Party nationally and locally,” Malkin told 250 members of the United Republican Fund of Illinois.

And Malkin made it clear to this crowd at the Chicago Hilton — site of the 1968 Democratic Convention and riot — that she believes Illinois and Chicago are “Ground Zero” for political corruption in America.

“When I was finishing writing 'The Culture of Corruption,' I looked up at the map of the United States and saw Chicago and I said, ‘It’s all your fault!’ It’s all you here in Chicago, you know the White House and its tax cheats, crooks and cronies better than anyone else in the country,” Malkin said. “You tried to tell your friends around the country and they wouldn’t listen and now they’re having tremendous buyer’s remorse.” [...]

Michelle Malkin: Dear GOP: If you don’t like “Chicago-style politics”…

Go there for the rest.

Reconstruct American Journalism?  Absolutely.

More at Memeoraandum...

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


A Small Recent Obama History

First off there's Obama Trapped By Center-Right America.  He's stuck.  He ran on so many levels that at the moment he thinks that organizing a community is the best thing and it isn't.  He has the low-in-number far left asshats that are far outnumbered by the plethora of conservatives.  He's stuck.  He is so stuck that the independents are against him and the rug-rats of the Marxoclass don't care about the constitution...and we know about it and they do not.

[...] Facing early criticism from the Right, he tacked Left and home to his base. But in a center-Right America he doesn't have a prayer of delivering for them. He's already losing broad support simply because he did it. But as he's the guy it isn't as if he can duck responsibility for that, as he's tried to duck responsibility for most everything throughout his political life. [...]

Poor Obama.  He's stuck and has no way out.

Second, Voters Trust Republicans.  As a strange counterpart to The One, the Republicans that stayed home last time are now all of a sudden paying attention.  They are so paying attention now that a vast number of Democrats are also paying attention and are in league with the HUGE Conservative base in this country.

[...] For the first time in recent years, voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on all 10 key electoral issues regularly tracked by Rasmussen Reports. The GOP holds double-digit advantages on five of them.

Republicans have nearly doubled their lead over Democrats on economic issues to 49% to 35%, after leading by eight points in September.

The GOP also holds a 54% to 31% advantage on national security issues and a 50% to 31% lead on the handling of the war in Iraq.

But voters are less sure which party they trust more to handle government ethics and corruption, an issue that passed the economy in voter importance last month. Thirty-three percent (33%) trust Republicans more while 29% have more confidence in Democrats. Another 38% are undecided. Last month, the parties were virtually tied on the issue.  [...]

Well?  Just as a side note to the above, "Scozzafava's a radical leftist (RINO), and a corrupt one at that".  NY 23.  I hope Hoffman wins that one for sure.

As we wait to see if the Stimulus Package (the Rape of America and Destruction of America Act) does the White House Admits Stimulus Already Losing Steam.  And that's the third part here.  Too bad for Obama and his cronies of illrepute.  Thanks to the AP:

[...] The White House admitted today that the record $787 billion stimulus was losing steam. [...]

"Corrupted birds of a feather flock together… The leftwing fish rots from the head down."  OUCH!  Here's the video...

And Mickey Mouse Fat Ass Moore says to stay off of Fox News?  What for?  We never hear stuff like this anywhere else!

On the fourth part, we have the Political and Culture War Heating Up.. O'Reilly Talking Point Meme (video).  Go check out the videos.  Too cool.

On the fifth part of this article, we have Dr. Melissa Clouthier telling us all that Obama’s Desire To Control Fox News, The Media & Everything.  Isn't that cute?

[...] And to think that George W. Bush was mocked for saying, “If you’re not with us, you’re with the terrorists.” The White House is laying a foundation of future media relations that does two things. First, they are identifying, and most importantly trying to get all the media to identify, good and bad media coverage, both terms defined by the White House. Second, they are nudging each reporter and news organization to move further toward the “good” side by trying to drive a wedge between them and Fox News. [...]

She goes on to speak about Scientology and how the Leftiistra are following that same criteria.  Why?  Because they have nothing else.  Go read that one.

Here's the sixth part which is an article you must really go pay attention to.  Caught on Tape! Media Matters Totally PWNED - Truth Deficit for ACORN's Katherine Conway Russell! is a must see.  I have the video over here at the Snooper Report but the commentary with the video is a must read.  Here's the problem - ACORN in the middle of refuting or on a rebuttal mission actually admitted to that which was allegedly rebutted.  And that's the way the Leftinistra are.  They cannot help it.

