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Column: How the left uses corporate America to evade democracy - The Wages of Woke

The FIRST thing I MUST place here is this: America is NOT, NOT, NOT a “democracy”. A “democracy” is three “folks” (animals in this meme), two wolves and ONE lost sheep sitting around a campfire talking about what’s to eat for supper. America, according to our Constitution is in FACT a Constitutional REPUBLIC! In the book (which I wrote WITHOUT the Libtard retarded comments one can find on-line), James Madison’s Notes on the 1787 Constitution, Part 1 and Part 2, mentions in his notes what a democracy is and that terminology WILL NEVER BE IN THE CONSTITUTION!

If one would care to read our Constitution, one will soon discover that the IDIOTIC term “democracy” is NOT within our Constitution. What our Constitution says is that we are a “Republican form of Government. Period, End of discussion. And along these lines, whenever you hear a satanic PROG saying that a Republic is a “democracy”, after one laughs hysterically over the ill-gotten ignorance of ALL PROGS, one can ask them where that is in a dictionary…you will NEVER get an answer. See picture below.

The above picture defines the utter satanic stupidities of all satanic “PROGS”. Period. End of discussion.

Now, the article below and I quote…

Click to read more ...


Minority in numbers always get their own way in a democracy

Too bad the USA was founded upon a Constitutional Republic.  I know.  I have dementia and I am just silly, stupid and retarded because the USA still has a Constitution in place but the local libtards seem to think that logic dictates that we don't need a Constitution anymore.  Right?  Left?  Moderate?  Or just plain retarded?

When did the USA become a democracy again?  Was it what the marxist-moonbats taught the Young Ones in college?

I know.  The White Robed dragoons are waiting right outside the door.  Please stand by.

A group of New York City atheists is demanding that the city remove a street sign honoring seven firefighters killed in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks because they said the sign violates the separation of church and state. The street, "Seven in Heaven Way," was officially dedicated last weekend in Brooklyn outside the firehouse where the firefighters once served. The ceremony was attended by dozens of firefighters, city leaders and widows of the fallen men. "There should be no signage or displays of religious nature in the public domain," said Ken Bronstein, president of New York City Atheists. "It's really insulting to us." Bronstein told Fox News Radio that his organization was especially concerned with the use of the word "heaven."

The Snooper Report
Join us as we Take Our Country Back
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


DEMOCRACY! Joe Klein Knows What It Is!

Joe Klein.  What an idiot.  he belongs in the same boat at Ezra Whatshisface, Andy Sullivictim, Charly Johnsomebody and other idiots from Little Green Turtle Turds and just about every "progressive" analtube out there.  Democracy.  Two wolves and a sheep discussing what's for dinner.  Mob Rule.  51% controls all.  Every Democracy across the globe has failed and Joe Klein seems to think that somewhere in the Univese it will work someplace but just doesn't know where that might be.  Joe Klein.  ASSHAT!

MsUnderestimated has been "kind of slow" here recently on her videos but she nailed this one from Glenn Beck today on Joe Klein and Dan Riehl can bite me.  Glenn also did another on Joe Klein some time ago so I decided to place both videos here.  The one on the top is from 1.25.10 and the one on the bottom is from 2.9.10.  Pay attention and learn some things.

Time’s Joe Klein To Americans: ‘You’re Idiots’ – Narrated by Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck SKEWERS Joe Klein… for the SECOND Time!

Joe Klein.  I bet he thinks the Democrat Party is called the Democratic Party.  Idiot.

Back at the turn of the century, the 1900's, Progressives were "Rather" boisterous.  As soon as they destroyed their name, they changed it to the Democrat Party and infiltrated and stood their ground there, under wraps.  Soon they went to liberal.  Then they changed their name to Democratic.  Then they went back to Democrat but were still "Progressives" which is really some inane term used for some Utopia which actually means No Place.  Later on, we called them libtards which is the term used for a retarded Progressive.  As soon as that term was recognized for what it is, the term Modern Progressive came out via Hillary Clinton which didn't mean a thing unless one was a brain dead ass and thought the term was brand new.  All it is is the rebirth of the turn of the Century Progressive which is the worst or the worse of Socialism, Fascism, Social Justice, Marxism and Black Liberation Theology.  They are all about controlling everyone and everything and don't care about anyone but their own ambitions in life regardless of their jibber-jabber.

