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Greeny Greenwaldo and His Sock Puppet Army

Donald Douglas has a great piece up today taking Greeny Sock Puppet Green-where's-Waldo behind the woodshed.  I remember when this flake and his accompanying sock puppets were running around pretending to be a whole slew of somebody else ranting and raving about how President Bush was going to do one thing or another without a shred of evidence.

When brought to task, he pretended he wasn't spanked.  The guy is a member of the Leftinistra Fruit Loop Brigades and if he had more than a micron worth of cranial matter, he just might have a chance in this world.  Feel free to check the references list in the tab provided at the bottom of this entry.  The guy is a TOTAL flake.  I caught the silly bastard red-handed with his puppets.  Idiot.

With all of the evidence that many of us have written about for nearly 3 years now, Obama can be classified as a pathological liar - and we can prove it.  Today, the flake was talking about "fiscal responsibility".  That is one of those WTFO? moments.  And Waldo dares berate Glen Beck for pointing out the obvious?  Judas H Priest!

Anyway, check out Doug's entry.  The link is also in the reference zone.  I will seldom place links in the body of these entries any longer.


Top 10 Snooper Report Posts For Last Week


Obama Will Pack the Supreme Court!


The proponents do not all agree on all of them, but are unanimous that Congress should soon reconsider the law applicable to the Supreme Court of the United States:

The Microsoft Word document is about 77kb and contains a set of four proposed “reforms” .  The “reform” of greatest concern is one to pack the court.

proposal i: regular appointments to
the supreme court

The following is quoted from the narrative accompanying the proposed code.

One question to be considered is the prospect that as Justices retain power for extended lengths of time, appointments to the Court are made so infrequently as to diminish the likelihood that the Court’s many important policy decisions will reflect the moral and political values of the contemporary citizens they govern.

The first reform presented here therefore provides for regular biennial appointments of new Justices selected by the then sitting President and Senate in order to assure timely rotation within the membership of the Court. To assure a Court of nine Justices, this will require a modification of the duties of Justices who have remained on the Court for more than eighteen years. A variation on this specific proposal was advanced and widely discussed in 2005. It won approval from many, including bar leaders and former judges. Most opposition rested on a constitutional argument that any term or age limits imposed by Congress would violate Article III and require a constitutional amendment. But no proposal for such an amendment has been advanced, and we see no serious constitutional problem in legislating regularized appointments with diminished but continuing roles for those Justices holding office for very long terms.

Click to read more ...


The American Apocalypse Today On TOCB Radio!

What does your Crystal Ball reveal to you?

Join us today as we talk about The American Apocalypse on Take Our Country Back Radio on BTR.  Show time is 1300 hours CST.  The call-in # is (646) 716-8742.  GET SOME!

The opening segment starts with the National Anthem with the theme from the "Patriot" with Mel Gibson.  We then have the #2 Bigot in the Obamination Administration spouting off and touting his racism, Eric Holder.  We then have Megan Kelly hammering Bill Press over the Fairness Doctrine.  As the opening segment concludes, Alan Keyes joins us as he proceeds to eviscerate the Messiah.  And, that is just the opening segment.

At 19 minutes into the show, Laura Ingraham and Arlen Sphincter join us as Laura shreds the RINOs' lack of rational thought processes and asks him how it feels to be whined and dined (bribed) by Obama.

The first commercial break is for DTRT Radio and it begins at 30 minutes into the show.

The next guest segment begins at 45 minutes into the show and the crew from Fox and Friends joins us with special guest Glen Beck.  Glen fills the Nation in on his Crystal Ball reading, leading up to the next American Apocalypse.  You won't want to miss this one.

Click to read more ...


Texas National Guard On Alert?

As the rumor mill has so stated, theoretically, State Sen Dan Patrick was on Fox News (don't know if it was local or national) and said that the State of Texas has "alerted" the Texas National Guard to take care of business on the Texas-Mexico border.

Whereas this would not surprise me, it is still unconfirmed as of now.  I have been monitoring the "chatter" at several forums and web site sites and there is still no confirmation at this point.  So, having said that, here is the initial report:



Texas State Senator, Dan Patrick, was on FoxNews this morning at 8:45am. He said he had some “breaking news to share”. Boy was it!!! The Texas State Legislature had been trying very hard to get the Obama Administration to respond to a critical situation on the Texas Border. The Administration had not gotten back with Texas as of last night. So the State of Texas told Washington D.C. basically they could go jump, and “we’ll take care of Texas!”. As of last night… the Texas National Guard has been put on High Alert!!! This is the first time in history! Texas tried, desperately to get Washington’s approval… but when they could not get it… they acted on their own. Which I say…. it’s about damn time!!! I personally applaud the guts it took to defy the Fed’s and act in our best interest! In case you are unaware of what the problems are …. Sen. Dan Patrick spelled it out nicely!

