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Wake Up GOP


Fight Back With No Mercy

Updated on Tue, March 24, 2009 at 17:07 by Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

The other day, I had an idea and in the hopes that it would not die alone, I decided to actually go and see if it was a good idea.  That's the funny thing about ideas.  You never know if it is good or not unless you seek council.

My idea was this.  Seeing that the anti-Americanists have managed to subvert the judiciary in this nation to the extent that more unconstitutional laws have been passed than constitutional ones, I was wondering if we could use the courts to reverse that trend.  One never knows.

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Pedophile and Woman Basher Caught On Film

‘nuf said

what a dork

damn body language anyway

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


American Tea Party Anthem by Lloyd Marcus

you tube link hereLloyd Marcus link here.  Knowing the reputation of libtard You Tube, I have snatched the audio from the video and have it stored and will be airing it on my BTR shows along with the National Anthem, and Callin' All The Clans Together.  So, until the video is yanked from You Tube due to the singularly intolerant people that make up the entire Fraudbama Goons, enjoy the video while it lasts.

Be sure to visit the web site called National Tea Party Day and see where a Tea Party is located near you.  You can organize one if you have the mind to do so.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


Deborah Johns On The War Path

A message from Deborah Johns

As many of you know I am the proud mother of a United States Marine, Staff Sergeant, William Johns.  He's served several tours of duty in the War on Terror including three separate deployments in Iraq.

So when it comes to anti-military politicians who are bad for our troops, I take things pretty seriously.  And I am furious with Democrat Scott Murphy who is running in the hugely important Special Election for Congress on March 31st in NY-20.

Murphy has just come out against the death penalty for terrorists - even those who orchestrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  And he also came out in favor of closing the terrorist prison at Guantanamo Bay, because he thinks we treat the prisoners too rough.  And remember, Scott Murphy was an anti-military activist who fought to keep the military's ROTC program off the Harvard campus.

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A History of The List of 45

I have been talking about this List since the early 1970s and it is refreshing to find others talking about it as well.

I was in the Jihadi Killer Hour show today and there was mention made of this List and then a link to Freepers was given where I found the following:

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Unconstitutional House Members

Just so you will know, the following voted in favor of the unconstitutional Bill of Attainder: Roll Call

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The Federal Government IS The Toxic "Asset"

In an article I read yesterday is headliined thusly: "Sources say toxic asset plan near completion", by Martin Crutsinger.  It details how the "toxic assets" that got the economy we are experiencing started are going to be eliminated and the Geithner Plan that was supposed to be presented a few weeks ago will finally be released.  Doesn't anyone else besides me find that duplicitous?

I am hoping that the American dishonorable congress will see the light and finally own up to its own toxicity and admit they are the direct cause of the current economy and it started in recent times with Jimmy Carter and the program known as Community Reinvestment Act.

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Why South Carolina Doesn't Want 'Stimulus'Why South Carolina Doesn't Want 'Stimulus'

Gov. Sanford has it totally right. We do have the 10th Amendment and that is that all thing not specifically said in the Constitution goes back to the states or the people. We have long ago totally lost what our country is all about. We are a Republic, with each state is their own entity and the Federal Government is there to proect us from danger within and from outside the country. But we now have the Federal Governmetn telling States what they can and cannot do. This is not how the country was formed, States had more power and the Federal Government could not use money to force states to do its bidding.

Sanford is right to refuse to play in this game and should be commended.

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The Joke Is On America

I stole the title fair and square from Gateway Pundit from the same article I got the following video from.  As I have said many times, Obama is an international embarrassment.

The window v door thing is #7 on the list of the Top 10 Dunce Stunts of the Obama-Biden Circle Jerk Syndrome Administration.  The Telegraph UK has the Top Ten retarded antics and I went ahead and obtained the audio for my radio shows.  They will be fun to air.

Here's another joke: in less than 100 days, the American deficit due to the Obama Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky screw America philosphy is the worst in recorded history for this Nation.  And we are to believe and accept that the Bush Administration's $453 BILLION deficit was bad and evil and the causations of the woes of the known universe.  Incredible.

Here's another joke:  the most opaque transparent Administration in the universe, according tho the Liar In Chief, banned the Press from the Press Awards did-din time.

Here's another joke: we have already heard this but, while we are on the subject of the international embarrassment in Obama, I have to include this report again.  Jihadi-Haji terrorists will be released into American society because they are no threat.

That's about all the jokes I can handle at the moment.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


AIG Bad. Iran Good.

I find it quite odd that Obama equates AIG to serial bombers but thinks sending a capitulation video to serial bombers is a good idea. Especially when it was his Administration that approved the AIG bonuses in the first place before they got their peckers caught in the zippers and pretended to be angry at AIG. Does anyone else find that peculiar besides me?

