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Obama May Be Disinvited to Notre Dame

According to a Catholic source, Obama may be "disinvited" to speak at Notre Dame and rightfully so.  His views on the murder of unborn children not only in America but the world over, his contrary not only to human decency but strictly forbidden by Catholic canon.  View the VIDEO here.  HT Amy Procter.

There are organizations making a "public nuisance" of themselves and if Obama is refused entry, I think it to be a kick right in his closeted Muzzie cod sack.  If he does manage to eek his way in, it will be another political coup for him.  Hopefully, as Amy states, Obama will be denied.  He needs to be and that is what the Senior Class has so stated.  What if Notre Dame gave a Graduation Ceremony and the Seniors stayed home?  What would Obama do?  Talk to an empty room?

[...] Archbishop Burke is an outspoken critic of Notre Dame’s decision to invite Barack Obama to address the graduating, calling it a scandal. He was appointed Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, on June 27, 2008, which means he is one of the Catholic Church’s premiere authority on canon law. [...]

No matter what that idiot Pelosi says, the Roman Catholic Church has always been dead-set against abortion and, one cannot be a good Catholic and side against the Pope.  An example would be that fraud "Flegar".  (Yes, I spelled it wrong on purpose with all due disrespect noted).

The Pope even issued  a ban on issuing communion for Biden and Pelosi until they repent of their sin on supporting and promoting abortion.


The Communists FEAR the Conservative Tsunami

Make no mistake about it.  Obama and his Clan of communists live in fear of the reactions and responses they have conjured up from the Silent Majority.  They live in fear of the Tea Parties.  They live in fear of the rising tide of conservatism.  They live in fear of the Christians that have seen the light, as it were.  Why else would they be attacking us as they are?  If we were as effete as they say we are, why all of the attacks?

If conservatism is indeed dead, why all the attacks on it daily?  If conservatism is dead, why do they fear it?  If the democrats in drag within the republican party is so sure that conservatism is dead, why attack it and say we have to be more liberal?  Because they, being democrats in drag, fear it.

As for the neocons, the laughable term for conservatives, they need to rejoin the democrat party as well because that is where they came from.  The neocons came to the GOP during the Reagan years to infiltrate the GOP.  We know who you are, Specter being one of them so, please, follow in his footsteps.  Be honest with yourselves.  And, take those morons Charles Johnson and Andrew Sullivan with you.  You deserve each other.

Miss California will keep her crown for expressing the EXACT SAME sentiments about marriage as has Obama on the campaign trail.  Yet, the communists attacked her for her views and have left Obama alone.  Why is that?  I don't expect any communist to respond to that question because they are afraid of its content.  A semi-brave soul might respond on the communist side of cowardice  but, it won't be a reasonable response.  If they respond at all, it will be vitriolic in content or the silence will be loud enough.  Either way, I win and it drives them insane.

For the five years, going on six, that I have been on many forums, blogs and chat rooms, not one communist, socialist or Americanized Marxist has taken me up on this challenge and I offer it up again.  This time, it will be more specific and appropriate to the current Congress and the current Marxist/Communist/Unknown hack and semi-closeted muzzie now living in the White Marxist House.

Name me on- JUST ONE - Constitutional Bill that has been passed since 1.20.09.  Just one.  If any of the Leftinistra offers up an answer, it must be substantiated with the United States Constitution via chapter and verse, not an "opinion" from some other anti-Americanist.  I say anti-Americanist because communism is in fact anti-American because the principles of communism, socialism, Marxism and other "ism" contrary to conservatism cannot co-exist in the same country that has the current United States Constitution as its founding document.  If any answers come, they will not pass muster.