1) 100’s of PRO-DRUG CARTEL Mexicans were blocking the entrance to the United States, yesterday and today, banging cars, shouting and holding signs. 10 people were killed Wed. and 12 more yesterday at the border (5 of which were children!!!)
2) They aren’t sure … but they think the Drug Cartel is paying the demonstrators to do what they’re doing.
3) This will spill over into the States! Mr. Patrick, and the other State officials,. are convinced that road-side bombs and car bombs will make it across the border and WILL NOT allow that to happen!!
4) Mexico is breaking out in Civil War in the western part of the border and they expect it to spread the entire border with no end in sight.
5) The National Guard will be activated as the scenario worsens and is on Alert now and will remain so until (and IF) Washington does something to end the danger on the border (Yeah… like that’s gonna happen!).

FoxNews has yet to put this on their website which absolutely ticks me off!!!! I will post it IF they get the stones to do what’s right!

Let’s pray it doesn’t come to this…. but in reality… Texas could be in a Civil War (actually it would be an international incident) with Mexico very soon if this isn’t quelled. Just so you folks know…. the four Militia Groups that are here in Texas will be put on alert this evening. This has gotten REAL, REALLY FAST!

God help us… as we do what is necessary.

Stand by for confirmation...

Freepers - The Commentary - Rantburg - ATS - Storm Front - After Downing Street (good grief - Bush Did it) - Revolution Radio - Houston Indy Media - Inform America - Texas Sen Dan Patrick (nothing there) -

Still looking for confirmation but this is really nothing all that new.  There has been a war going on down there for years.  And, it is what the Neo-Marxists want so they can step in and do what they do best...BOHICA.

UPDATE: Fox News reporting: If Violence Escalates in Mexico, Texas Officials Plan to Be Ready


Without A Witness, They Just Disappear

The second time around watching "Taking Chance", I was able to make it through the entire show without having to get up and walk away.

Someone escorted my Brother home in 1968.

Godspeed Chance Phelps, USMC, KIA 09 APR 2004.


Marxist House Press Whiner Attacks Critics

Robert Gibbs is a total fool on top of being yet one more Neo Marxists.  He says for people to "read Obamas' Plan" when all of the CONgress Critters haven't even read it.  This guy is an idiot.  He says everything is on the web site but "forgets" to remind everyone that Obama "promised" the Nation that bills would be posted on-line BEFORE any votiing would take place.  What a fool.  Listen to this ass ramble.  Never once is the United States Constitution even referred to.

Absolutely insane


Sen DeMint Calls For Street Demonstrations to Save America

Live Free Or Die

Here we go.  Constitutional Civil Unrest of Disorder?  Indeed it is.  Screw these upstart neo-Marxists in our midst!  The US Constitution?  What's that?

Gateway Pundit has the details as posted at Free Republic and Sen Jim DeMint is calling for street demonstrations to save out Nation.  As Alan Keyes has done, many in-office politicians are following suit.

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) was interviewed this week by the Augusta Chronicle.  Senator DeMint says the Obama Spendulus Bill was not only the most expensive but perhaps the most irresponsible piece of legislation ever passed by Congress.  He is calling for street demonstrations. [...]


[...] The worst since the adoption of the income tax, DeMint figures.

It's not just the amount of money involved, some $780 billion -- although that, alone, is corrosive enough to American freedom. "I've seen it happen inside government agencies: 'What can we do to get it spent?' It's the only way (the agencies can get money)," DeMint says. "I see that happen in Afghanistan and Iraq, where our aid programs are basically based on people being able to spend the money within a certain period of time so we can say we did something. And it just leads to a bunch of waste." [...]


I can hardly wait for the vitriolic "rightwingnutjobs" proclamations to ooze from the primordial mind sets of the American Libtard over Jim DeMints Battle Cry.  As we took the streets away from the Anti-Americanists screaming for our Troops to murder their Officers, so too we must Take Our Country Back from the neo-Marxists in CONgress and currently occupying the White House Marxist House.


Alan Keyes the "Alarmist": A Modern Day Paul Revere

Updated on Sun, February 22, 2009 at 23:32 by Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Like Pamela Geller says" WHAT HE SAID!

"Stop Obama or the US will cease to exist".  That can be seen as a vague statement in that ceasing to exist as we know it would be more to the point.  After reviewing the video, his statement has a much deeper meaning and is in fact more accurate than one would believe.

"Obama is a radical communist".  Absolutely true and I know for a fact that I have been saying this since the Übermessias Obama emerged from the primordial ooze in 2006.

"Obama has [advocated] infanticide."  A true statement.  And, I have the proof of that seeing that I have in my possession, the pdf document containing his own words from a "debate" in Chicago.  He has also stated in a public forum on the campaign trail that he wouldn't want his daughters burdened with an unwanted pregnancy because they didn't have the moral fortitude of keeping their legs together.  OK.  That last part was my interpretation but you get the point.

Click to read more ...


1860: And History Repeats Itself

Allahpundit and Donald Douglas have good pieces up discussing Glen Becks' American Apocalypse.  As I said in earlier posts, as soon as I find that Glen Beck piece from Fox and Friends, I would post the video.  Well, here it is.

Along with this "teaser" for his show later that evening, I have the videos from the American Apocalypse.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Go ahead.  Call me a Black Helicopter Republican if you like.  It's better than being a Fair Weather Wannabe Conservative that has turned a blind eye to historical escapades and circumstances.


The Fraidy Cat Doctrine or the You Don't Agree With Me Whinery

Alrighty then!  I have read El Rushbo's Op-Ed in the WSJ which was published on 2.20.09, a day or so after the Obama Goon came out and said that Obama wasn't for the Fairness Doctrine.  Of course he isn't.  It has an evil connotation to it so it will be called something else.  The Fairness Doctrine, Localism and Radio Accountability didn't go over so well so the name has to, NAY!, must change to something more appealing and more attractive to the idiots that cannot think for themselves.

El Rushbo seems to think that the reason Obama goons came out ahead of the OP-Ed  was to run interference seeing that El Rushbo is merely an insignificant entertainer and no one can get anything done listening to Rush Limbaugh.  Here's what El Rushbo had to say about all of this:

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Obama Apologists Acting Like Chicago Thugs? (Video)

This is unbelievable.  On national network news at that!  Listen carefully and you will hear Larry Kudlow self-detonate on how the Obama Team is responding to criticism.  We have all complained about how the Bush Team pretty much ignored the emotionally charged non-intellectuals and lambasted him with nothing of substance.  However, Obama gives us reams and reams of daily data and it shows he is out of his element and his moonbats are slowly seeing the real Obama.  The Fraud and Liar.  And that ain't all of it either.

Rick Santelli eviscerates the Obama Non Stimulus Porkulus Rape Fest of American Freedom Act.  Incredible.  I laughed so hard I nearly had an accident

Dan Riehl:

[...] we're seeing a WH that looks like it's being run more like a Chicago Ward, than the house that most presidents lived in. This is about attacking everyone and everything that opposes you. In the end, it demeans the office and raises serious concerns as to whether these people can be trusted with the power they now have. [...]

Click to read more ...


Ann Coulter Eviscerates Joy Behar

Ya just gotta LOVE Ann Coulter.  She takes no prisoners and she always wins.  That's why the libtards hate her and why I do not.

Game.  Set.  Match.


John F'n Kerry Sounds Off On Americanized Marxism

I think we can call them all socialist pig lip suckers now.

John F'n Kerry ... Stoooopid


Laura Ingraham Trounces The Troll Specter

Come 2010, Dufus Snowe, Crampy Collins and Arlen Sphincter Specter need to be ousted, tarred and feathered and sent out of town on a rail with that rail ending, with no safety stops, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  The fish need a crap sandwich as well.

A while back, Sphincter penned an op-ed that contained the usual Leftinistra hollowness that only retarded people agree with.

Sphincter Face Specter references Martin Feldstein upon occasion as do other libtards in CONgress but they inevitabley fail to quote what Martin said accurately.  That is a typical name-dropping technique used by people "banking on" - no pun intended - stupid people drinking the Leftinistra gism.  Here is what Martin Feldstein said, in part:

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Another Stimulus Is Crap Video

Collecting these videos is becoming a full-time job.  Then again, if I wasn't sick for two weeks, playing catch-up wouldn't be such an ordeal.  Nevertheless, these "I told you so" posts will come in handy in the future.

It's crap and everyone knows it.