Now that the "Progressives" have been outed, "Populism" is now their new term so keep an eye out for that terminology.  We will hear about it soon enough.  No matter what they call themselves, they are against the United States Constitution and against the United States Military.  Why?  Because they are in the way.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


The United States of America Is Not A Democracy

Whenever I hear someone of relative sense states that the United States is a democracy, the only thing that rattles around inside my mind is that this alleged smart one is a complete buffoon.  It cause me to wonder What Is It About The American Liberal?.  It also makes me wonder what  The Plan To Destroy America is.  It also cause me to wonder how people can Defend and Protect The Constitution ... I Swore That Oath Also.  It also makes me wonder about the Redefining The Center or the Moderate.  One other items of discussion that comes to mind is that fact that I Have A Dream.

Many moons ago I wrote several articles that have gone vaguley unnoticed.  Democracy v Federal Republic...Which Are We?.  This post is one of several articles that I have written.  Benjamin Franklin once told a woman that the answer to her question as to what kind of government have you given us, "A Republic if you can keep it".  Ask the ACLU of the 1920s what a democracy is and the only answer I can give is one that Loki of BTR states: "A democracy is two wolves and a sheep discussing what's for dinner."  A democracy is mob rule and the Obama Clansman sure know what that is, don't they?  The ACLU hates the fact that this Nation was founded upon a Constitutional Republic where the governed are governed by consent and not congressional edicts.

Democracy? The Mobs: Who Are They and Where Did They Come From?Democracy v Republic: Founding Fathers Speak OutDemocracy...What Is It?Democracy AddendumDemocracy, Republic, Secession, Socialism You Should Educate Yourself on Democracy.  Pretty close to 150+ articles can be found here.

Why am I writing about this one more time?  Because the marxist-sociopaths are completely wrong.  There are even some moderates that are wrong.  On top of that, there are alleged conservatives that have our form of government all wrong.  This is amazing to me.  Do they not read the United States Constitution or is that document just too damned old?

This is from Memeorandum...

The Court’s Blow to Democracy and that is from the Gray Lady entirely in an economic conundrum because they do not teach and preach the USC.  The article is all about the SCOTUS determining that the McCain-Feingold mess of "electoral reform" is in fact unconstitutional.  The writer of this pathetic document doesn't even know of what it is writing.

With a single, disastrous 5-to-4 ruling, the Supreme Court has thrust politics back to the robber-baron era of the 19th century. Disingenuously waving the flag of the First Amendment, the court’s conservative majority has paved the way for corporations to use their vast treasuries to overwhelm elections and intimidate elected officials into doing their bidding. [...]

I never even thought that the United States Constitution was demeaned to a "rober baron" motis operandi.  The editorial is obviously written by an idiot.

ASSHATHere's another one at Memeorandum...

Do the Right Thing.  This article was written by the progressive ass named Paul Krugman.  On the cuffs of his rump ranger Andrew Sullivan, this clod says the following...

A message to House Democrats: This is your moment of truth. You can do the right thing and pass the Senate health care bill. Or you can look for an easy way out, make excuses and fail the test of history.

Tuesday’s Republican victory in the Massachusetts special election means that Democrats can’t send a modified health care bill back to the Senate. That’s a shame because the bill that would have emerged from House-Senate negotiations would have been better than the bill the Senate has already passed. But the Senate bill is much, much better than nothing. And all that has to happen to make it law is for the House to pass the same bill, and send it to President Obama’s desk. [...]

Not one time in its history of writing has this disingenous clutz ever mentioned the United States Constitution.  Why?  becaudse Paul Krugman hates the very document our alleged Congress Critters swear an Oath to protect and defend, even though they do nothing of the sort...until now, under duress, because the "governed by consent" is sending a message.  The federal halth care "reform" that America needs os for the United States Government to get out of the business because federal health care is not in the United States Constitution.  Silly Pauly.

Here's another from Memeorandum...

So Is It Really Over?  Yes, actually it is but not for the right reasons.  This article written by an effete futz, Josh Marshall, is totally unconstitutional in its pathetic diatribe.