Beware Of Obamanomics

Obama economic plan can be summarized as a failed plan before he even unleashes it. His plan has been done before and has failed before and will always fail. History teaches us that using Keynesian Policies will fail every time they are used. Just look at FDR, Carter and the policies of Japan in the 90s. Here is a very good article by Tom Woods from the Ludwig von Mises Institute that explains how this will never work and the fallacy of the "Green Jobs" that Obama's agenda are pushing through the government. BewareOfObamanomics

cross posted at Stix Blog

TV Ad: Help Us Defeat Harry Reid

Harry Reid is an Enemy Within


My Soldier's Coming Home (video)

New song.  Enjoy.


Burt Lancaster: Prophet in Seven Days In May

HT Thirdwavedave

Edmond O'Brien (Senator Raymond Clark) portrays the perfect libtard in this movie which, was released in 1964.  If this was a real-time event and fast forwarded to today, O'Brien would be the perfect Obamatard.  Whit Bissell (Senator Frederick Prentice) would be the Ronald Reaganish Hawk.  Funny how history does in fact repeat itself.


The Fourth of June

Two days before the international embarrassment that is Obama visits Normandy, closed to the public because he is a coward, a futz and effete, he plans on giving a speech at the mosque of mosques in Cairo, Egypt.  June 4th is the "anniversary" of the start of the Six Day War where Israel creamed their enemies...the Jihadis.  They have been in a state of war ever since.  And Obama, the Jihadi sympathized that he is, is going to spit on Israel.  And he "supports" Israel?  What a fraud.

Obama is sending coded messages, in my opinion.  The DHS classifies his opposition as domestic terrorists and does not a damn thing about the 35+ Jihadi training camps in the USA.  He mentions at the Obamedia bash last week that in his next 100 Days, he will get everything accomplished in 72 days and rest in the 73rd day.  72.  Ring a bell?  What do the Jihadis get when they die murdering?  72 virgins.  He mentioned 57 states on the campaig trial and there are 57 Nations of Islam in the OIC, sucking up to the UN.  Obama loves the UN.

Connect the dots.

While Obama is in Egypt, praising Islamic Jihad and screwing Israel, I just wonder what is going to happen here in the USA.  Hopefully nothing but, I am prepared for whatever it is to be.

Obama.  An international disgrace.  Obama.  An international embarrassment.  Obama.  An international laughing stock.

Have a nice day.


El Rushbo...Trouncing Moonbats

On Today's Show...
Ask Yourself: Has President Obama Kept His Inaugural Promise to End Petty Politics?
Have the political divisions of the past disappeared, America?  (Rush 24/7 Members:  Listen)
What Motivates Dick Cheney to Speak Out? (Rush 24/7 Members:  Listen)
"The biggest mistake Republicans could make is to follow Colin Powell's advice and move to the 'center,' because there is no 'center.'  Centrism' is a left-wing code word, just like 'bipartisanship.'  Centrism just means agreeing with Democrats and moving in their direction." -Rush Limbaugh 
» Dick Morris Gets It Right: No Triangulation Now » Cheney:  I'll Take Limbaugh Over Powell
"Dick Cheney is a lone voice in the Republican Party.  What motivates him?  He's not hot for interns. He has all the money he needs. He's not a torture freak. He doesn't want to run for political office -- and he knows he's toxic to the Drive-By Media. Yet he speaks out when he could just go fishing in peace. What motivates him? It's love for his country." -Rush Limbaugh 

A Great New Book by Brian Jennings: "Censorship: The Threat to Silence Talk Radio"
The Real Obama Budget: He's Printing Almost 50¢ for Every $1 He Spends This Year! 
He loves this, even though the economy is mired in recession. See, the goal isn't recovery.
The goal is more dependence, more welfare, and reparations. (Rush 24/7 Members:  Listen)
» Double-Wowza: Deficit to Top $1.8T » Oh, Of Course! White House: Deficit Not Our Fault
"How can a government that is $9 trillion in debt take over anything, including health care?  They can't afford to take over a kid's lemonade stand on Main Street USA." -Rush Limbaugh
Nancy Pelosi Lied! If a Liberal Tells a Whopper Lie, But Nobody Reports It, Is It Still a Lie?
Pelosi knew all about waterboarding terrorists. She was briefed on it, and supported it, 'cause back then it was fashionable to protect the country. Thanks, Nancy. (Rush 24/7 Members:  Listen)

The Revealing Air Force One Photo:  Lord Obama's plane HUGE and Lady Liberty...teeny tiny.

Geithner Says Obama's Policies are Designed to "Prevent the Next Boom"
Rush's Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page...
» Rasmussen: Only 24% Understand Cap & Trade » Chavez Troops Seize Oil Service Companies
» Obama More Popular Than USA with Muslims » Saudis: Husbands Can Slap Wives for Spending
» AP Exposes the Obama Porkulus Scam » Miss California "Controversy" is About Free Speech
» White House: No Job Growth in '09 » Obama Threatens to Yank Back California Stimulus Funds

 All that and more when we update!

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The Leftisist Never Say Such Things Part xxxxxxx

The Obamedia bash the other night revealed Letarded hate-speech that the Leftards say they don't say.  Just one example depicting one of thousands...

Yesterday, a soldier in a stress clinic at Camp Liberty took the lives of 5 fellow soldiers and wounded others.  He is now in custody.  Listen to the "tolerant and kind" libtards. The comments below are from the Texas Fred's post, taken from the USA Today article.

zippy68: Has Bush found those WMD yet?

Key Mal: AN AMERICAN SOLDIER KILLED THEM? This war is getting WAY outta control!

Reggie Brown: If WMDs had been found in Iraq, FOXnews would STILL be running the story every hour on the hour.

cheatedcitizen: Was he a life member of the NRA? (Fred Note: cheatedcitizen is a below average moron, even as morons go)

Dr S: guns, guns, guns…. Trade off: Oil. Thanks Bushies.

RUSHisFAT: the shooter was a member of the NRA. Figures!
May15thProphecy: More proof of the 100% accuracy of GOD CURSE OF THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION

buckrepublicans: Republicans are murderers and torturers,Democrats let them. We Americans get the black eye.Triple tax Republicans,let them pay for their war.Hang Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz from the Washington Monument,as millions cheer.I want to hear their boot heels clicking in the breeze.Maybe we could make lynching legal ,like water-boarding. Buck Republicans in the mouth,you won’t hear any lies.

Legal Immigrant: Bill Kristol took authorship of the invasion of Iraq and has intellectual reasons why the military must be there. The people involved on the ground do not know the true reason they are there. Just a bigger fish deciding your life for you.

Albino Grandma: Rush? Are you back on the Oxycontin again?

buckrepublicans: Kill the republican party before they kill us

buckrepublicans: Oxycontin has killed many people,to bad Rush isn’t one of them.

buckrepublicans: Who will bring honor back to our millitary?

joe_oly: A US soldier goes Postal and kills 5 of his comrades.Maybe one of them reminded him of Bush.
billrandle: Just wait until all these soldiers “suffering from traumatic stress” get back to the United States and have easy access to guns. These kinds of rampages have only just begun…

kts1005: LOL he probably got his renewal notice in the mail from the NRA and went postal…..

And the leftards are "understanding", nice and kind?  Bull shit.  Hey, libtards.  Drop dead.  The sooner the better and the world can't wait.


Obamacorn One Fly By

HT Ace via HotSpur


Obama's Memogate Part 2

My first article on this can be read at your leisure.  This issue of alleged torture via water boarding is not going away thanks to Nancy Pelosi from San Fran Nannystan.  She is a liar on top of being a fraud and the violator of both the Smith and Logan Acts.  She belongs in jail.  My study about her being directly responsible for American deaths and wounding in the current war is an ongoing project.  She aided and abetted the enemy in a time of war.  She says she supports the Troops but her actions do not support her rhetoric.  Remember when she thanked Iran for bringing the peace in Basra?  I do.  If you haven't heard her make that claim, listen here.

Nancy visited Iraq on Mother's Day on the heals of her international embarrassment in regards to the Obama Memogate, getting caught lying about her knowledge, in a vain attempt to distract.  We are no longer distracted and she needs to resign and banned from public office.  She also went to Iraq, in my opinion, to show that the Troops do really like her and don't really want to see her in an elevator with loaded weapons (snicker snicker snort snort).  "See?  I care about you.  I came all the way to Iraq just to show my support."  She is a fraud and fought like hell to lose the war front in Iraq.

Click to read more ...


About Those 57 States...

We all remember the alleged gaffe of the Übermessias Obama on the campaign trail where he said he hasd visited all 57 States with two more to go.  Correct?  Just in case you have "forgotten" or have chosen to purposefully forgotten or have chosen to just not acknowledge the "gaffe"...

I didn't believe back then it was a gaffe and if I had, back then, knowing what I know now about Obama and having witnessed his every public move and listened to most of his public verbiage utterances since the "gaffe", I wouldn't believe it was a gaffe at all now, today.

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A Moron Bigotted and Racist Libtard Rambles

The following email was sent to the "other" site I write for, American Daily Review.  I am also a co-founder of that site, albeit in a lesser capacity than the other guys.  Anyway, I decided to go ahead and publish this drivel because some moron on the Left ststed that no one on their side says stuff like this.  Gee.  I wonder who that libtard might be.  Let's see.  OH!  RIGHT!  It was Atrios writing at Eschaton with ITS retarded post entitled, "All Members of Military Are Murderers".  Nice.  Idiot.

So, without further ado, here is a militant bigot.

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More Distractions To Make Your Day

There is another story, in a long list of stories, of stupid, dumb, ignorant and perhaps retarded Obamabots or, if you prefer, Obamatards.  Loki sent it via IM and I could not believe it when I read it.  Looking into it deeper, I found that it is true.  It seems a particular woman had a particular picture of Obama and two other women wanted it more than the woman that owned it.  So, what did the other two conspire to do?  Steal it.  Yes.  They conspired to steal it, assaulted the owner and are now in jail.  The really sad part is one of the Obamatards had her three-year-old with them as they made their getaway and the mother has been charged with endangering her child.  I hope they are satisfied.  Liberalism.  It's a mental disorder.  When was the last time a conservative stole a picture of Ronald Reagan or some other conservative or a Republican, for that matter?  Couldn't they have just downloaded it from the internet somewhere?  Aren't there pictures of Obama anywhere?  The distraction is here.  Marla is in the pic to the right and Tamika is in the pic to the left.

Marla Anderson wanted that Barack Obama picture.

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Constitutionalists, Sovereignty, Domestic Terrorists, DHS and HR 2159

Updated on Sun, May 10, 2009 at 19:45 by Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

My friend Loki called me earlier today and asked if I had received his email and I said that I didn't and hadn't checked it yet at all today.  So, he hemmed and hawed saying that we were going to talk about HR 2159 on his show this Wednesday evening.  Being the curious lad that I am, I pretty much begged to know what in the hell HR 2159 was and he said something like, DHS reports and DHS Lexicons.  We hung up, I checked my email and his message hadn't arrived yet.  It STILL hasn't arrived.  I went and looked for HR 2159.  To sum it up, how many times and how many ways can you say "KISS MY ASS"?

HR 2159: "Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009" (gov tracks)(thomas)

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And the Bitch Goes to Baghdad

Thank you President Bush.  Thank you General David Petraeus.  And, most of all and most importantly, thank you to the Troops for making it possible for Nancy Pelosi, the woman that said that it was impossible for you to have done what you did, to visit Baghdad so she wouldn't have to endure what Hillary Clinton said she had to endure - you know, dodging sniper fire and all that.

AFP: US House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi meets with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki (R) in Baghdad. Maliki has assured Pelosi that Iraq's security will be unaffected by the planned American troop withdrawal from Iraqi cities. (AFP/IPMO-HO)


Here is a report from The Hill:

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