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Drum Beats of War and Confusion

One Nation, Under Fear

[...] The underlying argument from the Tea Party protests and other groups is a reassertion of state’s rights. [...]


[...] The problem wasn't just bad decisions followed by rash reactions and changing stories. The mistakes, oversights, cover-ups, and bad press of this past week all hit Obama in the most sensitive spots, undercutting the pillars on which he had built his rare transpartisan appeal.

During the transition, Obama won some Republican hearts with his promise of competence and intelligence. When he stacked his administration with Ivy League PhDs, David Brooks gushed that Obama was "picking the best of the Washington insiders," and giggled, "If a foreign enemy attacks the United States during the Harvard-Yale game any time over the next four years, we're screwed." [...]

Very funny moron.  Very funny.


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Callin' All The Clans Together - The Show

What will it take, America?  Are you going to allow the continuation of the blatant, open and obvious usurpations of your American Civil Rights as guaranteed in the United States Constitution?  Or, are you going to "do something"?

Todays' show, 4 MAR 09, was aired at 1100 hours Texas time instead of the normal time of 1300 hours.  I did this 15-minute podcast at that time because I had an appointment with my neurologist during the usual scheduled time.

On this show, I played a continual loop of the song written by James Hooker, some of it normal volume and some not.  I spoke over the background expressing my concerns and challenges to the American People as a whole.

The audio segment is 15-minutes in duration.  This post will remain at the top of this main page of this web site for the time being.  We are in a Constitutional Crisis in this Nation whether you accept that or believe it.  Denying that doesn't mean it isn't so.  Arise to the Challenge America.  Before your right to do so is eliminated.

The time is at hand.  We don't have the luxury of ignoring this any longer.


The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


The Time Has Come America

Hang onto your hats America.  This is going to be a bumpy ride.  Are you done yet?  Are you done writing your Representatives and Senators only to have them turn around and tell you that the Will of the Congress will be done regardless the way you feel and no matter what you demand?

Arise Citizen Warriors!  Arise!

From my point of view, the Federal Government is hereby placed on notice:  Adhere to the United States Constitution, Resign or be Prosecuted by WE THE PEOPLE!  This is not a drill.  For those of you "in the business", an explanation of "or be prosecuted" has a special meaning.  For those of you that don't know, "or be prosecuted", simply stated, is self elimination.  It's the honorable way to atone for your sins against your own countryman.

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Obama: 30 Days and Beyond

I know I have written on this before but, I thought I would take the time and do a litle catch up.  It has now been 39 days since the coronation of the Übermessias Obama, going on 40 and he has indeed accomplished quite a bit.  First and foremost, he has nearly quadrupled the debt that was under control - in comparison - when the Bush Administration was in command.  Using the libtarded logic, it is all relative.

Under the Bush Administration, the markets were more or less stable as was the rest of the economy.  As soon as Obama was elected, the markets began to tank and there is no sign of an upward swing in the near future.  I do suspect the timing of all this economic turmoil but that is fro another post - or not.  We'll see.

So, we have February as the worst February since 1933, under ObamImam.  Now that is something to write home to Knya about right there.  January's record numbers were even worse as the markets did much more than tank.  On top of that dismal report, ObamImam is expected to, as I said before, quadruple the Bush deficit of $450B.  So, if $459B was the result of eight years of failed economic policies, how will multiplying that by four going to be beneficial?

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American Tea Parties

All across America, echoes of our Founding Fathers are ringing through the Halls of the Dishonorable Congress and in the closets of the White House Marxist House.  As the economy tanks every time the Three Amoebas, Reid, Pelosi and Obama, open their pie-holes, the State’s Rights Sovereignty Movement grows and grows exponentially.  Life must suck at the moment for the Americanized Marxists that managed to flim-flam the feeble minded sycophants that elected them under the guise of Hopenchange.

Even the once-upon-a-time Main Stream Media, now the Lame Stream Media, has given way to what General Rachel of Blog Talk Radio fame calls the Main Stream Media.  That’s us.  That’s Glen Beck.  That’s El Rushbo, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and the Heading Right Channel on Blog Talk Radio.  We have always had the pulse of America and now that Obama has shown his absolute FOOWS, Fish Out Of Water Syndrome, America is catching on…they have been flim-flammed.  As the saying goes, pay back is a bitch, Barry.  The graphic depicted here was created by Sonlit Knight of A Newt One which, has unfortunately gone by the wayside.

I saw a poster today at one of the Tea Parties and it stated, “Repeal or Resign”.  This of course was in reference to the unconstitutional Generational Rape and Theft of America Act of 2009.

As the Silent Majority now begins to rise to the occasion, the Americanized Marxists will run away and pretend this is not happening, to their demise and detriment.

Feel free to spread this news far and wide.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


For Whom The Bell Tolls

for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee..."

All Freedom Lovers within the United States are now officially at war, whether they know it or accept it or not.  We are at war with the un constitutional United States Congress and whoever that man is currently occupying the White House Marxist House, unconstitutionally.  We have several choices.  We can either roll over and accept the fact that we no longer have a Constitution and that taxation without representation is now the acceptable norm or, we can fight.  I choose to fight.

