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My 50 Year Experience of the American Political Falderals

For the longest time, I was an avid blogger/reporter here at The Snooper Report. At one time, for several years, my Alexa rating was hovering at or nearing 80,000, in 2008. Now, the Alexa rating is close to 14,000,000 because I stopped blogging in 2008…I had a stroke and a heart attack due to the inanities of the American people at that time, especially the morons of the GOP.  Apparently, the American people forgot what our Founding Fathers did for us all. Through the Founding Fathers, God gave us all His Grace and His Confidence for the new breed of His people, Christians. We Americans are the only Christian Nation on this planet, regardless of what the Jihadi Scumbag of the years 2008 to 2016 did to this nation.

In the year 2010 right after I stopped blogging in 2008

At first I was a mil-blogger from 2004 to 2006 but I got heavily pulled into the political morass of this country, the USA, and I became an unpolitically correct individual, a non-multicultural advocate and a detester of identity politics. In fact, my political slant began when I was 13-years of age, now being 63-years of age…that’s 50 years for your information. Why 13? If you know me, you’ll know the answer…as for the rest of you, that’s none of your business.

I started out as a mil-blogger because I was in and out of the military and at that time I knew many men and women in the military and those of what we called Spookville that sent me emails to my top-secret address (that I still have-it takes 5 passwords to get into it) and some actually called on my secret cell phone of which I no longer have access to.

As you can see, there are many tabs on the top of this Sqarespace blog, bought and paid for by myself, with articles, pictures and opinion pieces of our military and the political falderal of the American people and the Amerikan defective politicians throughout this land that at one time was the Land of the Free…but we are no longer Free due to the Police State in which we all live. The amount of articles on this web site is close enough to call 40,000…from 2004 to 2008 I posted close to 50 articles per day; many people are still going to The Snooper Report.

I started out at Townhall but the neo-cons there put an end to my blogging due to their inadequacies of Truth and the American Dream. I then went to Blogger but the “libtards” that ran it before and mostly after Google aquired the platform and articles and pictures would vanish. (NOTE: the term “libtard” was invented by a good friend of mine with the initials of JA who used to blog at “I Hate Liberals”. We used to talk on Blog Talk Radio for many years but that ended when my medical conditions went to hell in a hand basket. A libtard is a retarded Liberal and if you know what the term “retarded” means, you will understand. If you are in fact a “libtard”, being a democrat mostly, republican or independent, you will think that the term “retarded” has something to do with mental issues of children, which is not the case.) I then went to Wordpress and the same “libtards” were there as well. So, I bought this platform from Squarespace and no articles/pictures have ever vanished.

Through my years of following politics since the age of 13 and studying the Holy Scriptures of the Bible (the Geneva Bible and the Authorized King James Bible of 1611) as well as studying our Constitution of the United States (seeking clarification from James Madison’s Notes on the Constitution - not some quack mutant, a member of the Amerikan Fruit Loop Brigades - I have concluded that America is the only nation left on this planet, save Israel, that has a populace that still worships God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, which is The Why our Government hasn’t changed hands to something else as every other nation has changed from time to time. For 242 years we have had one and only one Constitution and some time in the early 1800s we changed (1871 is when we really changed).

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