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By JB Williams

Since Nixon’s Watergate era in the 70s, public trust in our Federal government has been below 50%, more than 40 years of a government most Americans do not like or trust. Only once since, in the fall of 2001, post 911, when G.W. Bush stood in the ashes of ground zero NYC and called the nation to arms following the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, did the people place more than 50% faith in our federal government… (Public Trust Data)

Today, the Oval Office is supported by less than 30% of the voting population and Congress is even less popular. The vast majority of Americans, more than 70%, believe the country is not only headed in the wrong direction, but is in a rapid steady decline and maybe on the brink of total collapse.

Making matters worse, a shrinking minority of Americans trust the press to keep them informed, and an even smaller minority believe that the U.S. Justice system is in the business of delivering any form of real justice. (No News is Good News)

In short, there is nothing about the current state of our nation that the majority of Americans like or trust. They don’t trust law-makers, the chief executive, the courts, law enforcement, national security agencies or the press… and now, they fear their own military, as rumors of Martial Law or an international joint military coup called JADE HELM, flood the blogosphere.

So, why aren’t the people doing anything about any of it?

At the end of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, anxious citizens gathered outside Independence Hall where Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Without hesitation, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Indeed, as time passed, the greatest challenge for the American people would become their ability to protect, defend and uphold the Constitutional Representative Republic their Founders had created and millions of Americans before them had fought and sacrificed to preserve. (Republic vs. Democracy)

228 years after the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, less than ten generations later, Americans would find themselves essentially at war with their own government, for sake of national and state sovereignty, security, independence, liberty and freedom. The ability of the American people to keep what the Founders had provided is now in great question.

Millions of Americans stand openly opposed to nearly everything happening in Washington D.C. today, and although millions are awake and engaged in trying to live up to Franklin’s challenge, they appear incapable of doing so… the question is, why?

Proper diagnosis, before the right cure…

In a recent meeting with fellow investigators and analyst’s, we discussed trends in the people’s opposition in an effort to properly identify the causes behind, what for all practical purposes, is a stagnate resistance appearing to have little if any effect on the direction of a nation supposed to be controlled of, by and for the American people.

In trying to properly diagnose the problems at the root of America’s continued decline, a parallel was drawn between to the generational loss of individual wealth and the loss of individual freedom and liberty. The common denominators were staggering…

Generational Loss

To understand the generational loss of our Republican form of self-governance, personal freedoms, individual liberties and the apparent impotence of the American people to right the ship, we looked closely at the reasons for generational loss of wealth and prosperity… in so doing, we recognized that the root cause for these losses were in fact identical.

In a piece written by Tim Voorhees, JD, MBA, he explains the phenomenon often referred to as affluenza… the generational transition from affluence to poverty which has been well documented for centuries and happens with 100% accuracy within four generations or less. (The Voorhees piece)

In short, Voorhees explains – “An inheritance quickly gained at the beginning will not be blessed at the end.” Heirs given money typically have a strong inclination toward spending the money on possessions, pleasures, or other purposes without lasting significance. Psychologists specializing in “sudden wealth syndrome” acknowledge that heirs, like lottery winners, tend to blow their windfall.

Just as generations always eventually squander the wealth created by their predecessors, so would the American people squander the freedom and liberties established and paid for by their predecessors. The reasons for this phenomenon are the same…

“When heirs receive money without prior coaching on the purpose of money, they will seldom take the time to understand the values that helped accumulate the value of the inheritance. Inheritors do not understand the blood, sweat and tears invested in accumulating the wealth. Nor do heirs with money have much motivation to develop the bias toward diligence, delayed gratification, thrift, and other values needed to maintain healthy relationships with people who contribute to wealth accumulation.” (Voorhees)

In another related piece on the subject, Jesse O’Neil, author of The Golden Ghetto: The Psychology of Affluence, documents how money transferred to heirs without a meaningful purpose often fosters “Affluenza.” O’Neil explains – “Heirs may lack the purposeful pursuits needed to cultivate self-esteem, self-worth, motivation, self-confidence, and personal identity. Moreover, the vacuum created by the lack of a healthy purpose leads to negative character qualities, such as the inability to delay gratification, unwillingness to tolerate frustration, feelings of failure, and a false sense of entitlement. As problems grow worse, heirs withdraw from others, avoid accountability, and develop progressively more serious social disorders. The presence of money catalyzes personality disorders. These disorders limit the ability to form vital relationships with other people and leave victims unable to find a comforting sense of purpose.”

Consider the following facts

·         80% of all new businesses fail within the first three years of operation

·         Of the 20% that initially succeed, another 60% fail in the second generation of operation

·         And by the third generation of operations, only 1% will survive

Now consider that the United States is in its 10th generation since the adoption of the U.S. Constitution forming a Republic of, by and for the people, who like the next generations of business owners, no longer know what it takes or have what it takes to succeed…

The reasons are the same… 

·         Heirs may lack the purposeful pursuits needed to cultivate self-esteem, self-worth, motivation, self-confidence, and personal identity. 

·         Moreover, the vacuum created by the lack of a healthy purpose leads to negative character qualities, such as the inability to delay gratification, unwillingness to tolerate frustration, feelings of failure, and a false sense of entitlement. 

·         As problems grow worse, heirs withdraw from others, avoid accountability, and develop progressively more serious social disorders. 

·         The presence of money catalyzes personality disorders. 

·         These disorders limit the ability to form vital relationships with other people and leave victims unable to find a comforting sense of purpose.

Similarly, individuals born into freedom have a very different understanding and sense of worth and value regarding freedom and liberty, than those who had to sacrifice to achieve it for themselves and their posterity. Not only are their values very different, so is their knowledge and intellectual capacity to grasp the foundations of success, along with the basic will required to succeed.

Failure is inevitable?

History would seem to indicate that failure is inevitable, whether discussing the accumulation and preservation of generational wealth, or generational freedom and liberty. Yet the ability for the human spirit to alter history and upset all odds remains part of the human condition.

To be certain, global assaults on all things American have existed and persisted since our Founding. Tyrants opposed to personal freedom and liberty, both here and abroad, have set their sights on destroying our Constitutional Republic since its creation. 

But before America would be ripe for the taking, American society had to be prepared for seismic changes totally at odds with everything they had ever known. The Foundations of freedom and liberty had to be removed from public discourse and the people had to be properly conditioned for such massive reversals of great fortune.

The first, second and even third generation Americans would never accept such changes as we see everywhere today. Even the “greatest generation,” the WWI and WWII generations, would never have accepted what is going on in America, had they known. 

However, by the tenth generation, few would even remember what America is supposed to be. It’s now common to see people debate the “true meaning” of the most basic and simple English words and terms, as if a Constitutional scholar or Common Law lawyer is need to correctly determine what the true meaning of “is” is…

Just like third generation business operators that unwittingly kill the goose that laid the family golden egg, tenth generation Americans see their inheritance (freedom and liberty) in rapid decline, but they struggle to understand how or why, or what if anything, can be done about it. Further, they lack the will and backbone necessary to the success of any significant endeavor. 

At this moment, America is ripe for the taking…. But does it have to be?

To every problem, there is a solution. To find that solution, first properly identify the problem…


JB Williams

“Freedom is not for the weak of mind or spirit…”

Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly
Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum
(If you want peace, prepare for war.)
Sic Semper Tyrannis!
Death to Tyrants

“Be still and know that I am God: …” Psalm 46:10