We have several choices in the way we fight.  We can march on DC and physically remove the unconstitional CONgress and "that other guy" and replace them by holding elections or we can remain cool, calm and collect and vote every single one of them out in 2010: ALL OF THEM.  If we choose the Voting Road, we MUST replace them with honest men and women.  Currently, none exist in the DISHONORABLE Halls of the largest collection of crooks and robber barons to ever amass in one location.

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State Sovereignty - Live Free Or Die - The Movement Grows

As the movement to claim State Sovereignty grows, Obamatards disguied as "legal scholars" are coming out in a pathetic attempt at libtard spin...they claim that the States don't have that Constitutional Right because Federal Statute OVERRIDES the Constitution.  W.T.F.O.?  I don't know where these clowns got their "scholar" parchments but I have an inkling that they got them out of the same place Obama stashes his birth certificate.

With a Hat Tip to FaultlineUSA, we have an article by JD Longstreet explaining the "phallucy" of these fools and tools that have no earthy idea of that which they pretend to know.  If what they say is true, why then has there not been a Constitutional Convention to amend the US Constitution to repeal the 9th and 10th Amendments?  I know.  The criminals in DC, the anti-constitutionalists pass laws and the Judiciary passes excrement in the forms of OPINIONS (not law - it is unconstitutional for the judiciary to legislate) trying to get around the US Constitution.

This isn't going to happen any longer.  There are now 27 States (over half) now going for the reasserting their Sovereignty.  It will either be peaceful or not.  Uncle Nobamatard needs to STFU and STFD, produce his birth certificate or vacate his unconstitutional "reign".



The American Apocalypse Today On TOCB Radio!

What does your Crystal Ball reveal to you?

Join us today as we talk about The American Apocalypse on Take Our Country Back Radio on BTR.  Show time is 1300 hours CST.  The call-in # is (646) 716-8742.  GET SOME!

The opening segment starts with the National Anthem with the theme from the "Patriot" with Mel Gibson.  We then have the #2 Bigot in the Obamination Administration spouting off and touting his racism, Eric Holder.  We then have Megan Kelly hammering Bill Press over the Fairness Doctrine.  As the opening segment concludes, Alan Keyes joins us as he proceeds to eviscerate the Messiah.  And, that is just the opening segment.

At 19 minutes into the show, Laura Ingraham and Arlen Sphincter join us as Laura shreds the RINOs' lack of rational thought processes and asks him how it feels to be whined and dined (bribed) by Obama.

The first commercial break is for DTRT Radio and it begins at 30 minutes into the show.

The next guest segment begins at 45 minutes into the show and the crew from Fox and Friends joins us with special guest Glen Beck.  Glen fills the Nation in on his Crystal Ball reading, leading up to the next American Apocalypse.  You won't want to miss this one.

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Sen DeMint Calls For Street Demonstrations to Save America

Live Free Or Die

Here we go.  Constitutional Civil Unrest of Disorder?  Indeed it is.  Screw these upstart neo-Marxists in our midst!  The US Constitution?  What's that?

Gateway Pundit has the details as posted at Free Republic and Sen Jim DeMint is calling for street demonstrations to save out Nation.  As Alan Keyes has done, many in-office politicians are following suit.

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) was interviewed this week by the Augusta Chronicle.  Senator DeMint says the Obama Spendulus Bill was not only the most expensive but perhaps the most irresponsible piece of legislation ever passed by Congress.  He is calling for street demonstrations. [...]


[...] The worst since the adoption of the income tax, DeMint figures.

It's not just the amount of money involved, some $780 billion -- although that, alone, is corrosive enough to American freedom. "I've seen it happen inside government agencies: 'What can we do to get it spent?' It's the only way (the agencies can get money)," DeMint says. "I see that happen in Afghanistan and Iraq, where our aid programs are basically based on people being able to spend the money within a certain period of time so we can say we did something. And it just leads to a bunch of waste." [...]


I can hardly wait for the vitriolic "rightwingnutjobs" proclamations to ooze from the primordial mind sets of the American Libtard over Jim DeMints Battle Cry.  As we took the streets away from the Anti-Americanists screaming for our Troops to murder their Officers, so too we must Take Our Country Back from the neo-Marxists in CONgress and currently occupying the White House Marxist House.


1860: And History Repeats Itself

Allahpundit and Donald Douglas have good pieces up discussing Glen Becks' American Apocalypse.  As I said in earlier posts, as soon as I find that Glen Beck piece from Fox and Friends, I would post the video.  Well, here it is.

Along with this "teaser" for his show later that evening, I have the videos from the American Apocalypse.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Go ahead.  Call me a Black Helicopter Republican if you like.  It's better than being a Fair Weather Wannabe Conservative that has turned a blind eye to historical escapades and circumstances.


Laura Ingraham Trounces The Troll Specter

Come 2010, Dufus Snowe, Crampy Collins and Arlen Sphincter Specter need to be ousted, tarred and feathered and sent out of town on a rail with that rail ending, with no safety stops, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  The fish need a crap sandwich as well.

A while back, Sphincter penned an op-ed that contained the usual Leftinistra hollowness that only retarded people agree with.

Sphincter Face Specter references Martin Feldstein upon occasion as do other libtards in CONgress but they inevitabley fail to quote what Martin said accurately.  That is a typical name-dropping technique used by people "banking on" - no pun intended - stupid people drinking the Leftinistra gism.  Here is what Martin Feldstein said, in part:

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