And now for the seventh part: 'Bros Before Hoes' - America's Left-Wing Cult of Obama Worship

sorry...couldn't resist

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


The Liberal Pathology and Their Chemical Makeup


ReidCo: 60 Votes and An Unconstitutional Health Care Bill

Saw this at Jium Hoft's place: Reid Closing In on 60 Votes for Nationalized US Health Care, citing from the Politico: Harry Reid closes in on 60 votes for a public health insurance option.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid closed in on clinching 60 votes for a public health insurance option Friday as two key moderates signaled they wouldn’t stand in his way – clearing a path for Reid to finish work on a bill as early as Tuesday, Democratic officials said.

The moves came a day after Reid presented his idea for a public plan with a state “opt-out” to a skeptical President Barack Obama, who didn’t balk at the idea but questioned whether Reid could truly round up the votes, two sources familiar with the Oval Office meeting said.

So Reid (D-Nev.) spent Friday counting the votes on different public option proposals and finding out what wavering senators need to support the bill – with a heavy focus on centrists in his caucus who now hold the key to health reform.

The quick-moving developments come as Democrats in the House and Senate scramble to lock down votes on the public option, a major hurdle that must be cleared before legislation can move forward in either chamber. With two months left on the legislative calendar, the chances of delivering a bill to the president’s desk by Christmas diminish the longer Democrats wrangle over public option. [...]

ReidCo - The War Is Lost Asshat.  I mean, really.  Who in their right mind is going to believe this crapper anyway?

Dan Riehl: The Horror Of National Health Care

What were they thinking? Liberal ideology, or a ploy to garner some headlines? Both, probably. But talk about insipid stupidity, at least in terms of selling health care reform. Obviously, it simply provokes jokes comparing reform to horror and makes the topic totally un-serious. [...]

ReidCo and PelosiCo:  Dumber than a box of turtle turds.

As a reminder, here's Victicrat...

After this weekend, the video will be at PJTV, via Six Meat Buffet...

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


It's Time for Obama to Get a Clue?

From the American Thinker by Lauri B Regan: It's Time for Obama to Get a Clue

About what?  What an idiot he is?  What an idiot community organizer he is?  What a non-constitutionalist he is?   Well, on top of all that...

If the Obama administration took as much time to focus on the issues of the day as it does to attack its critics, this country might actually be headed in a different direction - the right direction. It is becoming tiresome to open a newspaper, sign onto the internet, or turn on the television and read or hear about the most recent inane attacks by Obama, Gibbs, Emmanuel, or any of the other radical administration spokesmen who have an implausible theory on what they perceive as their adversaries' contributions to the downfall of the country.

If Obama and his Chicago thugs simply focused on the country's real enemies rather than American citizens and institutions which provide constructive criticism and honest discourse on the policies emanating from the White House, effective policy might be put in place which would advance an agenda supported by a true majority of citizens. But rather, we see an administration so focused on what, in its paranoid state, it perceives as enemies, that all of its energies are centered on discrediting Bush and Cheney, Fox News, talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, town hall attendees, tea party organizers, health insurance companies, Wall Street executives, and a sundry other groups not yet in their pockets. [...]

Absolutely!  It seems like we are all reading each others posts!  How's this one?

Sarjex at HA: “Cleaning House” or “Obama’s Mop”

From Macsmind: Dems Close to Pushing Public Option? Not Quite

Yessir.  Already wrote about this one but the commentary here is GREAT!

[...] Note the shift in definition of a "public option".   As it's now being defined it's no difference than AVMED or other "private company" insurance option.   If this passed it would hardly be a victory for those who demanded mandated government run insurance, that idea is dead.

Actually the WAPO is getting fed cheerleading points by Democratic aides and ops, but the fact is that Reid will fail if he tries to to even bring this watered down bill to the floor.

Already targeted "conservative" dems aren't saying they'll vote for it, and in fact three of them have said on record that they do not support the option, no matter what it's called or defined. [...]

And that's a fact jack!

As if we hadn't already known this one...Jim Hoft: Latest Health Care Bill Will Cost Americans $1 Trillion

What have we said about the War On Fox News?  Waste of time and Fox WILL win this one?  Is this the end of Obamedia?