Let me take a moment and explain where I think we are on the Health Care Reform front.

As I've argued, procedurally, with the senate Dems reduced to 59 votes, there's no way to get a better or revised bill through the senate. (Frankly, it's not clear to me that there are still 59 votes.) That means the only realistic path to getting a reform bill is for the House to pass the Senate bill or pass the Senate bill as part of a global agreement in which the House passes the senate bill in exchange for another bill -- which would focus on budgetary impact and thus be viable through reconciliation -- which would make some of the key revisions the House demands.

There are various arguments about waiting to see if things get easier in the spring or summer. Or perhaps cutting the bill up into individual bills and passing them in the succession over the course of the year. But as I've argued -- rightly or wrongly -- those options seem nonsensical in political terms.

So is that it? [...]

Where is the United States COnstitution mentioned?  Read that article and you tell me.  Al this effete futz wants to do is break the unconstitutional federal health care Bill into smaller unconstitutonal federal ealth care Bills to get the entire unconstitutonal federal health care Bill passed.  WTFO?  I love the opening segment' "Let me take a moment and explain where I think we are on the Health Care Reform front."  Certainly this idiot hasn't read the USC.  Right?  Right.  And that is what happend when idiots write about nothing, actually.

Gabriel Malor at Ace of Spades almost has it right...The Democratic Perversion of Democracy.

[...] For Democrats, too much political participation is bad for democracy. [...]

Dear Gabriel.  I know you are a lot smarter than this but you have been boondoggled.  Try and find the very word "democracy" inside the United States Constitutoin.  OK?  Please try it and then you can get over the beguiled fact that we are a "democracy".  The article is well written and the term "democracy" is what screws up the entire piece.

Democracy v Republic.  I choose the Republic because that's what it says in the United States Constitution.  Democracy isn't even mentioned.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


The Mobs: Who Are They and Where Did They Come From?

The anti-Obamacare "protesters" are now The Mob?  Why is that?  Are they organizing?  Are they Union members?  No, the Union members are the SEIU workers complete with their brutal tactics.  The Unions could also be the AFL-CIO.  The Unions could also be the auto workers Unions...yes?

What about Code Pink?  ANSWER?  MoveOn?  The World Can't Wait?  And, who was it that started the Hitler and Nazi stuff?  Some are saying that it was Pelosi.  Some are saying that it was Code Pink.  It really doesn't matter who it was because the fact remains that the actual workerbees that utilized the Nazi memorabilia was in fact EVERYONE that was anti-Bush for EIGHT YEARS.

So, now, when Obambi or Pelosi or anyone else in the DNC crowds start whining about The Mob, we can just say, "O WELL!"  The Mob?  I find that "Rather" curious myself.  The Mob.

Democracy.  Democracy is a mob, correct?  Isn't Democracy two wolves and a sheep discussing what's for dinner?  The Mob.  Sounds like to me that anyone that believes in Democracy is a member of The Mob.  Right?

What do the anti-Obamatards believe in?  We believe in our Constitutional Rights.  We believe in a Constitutional Republic...a Federal Republic.  The only "democracy" we accept is the democratic leadership in electing the people in the State and Federal politics that are to HELP the elected and NOT DO whatever they feel they need to do.  Is that The Mob?  No, it is not.

So, screw The Mob, Pelosi and everyone else that makes that claim.  The Mob are the Obamatards and the Obama.

From an ancient posting:

What is democracy? What is Liberty? We hear all kinds of references to both these days, don't we? The terms get thrown away and I fear that the majority of Americans haven't a clue, really, what either term means. We won't even get into the terms Federal Republic or Democratic Republic and related terminology, at this point. According to the Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, democracy has been given the definition as "government by the people; especially: rule of the majority", among a few others. What does majority rule mean and why is that an important aspect of democracy? Is majority rule relevant? If so, then, why? According to the same dictionary previously mentioned, majority rule has been given the definition as, "a political principle providing that a majority usually constituted by 50% plus one of an organized group will have the power to make decisions binding upon the whole." Wow; such a gaggle of words. We can gather from the definitions of Democracy and Majority Rule that the principles derived from them pertain to a tool whereby decisions can be made and applied or enforced.

Click to read more ...


You Should Educate Yourself on Democracy

I am past sick and tired of hearing the alleged intellectuals in this nation use the term Democracy like they know what they are talking about.  Where has the communication broken down?

Democracy.  It’s a catchy phrase, no?  I hear most of our politicians throwing that term around and I cringe every time.  Do they have any idea what a Democracy is?  I doubt it.  Then again, Democracy is easier to say than Constitutional Republic and to say “we are spreading Democracy to the world” sounds better than “we are spreading Constitutional Republics to the world”.  People might think you are nuts throwing that term Constitutional Republic around.

Democracy is mob rule.  As Loki of BTR fame says, “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep discussing what’s for dinner”.  He is absolutely correct.  I wonder who will win out on that conversation.  Why would we want to spread mob rule to the world because that’s what Democracy is - mob rule?  Don’t we already have mob rule in this nation?  What do you call it when the vast majority of Americans did NOT want all of this out of control spending and bail out nonsense and the politicians pretty much said “Go to hell”?  What we all heard was “we know better than you so shut up about it”.  I call that mob rule, an Oligarchy and/or a 535-member Politburo.  Since when is it constitutional for the federal leadership to ignore the Will of We The People?  When did that become constitutional?  I know.  There are no answers because then the politicians would actually have to stop throwing that term Democracy around.  Unless…unless a Democracy is exactly what they want because legislating around the United States Constitution makes the document null and void - apparently.

Many times we have heard Nancy and Harry say that “the will of the Congress will be done” or “the will of the Congress has been heard”?  I have heard it nearly verbatim many times from those two.  How is that Constitutional?  And, here’s another thing.  When we hear the politicians say “the American People want this or that and another thing”, I often wonder who they are talking about because their beloved pollsters reveal the exact opposite.  I guess it all depends if the pollsters cast them in shining regalia or not.  Then again, polls are designed to sway public opinion and not report on it.

Karl Marx once said: “Democracy is the road to socialism.”  Case closed.

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Democracy Addendum

This writing is an adjunct to a post I made which can be found in the featured post section under “Democracy…What Is It”.

I have read on the blogs at Townhall and elsewhere, where several terminologies are either being exagerated, abused and misrepresented.

I have been hearing we are a “Democratic Republic”. I have been hearing that we are a “Democracy”. I have been hearing that we are a “Republic”. It all started when an author posted the “Atheist Democracy” article. That was a good article, btw.

However, my article “Democracy…What Is It” was more or less a recap of 200+ years of history of this nation. It is a shortened version of the book I am writing and hopefully, one day, in my lifetime, I will finish the bloody thing.

With that being said, I will post here a tid-bit of data that will explain in not so much boring detail, the gist of what a Federal Republic is, in laymen’s terms.

The United States was founded as a Federal Republic. This means that is was to be a representative form of government. Many people do not know what this entails.

There are three forms of “representation”.

First, there is the Trustee form. This is where the elected official, theoretically, listens to the constituents and is trusted to use their best judgements to make decisions. (not a good plan)

Second, there is the Delegate representative who votes the way their constituents would want them to vote, whether or not the representative agrees with the majority of the constituents. (majority rule)

Third, there is the Politico representative which, flip-flops between the Delegate and Trustee forms of representation, depending on the issue(s). (not a good plan)

It is the Delegate form that is what the Framers had intended and it worked that way up until FDR. From FDR and on, our representation went to hell and hasn’t recovered yet. This form is what creates accountability in politics and we have not had much of that in decades, have we? Are we currently being represented by Delegates? In my estimation, most certainly not.

The Trustee form is what lazy and uninterested sheeple choose to live under and their “rights” can be stripped away because the Elected One “hears” them but tends to “ignore” them. Tyranny is the result.

The Politico form is a mish-mash form of socialized “keep-them-in-the-dark and feed them fish eyes” representation. There is ZERO accountability.

The Federal Republic was making a come-back during the Reagan and Bush years but was reverted back to the socialistic ways of FDR when Clinton gained control of the American Helm.
This MUST be reversed before it is too late. Should a Leftinistra gain the Throne of American politics, we will be very close to another American Civil War. Our country has not been this split since 1861.


