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Remember Harry Reid?

The folks in Nevada knows who this liar is.  The NRSC put this video out today as a reminder.

The conundrum here is this: recently, Obama and Reid condemned folks for going to Las Vegas on the tax payer's quarters and yet, Obama, Reid and many others traveled to Las Vegas on the tax payer's quarters to PROMOTE going to Las Vegas on the tax payer's quarters.

So, traveling to Las Vegas with your Anti-Americanist Hollyweirdos on the tax payer's quarters is quite OK fine to do but a private industry is not afforded the same accomodations.  I find that well, duplicity galore.

While the American people are suffering under the "failed economic policies" of President Bush that Obama has CONTINUED only ten-fold, what message is that portraying?

Related: Nevada Governor to Obama: "I'm not interested in a handshake. I'm interested in an apology."

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


Reid Out? Let's Hope So

Good news fellow conservatives!

A strong conservative candidate has emerged to challenge Harry Reid - and this person is 4-time State Assemblywoman Sharron Angle, a solid conservative who has earned support from Nevada conservatives, and even dogged respect from her opponents, for sticking to her principles and being a formidable campaigner who always shocks the "experts" by racking up more votes than any of them ever expected.

While it's too early for us to make our official endorsement in this campaign just yet, Sharron Angle's entry into the race ensures there will be at least one upstanding conservative who shares our ideals, beliefs and values - and who can run a strong enough race to beat Harry Reid!

You can learn a bit more about Sharron below, but please note, there are just 10 days left before we make the big launch of the "Defeat Harry Reid" campaign - with a TV ad campaign blitz, press conferences in Reno & Las Vegas, and a protest of the Obama-Reid fundraising extravaganza in Las Vegas. 

It's absolutely deliberate that we are launching the "Defeat Harry Reid" campaign just as Barack Obama comes to Nevada to headline a multi-million dollar fundraiser for Harry Reid.  With your support we're going to be all over the TV and radio airwaves with our "Defeat Harry Reid" message, and all over the news for making a strong show of opposition to the policies of Barack Obama and Harry Reid.

We want to make sure that every Nevada voter sees and hears our ads over and over -- so that they know there is a strong campaign being launched that will hold Reid accountable for his failed record in office and the dishonor he brought to this nation.  Please support this campaign with as generous of a contribution as you can afford - DONATE HERE.

Again, be sure to read about Sharron Angle below, but after you do, realize what we must do now:  lay the groundwork for the campaign to Defeat Harry Reid by making a stand against him and his political campaign, just as he and Barack Obama try to do what they can to "insulate" Reid from being held accountable.

We're trying to raise another $25,000 in the next 72 hours. Can you please help our campaign to reach this important goal?  To contribute - JUST CLICK HERE.


TV Ad: Help Us Defeat Harry Reid

Harry Reid is an Enemy Within