[...] The dem’s health care bill will cost Americans over $1 trillion.  And, that’s before Speaker Pelosi starts the vote buying. [...]

Jim quotes from My Way News: House health care bill over $1 trillion for decade.  Looks like David Espo will get himself problems with the Obamatards.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Health care legislation taking shape in the House carries a price tag of at least $1 trillion over a decade, significantly higher than the target President Barack Obama has set, congressional officials said Friday as they struggled to finish work on the measure for a vote early next month.

Democrats have touted an unreleased Congressional Budget Office estimate of $871 billion in recent days, a total that numerous officials acknowledge understates the bill's true cost by $150 billion or more. That figure excludes several items designed to improve benefits for Medicare and Medicaid recipients and providers, as well as public health programs and more, they added.

The officials who disclosed the details did so on condition of anonymity, saying they were not authorized to discuss them publicly. [...]

"Discuss them publicly" which means what?  No one really knows.  How's this one?

Jim Hoft: Obama: Dodd Is One of My Favorite Senators (Video)

This has GOT to be a misprint or one of those misspeak thingies?

What's the name of that mortgage company again?  Countrywide?  Isn't Dodd neck deep into that debacle and Dodd is one of Obama's FAVORITE "dudes"?

[...] Barack Obama’s $787 billion stimulus bill “created or saved” 20 jobs in Connecticut this year. [...]

WOW!  TWENTY damned jobs!  Obama.  Dodd.  Asshats.

Doug Powers: NPR Analyst Issues Full and Complete Obamapology For Nixon Comparison

UHOH!  An Obamabot sort of KINDA got "coerced".  Go read that one, especially the video at the end.

The Lid: Rasmussen: Americans Flee Democratic Party On Key Issues

We can finally understand what Candidate Barack Obama meant by Hope and Change, because in nine short months, with the help of his teams in congress,  he has totally destroyed Public Opinion of his Democratic party. [...]

Ain't that the truth or what?

[...] Voters also trust Republicans more on the handling of abortion 47% to 35%. [...]

Poor defeatocrats and poor Obama.  Go check out Rasmussen for all the data.  Fairly interesting.

Obama has effectively destroyed the Defeatocrat Political Party and all those DIDs like Lindsey Graham.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


OOPS! Media Matters Gets Had? Somebody Did

I know.  Someone said that someone saw a release of a paper written by Czarboe and we all know that everything he has written is pretty much all locked up because he IS a community orgaizer with zero balance in any authoritarian ability.  We all know that.  So, when we hear that someone said this that and the other thing, ALWAYS look back into history...such as now.

Listen to the audio and I do have a special piece at the end.  Have fun, Media Matters/Soros.  Morons.

Debunk that Soros!

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


When Strawmen Attack: Obama's Rhetorical Enemies List 

This is from Doug Ross who you very much need to go read.  However, this is how the article ends...

[...] I'll be candid. I'm sick of his use of Alinsky's tactics: always dividing, always creating straw-men, always creating scapegoats. Never once appreciating the wonder of individualism, of liberty, of our founders, of American history. It is time to turn back the drones and stop the march to authoritarianism and a government by, for and of central planners. [...]

Kind of reminds me of my post.

The article contains a plethora of material that the Czarboe has mentioned and all he is is a community organizer.  He has no skills.  He has no control attributes.  He has no authoritarian ability and he cannot make a decision.  Stated plainly, he sucks.

Go read Doug's post.  Please.

On another note:

Curt at FA: Obama’s Transparency Proven To Be A Lie Once More

This came out of the Political Ticker: Democrat blasts White House for anonymous sniping

[...] “It’s a goddamn shame when our center of government, the White House, won’t talk on the record. I discount all of it,” Saunders said of the Post article. “It’s a lack of courage. And it goes against transparency that Obama told us last year was going to come out of the White House. Anybody who makes anonymous quotes out of the White House should be fired.” [...]


The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


Jeb Bush = Lindsey Graham, John McCain, etc, etc, etc...

This is UNBELIEVABLE!  I just found this article entitled, "Jeb Bush to GOP: Stop Being the “Party of No”".  Unbelievable.  Listen to this lunacy.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush pushed for the Republican Party to transform itself into a party of “21st century reformers” in a speech to students last night at George Washington University.

Bush criticized Republicans for giving the impression that the GOP is the “party of no.” He told the group that Republicans are often “too nostalgic” and that the party needs to be more “forward looking” in order to regain national success. Bush reminded the audience that voter demographics are changing and called for the party to become more “youthful” and to abandon their image as “the old white guy party.” “Tone matters,” Bush said, “in twenty or so years our country will have a minority majority.” [...]

What?  There's that bigoted "race war" garbage that the Jesse Jacksons and the Al Not So Sharpton ramble on about all the time.

Sounds like a lot of Lindsey Graham and John McCain to me.

[...] But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the party must move towards the center. [...]

Oh.  I see...

[...] A College Republican asserted that “Bush is a great leader for the Republican Party, he is a good ideas man, and he’s like Newt Gingrich, a powerful man behind the scenes.” [...]

Oh Brother.  When did college people get so stupid?

Count Jeb Bush if he ever tries for the Presidency.

More at Memeorandum...

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


Paul Grayson: The Death Demagogue

Rep Paul Grayson.  Deadbeat.  Liar.  Sycophant.  Unruly.  Tiresome.  Name Caller.  And that is just a small tinge of what this character is.

Twice before I have written on this character.  The first is Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL): A Very True and Definite LIAR and the next is Alan Grayson: A Major Lying Punk.  He makes his own claim to fame at the expense of others whose tendencies of truth he unravels by squalor, lies and forever untruths.

His latest claim to fame or at least his purported claim to fame was telling everyone that the Republicans want everyone to die quickly.  That whole video was out of touch and he knows it.  He refers to everyone that discredits the federal health care Bill or anything else contrary to the Marxist Obama and the Democrats as knuckle dragging neanderthals.  If a Republican had ever started with Alan Grayson's antics and rampage the Republican would have been hurried up and censored.  Like Joe Wilson.  Not so with this character.  Alan Grayson received a standing ovation.  I'm just wondering if I see a problem here or if it is really just me.

[...] The new light of the democratic party spoke out today – Democratic Spokesman Alan Grayson on the Republican Party: “They’re not going to be winning the Nobel Peace Prize themselves anytime soon, they probably wish that there was a Nobel Prize for fear, a Nobel prize for hatred, a Nobel prize for racism, you know then they’d be in the running.” [...]

The above is from Jim Hoft on 10.11.09 and his video is a pretty good thing to witness.  He compares the anti-Obamacare as the Holocaust of America.  Suppose it is.  Does that mean the Constitutionality of the health care means nothing?  Does it mean that legislating around the constitution is allowable?  Does it mean that we can amend the constitution?  I suppose that would take too much time seeing that a federal health care Bill - even from times past - are illegal.  ILLEGAL.

His demeanor is so fearful of the Truth that he scheduled his own Town Hall meetings on this subjdect of Obamacare with around 200 "profiteers".  I find that pretty interesting.  I find this failrly interesting myself:

[...] Because if you oppose government sponsored rationed health care you’re an accomplice to murder… [...]

I wonder where this despot figures that there is a government sponsored rationed health care in the United States Constitution.  Oh.  Wait.  Leahy and Pelosi both said today that - "there's an issue?".

And then, the fool started a web site for the dead that died because they had no health insurance.  Now, if I recall, this ALL started when there were illegal aliens without health care and NOW this whole issue is about socialized medicine.  It's called the Names of the Dead.  I wonder if this fool ever tried that with the names of the dead in Afghanistan and Iraq as the Dems were trying to lose that war at the expense of the men and women fighting the war?

How's this as a response, Alan Grayson?

[...] Because Alan Grayson is pro-choice and NARAL endorsed him, I’m going to sign the “names of the dead” website on behalf of one of the millions of unborn children who would give anything to be alive enough to have no health insurance right now, and who will never even have the privilege of growing up to see what an absolutely disgusting political colostomy bag Alan Grayson is. [...]

Go see Doug Powers on that one.  OK?

[...] Here’s Grayson on with Chris Matthews last night saying that Dick Cheney has blood dripping from his teeth, only hates Obama because he doesn’t shoot old men in the face and that the former veep turned into a bat and flew away at the end of his speech the other day. [...]

Again, go see Doug Powers for that one as well.

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Behind Closed Doors

Tool bad the GOP is all Leftist, as it were

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Czarboe Dancing With Czars

The Lid: Obama To Congress: My Czars Wont Testify

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nothing like keeping them classy

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