To top it all off, the cretins that got their peckers caught in the grinder passed an unconstitutional potential law punishing the bonus recipients which are legal. That right there is the equivalent to economic terrorism or, it just might be economic terrorism.

As a commentary to the embarrassing video from the Neo Marxist living in the Marxist House, Claudia Rosett has this to say:

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Strategy Clear: Disarm the troops then the citizens

Updated on Sun, March 22, 2009 at 2:18 by Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Spotted this video over at American Daily Review posted by Sheridan Folger.

So much for the Second Amendment and no wonder Obama is an international embarrassment. We already knew that he was going to piss off the smart folks that didn't vote for him but who knew he was going to piss off over half of the MORONS that DID vote for the Fraudbama.

Verbotten auf das Czar:

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Obama Goons Are Everywhere

Updated on Sat, March 21, 2009 at 22:11 by Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

STFU Czarbie!Thou shalt not criticize His Hineyness Barack Hussein "Insane Imam of Obam" Obama and thou shalt not criticize any of his Goon Squad Members even if they are judges.


Man critical of Obama case judge visited by marshals: 'I told your Gestapo goons we had nothing to talk about'.

I am so far beyond even contemplating "going along" with the Fair Weather Asstards in this country that whine about "not being like the libtards". They can kiss my ass, too. There is one difference between True American Patriots and your basic Neo Marxist libtard...we have FACTS to back our allegations up and your basic troll-libtard demonic asswipe-libtard has nothing and never offers up any substantiation for their mentally deranged assertions. Ever. Never. Not once has any libtard I have slammed and beaten at their own game either in the blogosphere or face to face presented any viable and verifiable evidence to solidify their emotionally charged and driven bravo sierra. Not one. Ever. Never. And don't look for one to even come close to trying. Ever. Never.

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An International Embarrassment

Not only is Barack Hussein Insane Obama our first unconstitutional [p]rez**dent (**=NO ID); not only is Barack Hussein Insane Obama a national embarrassment, he has morphed into an international embarrassment. The transition began immediately upon his coronation when, in lieu of contacting ally leaders and American media outlets, he chose to make phone calls to our enemies, chose to have as his first official interview as the First Czar of the United Socialist States of KKK America with the enemy and proceeded to rape every American citizen that has ever lived and those that have yet to be born.

In his very first official address, called the State of the Congress Address as opposed to the State of the non-Union Address, the obvious and blatant lie after lie, deception after deception must have gotten a plethora of guffaws from around the globe. I shred that speech asunder and in so doing, I discovered his utter contempt for our Founding Fathers and thereby, our very Founding in our Constitution.

As we fight for our very survival, the Imam of Obam set into place Shari'a Law states within Pakistan along the Afghanistan border that are fighting our Troops and then he sends more Troops - contary to campaign promises - to fight the very people he put into power. He did the same in Somalia. And we are to take him seriously about anything?

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Emergency Broadcast On BTR


From The Moody BlogThis afternoon at 1600 Texas Time (CST), Loki from the Halls of Valhalla, will be conducting a show raising the Red Flags of Danger coming our (your) way! Join us on Take Our Country Back radio! The call-in # is 646.716.8742.

What would you say if Congress was about to pass just ONE LAW that would PERMANENTLY force YOU to fund the radical left-wing Obama-Pelosi agenda?

And, what if we told you that the same law would force the rationing of your paycheck to fund such an agenda?

Well, such a proposal exists and is being debated in Congress at this very moment. It is deceptively being called the Employee Free Choice Act - more commonly known as ”Card Check." [...]

Need more on Card Check?

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States v Tyrannical Fed

A while back I reported that several of the Federal Politburo of the United Socialist States of KKK America stated that federal law trumps States Rights.

Since then, still researching the issue, I have come across several interesting bits of information. One piece of the puzzle can be found at The Akron Law Cafe:

[...] Preemption is the rule that when a state law conflicts with the federal law, the federal law controls and the state law is void. I discussed the law of federal preemption in a previous post. Under the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution, the United States Constitution trumps federal statutes, and federal statutes trump all forms of state law - state constitutions, state statutes, and state common law are all lower on the legal hierarchy than federal laws.

This all seems very natural when a federal statute conflicts with a state statute or when the United States Constitution conflicts with a State Constitution or other state law or official state policy. In such cases obviously the state statute or other state law is void and of no legal effect. Preemption seems less appropriate when a federal regulatory law is said to preempt state common law tort claims against a person or a company who has injured someone. Since the Cipollone case in 1992, however, the Supreme Court has ruled in a number of cases that a plaintiff's tort claim in state court (usually consisting of a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a defective product) was barred by a particular federal law. [...]

It's called selective application depending on the direction the political winds are bloaing and which political football is being fielded. This Nation fought two wars over States Rights and it appears we are heading for a third.

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Bowling For The Constitution

Which side are you on?

It's time to choose sides.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly