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Tyranny by majority vote: Can the people vote out the right to bear arms?

I AM one of those 14 million that can “pick a fight” should we need to…the enemies of our State will lose in a Big WayThe below article will support this which I am about to write…

The ONLY way Constitutionally to abrogate a God-given RIGHT to bear arms, according to the 2nd Amendment of the Federal Constitution, is by an Amendment stating that the 2nd Amendment “is hereby removed” from our Constitution. That is what the Article V of the Constitution so dictates.

The CONgress cannot CONSTITUTIONALLY vote to remove the 2nd Amendment. This “Act” would create a War Storm second to none.

The Federal Judiciary cannot write an OPINION to remove the 2nd Amendment. This “Act” would create a War Storm second to none.

The President of the United States cannot CONSTITUTIONALLY write an “Executive Order” to remove the 2nd Amendment. This would create a War Storm second to none.

We Americans have the God-given RIGHT to “change our government” as we see fit, CONSTITUTIONALLY, via The Declaration of Independence.

Just because The Declaration of Independence and our God-given Constitution were written “hundreds of years ago”, means NOTHING. In Article VI of the Constitution, the Federal Constitution IS THE LAW OF THE LAND. The CONgress is not. The Judiciary is not. The Presidency is not. Get over it.

And, I don’t care WHAT “State Law” so does or so passes. If the “State Laws” passed violate the Constitution, those “laws” passed are in fact UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Period. End of discussion. I live in a “State” that has infringed upon my God-given RIGHT to bear arms and I IGNORE the UNCONSTITUTIONAL “laws” passed that infringe upon my God-given RIGHTS to bear any armament I so see fit to own and carry! Period. End of discussion. The End.

And now, the article and I so quote…

“WE” are ready. Are YOU?Owning weapons is an unalienable right that was recognized by America’s founders as an indispensable element in establishing a real deterrent to tyranny in government.  Putting it more plainly, America’s founders knew that, without their weapons, they could not have freed themselves from the tyranny of the British Crown, so they ratified the Second Amendment in order to clarify that no government has legitimate power to infringe the right to bear arms.

If not for their eager use of military-grade weapons, the colonists could never have defeated the British army and its mercenaries in the 18th century.  The United States of America would not today exist if the American colonists had not owned weapons of the same type owned by the British and Hessian soldiers. 

If Americans are suppressed by their government, if their rights are further abridged, and if American government becomes able to commit more of the kinds of egregious abuses that other despotic regimes have committed, it will be due in great part to the general confiscation of firearms from the civil population, who would then become defenseless in the face of government tyranny.

Don’t imagine that such tyranny could not take place.  There are already symptoms of the growth of tyranny in America.  Unconstitutional legislation is nothing new, while what contradicts the Constitution represents an incursion into tyranny, leaning away from rule of law and toward rule by the whims of those in power. 

The Florida Legislature has already on more than one occasion passed unconstitutional legislation in an effort to infringe the right to bear arms.  That was achieved by a Florida Legislature the majority of the members of which were registered Republicans.  Governor Rick Scott did not veto their last attempt last year, but signed it into law, in violation of law.  The law thus passed is invalid but in force.  That is tyranny.

But rather than recognizing their blunder and repealing it, the government of Florida is doubling down by advancing its agenda of infringing the right to bear arms.  An anti–semiautomatic weapons initiative may appear on Florida’s 2020 ballot as a referendum.  A majority of voters could decide in 2020 whether to outlaw semiautomatic weapons. 

Just one problem: An unalienable right does not originate either from governments or from men.  As the Declaration of Independence states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights[.]”  Rights come from God.  So whenever men try to suppress rights, they act against men and God.  They become tyrants. 

Neither do governments have delegated power to infringe the right to bear arms, nor does a majority of the voters have the legitimate authority to determine that God-granted rights should be infringed.  Referenda have no legitimacy with regard to determining whether or not to infringe a God-granted right. 

The corrupt bureaucracy hopes to bamboozle America into accepting the vote of a majority on this issue.  A majority vote in favor of banning semiautomatic weapons would facilitate the leftist agenda of disarming Americans.  But it would have to result in a great deal of bloodshed, as millions of Americans are no more willing to be disarmed today than were in the 18th-century American colonists who used their military-grade weapons to defeat the British.

Educated Americans understand that once a government attempts to disarm the people, genocide is not far behind.  That is a historical norm.  And they understand that tyranny by majority vote is tyranny.

Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum
(If you want peace, prepare for war.)
Sic Semper Tyrannis!
Death to Tyrants

“Be still and know that I am God: …” Psalm 46:10