This is my take…I am just an old warrior, a grunt…

Feel free to correct me and/or leave comments…I am all ears…

What is democracy? What is Liberty? We hear all kinds of references to both these days, don’t we? The terms get thrown away and I fear that the majority of Americans haven’t a clue, really, what either term means. We won’t even get into the terms Federal Republic or Democratic Republic and related terminology. According to the Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, democracy has been given the defined as “government by the people; especially: rule of the majority”, among a few others. What does majority rule mean and why is that an important aspect of democracy? Is majority rule relevant? If so, then why? According to the same dictionary previously mentioned, majority rule has been given the definition as, “a political principle providing that a majority usually constituted by 50% plus one of an organized group will have the power to make decisions binding upon the whole.” Wow; such a gaggle of words. We can gather from the definitions of Democracy and Majority Rule that the principles derived from them pertain to a tool whereby decisions can be made and applied or enforced.

With that in mind, is Democracy a good thing or a bad thing? Consider this; you like strawberry milkshakes but the majority has voted and taken the decision as to whether you should like strawberry milkshakes under consideration. The majority votes that it will be vanilla milkshakes and the strawberry milkshakes will no longer be available. The same process can be applied to every aspect of your life. Is this good or is it bad? For you, the strawberry milkshake drinker, it is bad. You are in the minority so you lose that particular choice. The decision process has been removed from you. For the majority, there is no more issue. Vanilla milkshakes it is. That “sounds” a little like tyranny, doesn’t it? Does this mean that Democracy is a form of tyranny?

Yes, it is. However, this form of tyranny is an elected type of tyranny. What then, is tyranny? It is back to the dictionary for a definition, “oppressive power exerted by government.” Really? We just had an election and the majority voted for vanilla milkshakes. The majority rules in a Democratic society so why is this considered to be tyrannical? This issue isn’t as simple as some would lead us to believe.

The Father of our Constitution, James Madison had this to say about a pure Democracy, “there is nothing to check the inducement to sacrifice the weaker party or the obnoxious individual.” So, then, we may gather that a Democracy, in its purest form can lead to tyranny. So, is Democracy good then? Ask John Adams. He had this gem to express, “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

Other wise men have made observations about democracy and several have compared democracy to a republic and have determined that the differences between the two are similar to the differences between chaos and order. Isn’t that a wondrous commentary to ponder? People of the world and world leaders prattle on about Democracy and all they want is tyranny, chaos and order? This can sound rather contradictory can it not? Why would other peoples want this?

You see, our Founding Fathers were really smart men. They had lived through various forms of government and watched many come and go. They knew the pitfalls and the snares and the traps. Unfortunately, our modern leaders have lost their way.

Our Founding Fathers had every intention on protecting the people of the new Nation of America. They did not want a tyrannical form of government. They did not want a king. They did not want a dictator. They intended to create a republican form of government. We will need to define this form of government so, it is back to the dictionary, “a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law.” This is a far cry from Democracy is it not?

Personally, I don’t know why our politicians in this country as well as others make a big deal over Democracy. It is certainly superior to Socialism or Communism but we will discuss those issues another day. Would it not be better to spread our Founding Fathers’ dream and experiment? Yes it would. However, we would have to return to it in order to proclaim it and spread the good news around.

That brings us to Liberty. What is Liberty? It is the “freedom to do as one pleases (anarchy) and quality or state of being free and free from arbitrary or despotic control.” Our form of government as envisioned by our Founding Fathers was a Federal Republic, ruling over the “various states” and ensuring continuity and protection from foreign and domestic enemies.

It was a combination of Democracy, Tyranny, Republican, Anarchy and Liberty. Combine them all into one form and you achieve a Federal Republic where the PEOPLE govern and the politicians carry out the demands of the PEOPLE, not the other way around. The people are free to CHANGE the government at will. (remember that) Combining these five elements and deriving law and order, a healthy society will emerge.

Today, in America, the politicians have become the governing body and “We The People” are their serfs. We have become a form of government our Founding Fathers feared the most. The people are no longer the ruling body.
The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly