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This is pretty much a bunch of crap, FYI.
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This is pretty much a bunch of CRAP, FYI HINT: “MOSTLY TRUE” is a “MOSTLY FALSE” deal which means “MOSTLY TRUE” is a LIE.

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socialist christians - the antithesis of Jesus Christ

My divorce was FINALIZED at Meadows Baptist Church in Plano, TX. Nice “[g]odly place…In today’s day and age when one considers what to make of the socialist christian and when one has their eyes upon the Word of God Himself, the terminology to decipher is the Laodecian Church…the Church of the Quintessential Milquetoast.  For many years The Snooper Report has been preaching and teaching about this milquetoast rampant church system and its useless leadership but never in my mind did I ever consider that Meadows Baptist Church in Plano, TX would have succumb to the influences of the king of this world, Satan himself.  I suppose that is what happens when the leadership becomes so engrossed in itself that they become “doctors” of silliness and unscriptural tomfoolery.  The Apostle Paul called them the “Doctorisms of Demons”.  (It is in 2 Timothy 3.)

For instance, the term “provoke”.  A socialist christian knows not what that term means and wouldn’t dare look the term up in a dictionary because socialists know all there is to know and dictionaries are for the ignorant. 

1. To incite to anger or resentment.
2. To stir to action or feeling.
3. To give rise to; evoke: provoke laughter.
4. To bring about deliberately; induce: provoke a fight.

The terms above should give rise to look more terms up in a dictionary, shouldn’t it?  When one has Truth on their side, who is doing the provoking?

Ephesians chapter 5 —-

1Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.

 2Honour thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise;

 3That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.

 4And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Wrath?  Is Truth wrath?  It most certainly is when a marxist, socialist or a heathen is being preached upon by God’s Holy Word…is it not?

Sometimes the “good doctor” pastor scott fenton should actually read the first part of the Scripture and not some other part that when taken on its own makes for a good socialist to blather upon.  Dear scott…a text taken out of context is a pre-text and it really means nothing to anyone that has just a few hints of Truth running about.  Then again, perhaps the “good doctor” should look up the terms in a dictionary like “text”, “context” and “pre-text”.

Dear scott…if my sons are not “honoring” me or “obeying” me, utilizing your own socialism, isn’t that provoking me?  Well, perhaps not because they have been taught to be socialists and socialists make no mistakes.  Correct?

Now, “doctor” scott loves the circles he draws which make no sense to anyone that that has any common sense and perhaps his ego has made him forget what a Christian vertical alignment is as an agnostic buffoon states here.  As one examines this link, one soon reveals what a socialist christian so reveals to its misfortunate congregation and what they are told to believe.

If I were to say so, and I will, the socialist christian has no Christian integrity to speak of.

If I were to say so, and I will, the socialist christian would say that the UN has no say so for christianity.

As far as I can tell, vertical alignment is, God, Neighbor, Self.

[…] You may be misleading your neighbor. When we’re out of alignment just a little bit, you could be misleading your neighbor. However, the neighbor should know enough to not be misled. The Bible says that we should each study to be approved unto God. So if we allow our neighbor to mislead us, we do so knowingly. That’s why the Bible says to love God first, and then your neighbor as yourself. It’s nobody else’s responsibility to check your alignment. It is my responsibility to realize my alignment problem. And in order to be aligned, you must allow God to move and adjust you. […]

[…] What are we supposed to be aligned with? The ordinances and commandments of God. That’s not our viewpoint or upbringing or any other thing. It’s very specific. We’re supposed to be aligned with God our maker. When we fall out of that alignment, things start wobbling. If you’re aligned with he world and not with God, you’re not aligned with the right thing. If we follow the commandments and ordinances of God, it doesn’t matter if we’re not aligned with the world; we’re where we’re supposed to be. […]

 Jesus Christ is The Lord of all lords.  Period.

PS I wrote this article on 12.22.2011 a little over a month the day I was thrown out of my house, unscripturally, and I am just now publishing this article.

There WILL be more to follow seeing that NO ONE in my home will answer my mail or text messages.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


The Priestess of the Church of Laodecia writes the Untruth of today

Out of curiosity, I haven't written about the following debacle written by an atheist or at least a socialized "christian" due to the fact of my research.  Many socialized christians that follow along the lines of the Church of Laodecia agree with the Priestess known as Phil Zuckerman.  Theoretically, this socialist, I mean sociology professor, seems to think that Jesus Christ was a True Socialist in his endeavors.  This leads me to believe that Satan has gotten into his loins and causes him to bellow incidious comments and describes them as a good thing.

POS atheist whoreIt always gets to me how atheists think they know so much about nothing.  Ronald Reagan mentioned these types years ago and I suppose it never took hold.  Watching the videos of this Priestess Zuckerman makes me realize that the Trumpets must soon sound but don't ask him about the Trumpets because he just wouldn't know.  Another item for discussion at a later date would be why in the world are atheists "preaching" and teaching the bidings of a man that hates God...never mind.

Sam Harris writes the following and Sam Harris is an atheist.

"Most Americans are convinced that faith in God is the foundation of civil society. Society Without God reveals this to be nothing more than a well-subscribed, and strangely American, delusion. Even atheists living in the United States will be astonished to discover how unencumbered by religion most Danes and Swedes currently are. This glimpse of an alternate, secular reality is at once humbling and profoundly inspiring--and it comes not a moment too soon."

All nations and peoples that embrace a culture outside of the Holy Scriptures is a doomed culture and the Trumpets will never be heard.  Welcoming a secular existence is not only an odd topic of discussion but way off the mark of God the Father.

Andrew Tonkovich, another atheist writes:


Sociologist Phil Zuckerman traveled to Scandinavia to ask godless Danes and Swedes—their collective lives measurably better, more stable, more humane than ours—why they don’t worship invisible, tyrannical deities. You can pretend not to know the answer—or be surprised at the U.S. Senate Chaplain’s recent claim that Senators pray on their knees in his office, seeking counsel from the supernatural on public policy. Then get over it, quick, and hear Zuckerman discuss his book, Society Without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us About Contentment. Just sayin’, er, prayin’.

How can this be reconciled with God's Book?  It cannot but Satan sure does get a kick out of, doesn't he?

Those of you that know me via my web sites know that I am rather Gruntish in my tone.  That's because I was a Grunt, and still am, since I was 18 years old and I served this Nation for 28 years.  I traveled to every country that ended with "Stan" and some that should have been labeled a "Stan" country.  Many times I was clearly a Snooper.  Sometimes I was a speaking Snooper.  We discussed Islam v Christianity and we discussed the Constitution of the United States, something every liberal (marxist-sociopath) knows nothing about.

Most that have actually met me don't really know who or what I am.  That's my Nature.  However...

I am a Christian.  Not a socialized christian but a real Christian.  My Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ.  I believe in the Holy Trinity...there is a God, a Son and a Holy Spirit.  Wherever I went, the Holy Scriptures were in my possession and I read the Bible many times over, through and through.  I know it like the back of my hand.  At times I would prefer that it didn't teach what it teaches but that is due to my Sin and I have quite a bit of that.  Yes, I swear.  So what?  Yes, I smoke.  So what?  Yes, I used to drink quite heavily.  So what?  What business is that of yours?

I haven't read anywhere in the Scriptures where that is frowned upon but I do know about the Temple that lives within I stopped...most of it anyway.  It took a while but stop I did.  Atheists cannot say this, can they?  No, they cannot.

I find it extraordinary that atheists pretend they know about Jesus Christ and, as a Grunt, I must laugh and make fun of them all.  Why?  Because I am going to Heaven and they are not.  However, do not tell Dan Cady this because he believes their is no Hell.  As the Scriptures tell us to be ready and have oil in our lamps, I hope that Dan Cady and Phil Zuckerman have their meager settings of marshmallows because Hell Fire is where they are this time.

The Priestess Zuckerman wrote another waste of time book and the preview for this book has this to say:

W. E. B Du Bois is arguably one of the most imaginative, perceptive, and prolific founders of the sociological discipline. In addition to leading the Pan-African movement and being an activist for civil rights for African Americans, Du Bois was a pioneer of urban sociology, an innovator of rural sociology, a leader in criminology, the first American sociologist of religion, and most notably the first great social theorist of race. The Social Theory of W. E. B. Du Bois is the first book to examine Du Bois’s writings from a sociological perspective and emphasize his theoretical contributions. This volume covers topics such as the meaning of race, race relations, international relations, economics, labor, politics, religion, crime, gender, and education.

Racism, the very term, was created by those that call themselves Marxists and these people have become what they preach against.  It is the way of the Marxist-Sociopath.

Phil Zuckerman and all atheists have fallen for the Big Lie and believe in the following: 

NOTE: I keep mentioning the marxist-sociopath.  What is a marxist-sociopath?  A marxist-sociopath, as defined by me, is the worse of the worse of five "forms" of government.  1) Marxism/Communism; 2) Fascism; 3) Socialism; 4) Black Liberation Theology; 5) Social Justice.  One may be able to combine them all and one will come up with the following which mean the same thing: liberalism, progressivism, the current mode of Democrat and Democrats In Drag (republicans in name only).  So, what I have come up with is the Marxist-Sociopath.  That is an easier way of telling everyone what the current crop of Democrats are in any and all of the above five items.  So, that is what a marxist-sociopath is.  The worse of the worse.

When one believes in Marxism/Communism; Fascism; Socialism; Black Liberation Theology; social Justice, they become Marxist-Sociopaths, plain and simple and Jesus Christ was not one of the above whatsoever.  And when an atheist or anything similar to an atheist says what they say about Jesus being a socialist, one must consider the consequences of their actions and their tones and promptly ignore anything they may have to say about anything.

God is not a Marxist.  God is not a Socialist.  God is not a Black Liberation Theologist.  God is not a Fascist.  God does not believe in Social Justice.  If someone can show me in the Bible where I am wrong, please do so.

If what the Atheist Clan says is so true, why has the entire Evangelical Clan turned away from one Barack Hussein Obama?  Why is that?  We have heard that America is no longer a Christian Nation and how true is that?

The Priestess Zuckerman ends his pathetic atheist debacle this way:

Of course, conservative Americans have every right to support corporate greed, militarism, gun possession, and the death penalty, and to oppose welfare, food stamps, health care for those in need, etc. -- it is just strange and contradictory when they claim these positions as somehow "Christian." They aren't.

Corporate Greed: the liberals love Big Money but blame the Conservatives for it.  Think Unions.

Militarism: the military keeps this Nation free so the atheists can act the ass and the liberals can rob and steal as they do best on a daily basis.

Gun Possession: liberals own guns too.  Ask Michael Moore.

Death Penalty: show me where this is wrong in the Holy Scriptures.  Please.

Oppose Welfare: show me in the Holy Scriptures where this is approved of.  Please.

Food Stamps: show me in the Holy Scriptures where this is approved of.  Please.

Health Care for those in need: show me in the Holy Scri[tures where this is approved of.  Please.

Atheists are atheists and they are all going to Hell if they do not change their ways and I don't care what political party they associate with.

I read the King James Version and The Why to that is my business.  The Bible teaches all that we are to obey Man's Law until such a time that Man's Law subverts God's Law.  Period.  No Dot Com.

I read the Constitution of the United States, that very document that the "liberal" cannot fathom the existence thereof.  In our Law of the Land, the death penalty is AOK.  Think Treason.  In our Law of the Land, welfare, food stamps and health care are not mentioned so therefore these issues are States Rights issues and NOT the federal government's business.  Perhaps the atheists and the "liberals" should actually read the USC.

And what is wrong with gun possession?  Sounds like a typical marxist-sociopathism to me.

Corporate greed?  Ask the democrats.  They invented it and thrive upon it.

Militarism.  Ask the Nations that thrive upon that, like Libya, moron.

Atheists.  BAH!  Humbug.  Get a real job.  The only thing I can say to an atheist, in my book, is to STFU and STFD.

The Snooper Report
Join us as we Take Our Country Back
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly